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This is a discussion on Used versus new. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you look around you can find one or two year old guns that are 50%-60% off. Don't assume all those "buy it now's" on ...

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Thread: Used versus new.

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    If you look around you can find one or two year old guns that are 50%-60% off. Don't assume all those "buy it now's" on Gunbroker and the such actually get picked up for that price, a lot of those do not get any bids.

    I've gotten year old Sigs that look and function flawlessly for $300, USP's for $400, Glocks for $350 (alot of good 3rd gens going now for cheap, glockheads want the new gen 4), etc. etc. If I can save $400-$500 and pick up a lightly used, year old gun I'll do it. Any serious issues with a gun will have a recall notice, those transfer from owner to owner-so even with a used gun I'm still covered.

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    I don't have a problem with used guns. Inspect them, have a 'smith' look at them, or know your seller.

    Never buy a used Glock with more than 10 million rounds through may have to replace couple of springs...
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    I buy new and used. Buying used is more interesting and less expensive. Just be sure you know how to inspect a gun for defects. Most of the used guns I've purchased however have been in like new or close to like new condition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zero View Post
    For real? Hard to believe that kind of relationship would last.
    but some people would go for many threads here or at other gun sites have you seen saying something to the effect of...I CC but my fiancee/girlfriend hates it what should I do...well you should dump her on her can and find someone that can handle that you want to protect yourself and your family/friends.

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    I have bought two guns used. Both were from local reputable dealers and saved me a quite a bit of cash over buying brand new. One was a gun that was less than 3 months old. It couldn't have been fired more than once if at all. I've not had a single problem with it, and its one of "those brands" that everybody loves to hate. Another was a well used but generally well taken care of 1911. Had issues with it failing to chamber rounds after 150-200 rounds of ammo. Replaced springs and now the thing is flawless, and its now my favorite range gun. I wonder if the previous owner traded it in thinking it had problems, when a $7 spring kit was all it needed.

    If you do your homework, buying used can definitely be a bargain.

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    There's lots of great deals to be found if you live near a base as well. These weapons usually weren't mistreated, but their owners are shipping overseas to places where they can't have personally owned firearms. I got my 4th gen Glock 17 (with the blue label) for a pittance.
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    I bought a Glock 33 used. It's one of my most reliable guns -- never had a single misfeed or problem in my hands. It was barely used (if at all) when I bought it. I assumed it was bought for a concealed carry, and either the guy didn't like the feel (too blocky, too small, too thick), or my best guess he thought he bought a 357SIG thinking it was 357Mag.

    My advice is buy from a place that warranties even used guns; this place backs any gun they sell, so if it has a problem you can take it back and they'll either replace or repair it. So far I've not had any issues, but any future purchases will be from them for that reason.
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    When it comes to firearms, there's very little to go wrong. Unless it's just a crappy design and a new one would be junk, it doesn't go bad over time. Replace some springs and you're all set. If it shoots straight and functions alright, then it's a good gun.
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    haha so every single used gun must have some problem with it?

    ever heard of people needing money so they sell things to pay off debts or maybe even buy other things?

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    I would have never bought a Sig had it not been for the surplus market. My Makarov PM, Radom P64 and Hungarian PA-63 are all surplus guns as well. They are all ex-police guns from Europe and have been fired very little by their original owners. They have all been reliable and are excellent carry guns. I bought all four for around the same price as a New Sig....

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    Just like used cars, you have to know how to check them out and then go with your gut feeling. Over the past 3-4 years I've bought 9 guns. Only 2 were bought new by me. One was a lemon, which I've written about here, was repaired and is gone. One is it's replacement which is still being proofed. The others, all bought used by me, were good from the get-go.
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