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Used versus new.

This is a discussion on Used versus new. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; More likely than not they just wanted something different. Personally I have shot a 27 and if I had purchased it I would have sold ...

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Thread: Used versus new.

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    More likely than not they just wanted something different. Personally I have shot a 27 and if I had purchased it I would have sold it to purchase a 26. Its my personal prefrence alone. I found the 27 snappy in such a small package but thats just me.

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    As others have already said, more than likely used guns are back in the display case for reasons other than being a problem gun.

    Once you get to know guns and the gun market, you can walk into a gun shop and pick out the problem used guns without ever removing them from the case. There are certain brands and models that are notorious. I won't mention them by name, I don't want to side track the thread.

    On area I would use extreme caution is the 1911 market. The 1911 inspires guys to do work they have no business doing. When they sufficiently screw it up, it goes to the used gun case. Unless you know what you are doing, I'd stay away from a used 1911 for that reason. If you do have some knowledge, there are some great deals to be had.

    Glocks are the same way, but they are much easier and cheaper to fix should they have a problem. It is also much easier to spot problems due to the uniformity of the brand.

    With all that said, I would not hesitate for a minute to buy a used gun from a quality manufacture and a reputable dealer.
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    I work at a large gun shop. I never buy new, because there's always somebody who HAS to have th latest and greatest, and they always want it right out of the box. Most people, usually buy a couple boxes of ammo, take the gun home, shoot it, and either carry it, or place it back in the box, or gun rug, and take it to the range every once in a while. They usually see something elase that catches their eye, and then trade it in, only to do the very same thing when the lastest new gun comes down the pike. The other reason why they trade it in, is they have found out it really didn't fit their needs, too much recoil, has had recalls, or other ninor quirks. I tend to scan the cases, and wait til I see what i want, and scoop it up if I can.
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    It all depends on what you are looking for and what kind of gun owner you are. If you are the guy who only wants an EDC, maybe a range gun and a BUG and only wants to own 2-3 handguns you are likely better off buying new. If you are like me and own a lot of handguns and buy them often for no other reason than I want them in my collection if you don't buy pre-owned then you are crazy, because thats where the really great bargins are. Over the years I have purchased something on the order of 15-20 used handguns and everyone was a great buy and I don't remember a turd in the bunch, and if you know what to look for and know what to stay away from you can find exceptional deals and bargins. Many people will sell a handgun for no other reason than they need the cash and often will sell it for far less than its worth. Lucky me!
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    Probably half of the guns that I have are used. Most of that number are long guns that I picked up when I had a pawn shop as a client. Man do I miss those days, $200 bucks would get me a nice lever action/bolt action rifle or a shotgun.

    As far as buying other peoples problems, well you don't know till you try. There are both inexpensive and very expensive handguns that come from the factory with problems. Some brands are better than others and probably give you better odds when buying them new, but I would say that those odds carry over into the used market as well.

    Check it out, if it looks good, test functions as it should be, then I would not have a problem with purchasing used.
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    I also work in a gunshop, there are three reasons someone trades in a gun (1) it is broken, (2) they don't like it, (3) they want something else that their trade helps reduce the cost. Two of the three don't make the trade in a bad weapon, just do your homework and know the product. A used gun can be a real deal.

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    Thanks guys.

    I think I'll try the re-treads and see how it goes.

    Speaking of which I just added a thread, I got my sale paper and Cabela's has LE Glock 22 trade ins 40S&W for $399.99. Not interested myself but maybe one of you guys might be. I'm not associated with Cabela's so this isn't self serving in any way.

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    I have bought several used guns, all of them have shot well, very little wear, excellent condition and saved some money because they were "pre-owned". Two smith&wesson 9m, and a colt 1911 model 70.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post
    Help me understand? There used to be a saying about used cars. Why would I buy someone else's problems. The theory being, you wouldn't trade in something you liked and was happy with. Well in my younger years I was one of those who wanted the latest and greatest and bought a new car every two or three years. So I wasn't concerned with the issue.

    But with guns there isn't the same latest and greatest issue. Is there?

    Why would someone trade a gun unless it had problems, or, it didn't meet the need for which it was designed. For example, since this is a concealed carry forum; If I go into my favorite gun store and he has a G27 used. Why would I buy it? Should I not consider it has a problem. Apparently someone bought it for a concealed weapon and turned around and sold it. Again, why would I buy it. Other than perhaps price? My favorite gun store he prices current, used guns slightly less than new. This is probably a starting point, I would hope.

