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This is a discussion on Which snubbie within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you are looking used, you can definitely get a Taurus cheaper than an equivalent S&W, and there's a reason for it. The S&W snubs, ...

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Thread: Which snubbie

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    If you are looking used, you can definitely get a Taurus cheaper than an equivalent S&W, and there's a reason for it. The S&W snubs, especially the 442/642 are the "Gold Standard" in small revolvers. At 15 ounces, the J-frame 442 or 642, 5-shot, 38+P, hammerless revolvers, disappear in your pocket, can be drawn without snagging and are probably one of the most carried concealed carry guns around.
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    How are the quality of the Taurus 85s? What makes the Smith better? I would assume the trigger is nicer.

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    I have the S&W 637, I like the hammer approach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    First off - yes, a K-frame really too big for pocket carry.

    Next - the hammerless or shrouded-hammer guns are ideal for pocket carry, as the hammer spur is either absent or shielded from snagging on anything. In the S+W line, those are the Centennial (442, 642) and Bodyguard (438, 638) series.

    The all-steel snubbies run around 22 ounces, which feels good in the hand but is kind of a heavy lump in the pocket. At the other end of the spectrum are the ultra-light titanium and scandium-alloy models which come in at around 12 ounces. These are a handful even with mild .38s. The snub I have which suits me fine is a Taurus 851SSUL, which is a J-frame Bodyguard knockoff and weighs 15 ounces unloaded. I've had good luck with Tauruses (Tauri?) - 2 snubs and a 9mm Millennium, and two were chosen as economical alternatives to pricier guns. The last - the 851 - had a better trigger than any S+W in the store that day, and the lower cost was just a bonus.

    The Colt Detective Special are just a tad larger than the J-frames and hold 6 rounds vs. 5. These are great guns, but they've been out of production for a long time now and are becoming scarce. Even ratty-looking examples are going for over $350 on the auction sites now. If you find a clean one that locks up tight and the price is right, go for it, but I think there are wider pickings among the other brands.

    For chambering, .38 is plenty adequate with the right ammo, especially with the +P rounds.
    +1. I have the 442 and it's a great summer carry gun. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably go 438 Bodyguard. I've got an old model 49 (steel) Bodyguard and it's sweet.
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    The 442 is the best allaround model...I think i would try to seek out a nice ( no longer made) 342, scandium frame and titanium cylinder .38 +p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowdenknxvll View Post
    How are the quality of the Taurus 85s? What makes the Smith better? I would assume the trigger is nicer.
    I own two Taurus snubs, a basic 85 in stainless, and a shrouded 851 "Ultralite." I loaned the former to a friend who used it for a Michael deBethencourt class when his S+W 340 went TU. The M85 is a 1992-vintage gun which has over 5000 rounds through it. The trigger isn't the best, but it's OK for the bad-breath distances for which it is intended. The 851, as I noted in an previous post in this thread, had a markedly better trigger pull (both double action and single action) than three other S+W snubs I tried at that gun store that day. Price was not a limiting factor when I bought.

    However: Taurus sells to a price point, and I fully understand that I may just have been lucky with the snubs I got. The market would not tolerate Smith & Wesson's substantially higher prices for long if the value was not there.

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    Ruger SP-101 in .357 magnum. A tank of a snubnose. Not that bad to tote around if you get the right leather to pack it and dress appropriately.
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    The Colt DS is really the upper limit in pocket carry. For big pockets it is fine but for a lot of jeans and slacks it is just a tad too big. I can carry it in about half of my slacks. The SP101 seems to fit everything I wear with factory stocks. I have Trausch stocks on mine and that does cut down on which slacks I wear as well.


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    S&W Model 642 or 442. I just got a 642 myself for summer carry in a Desantis Nemisis pocket holster. Love it! I personally am a Smith fan. Have had 3 other ones for years and love em. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Here is the one I use. Great if you need to pocket carry. S&W 438.
    Product: Model 438 Bodyguard

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    +1 for the 442. i own a det special and still prefer the 442....jmo

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    I'd go with a S&W steel j-frame. But the Colt wouldn't be a bad choice either

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhh3rd View Post
    I like the Smith J-frame Airweights. I always have pocket carried, so the weight makes a difference for me.

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    Taurus Ultra Light. Mine weighs 12 ounces loaded. Trigger is where I would like to get my S&W mod 60. Throw it in front pocket and no biggey. Ankle holster won't even know it's there.

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