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ruger LCP/keltec comparison

This is a discussion on ruger LCP/keltec comparison within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is the best price I have seen for an LCP.. I posted this also in another LCP thread. Wish they had these when I ...

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Thread: ruger LCP/keltec comparison

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    Good LCP Price..

    This is the best price I have seen for an LCP.. I posted this also in another LCP thread. Wish they had these when I bought mine back in the fall.

    Ruger LCP .380

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    LCP, hands down

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockStrongo View Post
    This is the best price I have seen for an LCP.. I posted this also in another LCP thread. Wish they had these when I bought mine back in the fall.
    - It's even cheaper in CT. Especially the Raspberry version.
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    I traded in a hard chrome Kel-Tec P32 for a satin chrome LCP. The Kel-Tec was reliable and a nice pocket gun. The LCP seems to be of higher build quality and the chrome is much nicer on the LCP. The chrome on the Kel-Tec seemed to be pitted in places.

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    I second considering the Taurus 738 TCP. I bought one a couple of months ago and am very happy with it! Take a Kel-Tec, add a manual slide lock and polish it up a ways and you have an LCP. Take an LCP and add a fully functioning slide lock and a chambered-round indicator, and increase the fit and function a little, and you have a TCP.
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    I've had the p3AT for about 2 years now and have put almost 300 rnds through it at the range. So far it's been perfect. I find myself reaching for it as it conceals better in a DeSantis Nemesis w/extra mag. pocket holster than my other carry guns.

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    Did anybody read the mini-380 gun review article in the North American Rifleman a few months back? The author had "problems" with all but the most expensive model. He even started the article by admitting that he didn't like the little guns or the 380 caliber to begin with. I don't think that his write up was subjective or unbiased. My brother-in-law has had a P3AT for a few weeks and has not experienced any of the "problems" that the author did.
    Now, the only real incident with his gun was when carrying it in his back pocket (no pocket holster yet), the mag release got depressed and the mag popped out ever so slightly. That could be a problem. The gun needs a small "raised" area around the release.

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    Can't really go wrong with either one. I have had no probelms with either my LCP or P32. I give the slight edge to the LCP for it's better fit & finish
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    Another LCP fan here. Better fit and finish. Personally I couldn't care any less who got there first; the same argument could be used for the 1911 platform. All I care about is the quality and reliability. I don't own the P3AT, but I'm sure the gun will perform the way it's supposed to, but for me the fit and finish on the LCP just says volumes as to the greater build quality, not to mention the Ruger reputation.

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    My wife has the Ruger LCP and it is a very nice, well built pistol and is indeed extremely similar in design to the Kel-Tec.

    We have fired a co-workers Kel-Tec P3AT and it seems a bit inferior to the Ruger. They both performed well, but my vote is on the Ruger because it seems to be made a little better than the Kel-Tec. I'm not bashing Kel-Tec to those who own one, this is just a personal observation.

    Both would be ideal, they definitely won't be range guns that get fired 1,000's of times, they are just too small for that kind of volume. For self defense, both pistols will do for what they are intended, and Kel-Tec is a little more inexpensive than Ruger.
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    Wife and I both carry Kel Tec P3ATs and are very happy with them.
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