    Can I get your perspectives on used guns? I think I know enough about handguns to recognize most problems, probably not all.

    sure you risk getting a Lemon but lets face it. these days most guns are good to go out of the box...are there lemons from EVERY(imagine that statement glock fans lol) manufacturer..but they also gurantee their guns and they will fix them in most respects even if your not the original owner..they basically know they have to do this to keep customers because doing this says they stand behind their guns...

    so even if you get someone elses "problem"(which is a small% chance in the first place) the company that made it will most likely fix it for you they dont want bad press and want you as a new customer so in the small % chance something is wrong it will get fixed...

    What your most likely getting though is a gun someone traded in or sold because they wanted something else more. I didnt have a gun...I bought a Taurus PT99 it was a great gun. a bit later I decided I wanted a CC I traded the great PT99 on a Colt Mustang II so someone got a great PT 99...later down the line after doing research and reading/asking questions about the .380 caliber I decided that my minimum for ME for CC was gonna be the 9mm or .38 I traded the Could Mustang II in on a rifle and scope someone got a nice Colt Mustang II. I ended up buying a cheaper Taurus CH85 for CC/SD and had that for years(still have it actually) but I eventually bought a Glock 23..thought id love it and after owning it I DONT..the grips are horrible..worst ive ever had in my I traded that on my Ruger SR9 which is tons better. So someone got a nice used Glock 23...all the guns I traded in were all great guns..I just found something I wanted more or thought was better.

    Honestly I am thinking I want a wheel gun here sometime something for pistol will most likely be used. The Ruger SR9c was new but thats just because its a new gun...ive only EVER bought 4 NEW guns in my life in over probably 50 guns..they were a Ruger Mini 14(first gun I ever bought), A S&W 22a .22 pistol, a .22 Zastava rifle, and the Ruger SR9c...other than that its all been used guns or ones given to me by family.

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    Most of my firearms were purchased used. I love used guns. One reason is because of the savings. Another reason is because many of the great firearms that I admire are no longer manufactured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Guess what? New guns can have such issues as well. And they often do. Your finding such an issue was unlikely related to it being used.
    Maybe true, maybe not. :knock on wood: But my new hand guns never had a problem compared to my used hand gun. I'll just pay the extra $$$ for new.

    And now since I've said this, my new M&P is going to be a jam-o-matic
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    Many Many reasons why people sell or trade in guns that have no problems.

    > Estates liquidate guns when owners die and surviving family members don't want them.

    > Folks have guns that they don't shoot very often and trade for something else.

    > Police departments change duty weapons.

    > People decide that a particular carry weapon is too heavy.

    > Folks switch from revolver to semi-auto or vice versa.

    > People move out of the U.S. & cannot own handguns where they are moving to.

    > Guys get married and Wife sez: "No Guns In My House!" <~~~

    > People buy a gun without having shot one first and don't like the recoil.

    > People stop shooting competition and get rid of their comp guns.

    > Some ammo availability is not too great in some areas so folks decide to switch to a different caliber.

    > Shooters decide that they are going to stay with one specific caliber due to ammo costs & dump their guns not chambered in that caliber.

    > Folks lose a job and need to sell things to stay afloat.

    I could go on for another 20 reasons...I'm sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post

    > Guys get married and Wife sez: "No Guns In My House!" <~~~

    For real? Hard to believe that kind of relationship would last.

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    It depends ...

    40 years ago there were many folks who bought a new Cadillac every year, or every other year. This resulted in a lot of one or two year-old low-mileage Cadillacs on the market and they usually sold for 50% or 60% of the new price. That was a fantastic buyer's bargain - if you got a good one. Fast forward to the 90's when the SUV craze was in full bloom. A 6 year old SUV with 80,000 miles on it would sell for 70% of the new price - that was a very bad buy. So my point is that the idea that buying used is a better deal is not necessarily so - it depends.

    IMHO used guns are usually overpriced - they often sell for 80% or 90% of the new price. That does not make sense to me - I will buy the new gun and pay the extra 40 or 50 bucks - and if it has a problem I have a warranty. And I know it has been well treated from day one.

    The exception is guns that are no longer manufactured - if you want one of these you have to buy a used one. For a few thousand years the rule has been "buyer beware". Some things don't change.

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    CharlieP, I agree with you totally. All the used firearms in my area are drastically over priced. I have noticed in a locally published trading magazine that I can buy a new gun for the same price as the person advertising wants for his/her used gun which does not make any sense. When buying a used firearm or automobile you had better know what you are doing and what warning signs to look for when purchasing or just wait until you have the funds to buy new.

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