Improperly Racking the Slide

Improperly Racking the Slide

This is a discussion on Improperly Racking the Slide within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I took my girlfriend out for her first time ever shooting a gun today (my Glock 19). She did pretty well but at one ...

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Thread: Improperly Racking the Slide

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    Improperly Racking the Slide

    So I took my girlfriend out for her first time ever shooting a gun today (my Glock 19). She did pretty well but at one point did not rack the slide by pulling back and releasing it but rather rode it forward, and then after the first shot she had a failure to eject. She could have been limp wristing it as well, as I have shot 400+ rounds through it with no issue. I guess my question is should I chalk this one up to the gun or the new shooter?

    And Ram Rod, you can't answer as there will be no "Keep the glock, get rid of the girlfriend" talk here

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    Sounds like the shooter to me. My wife did something similar with my Springfield GI. Went through 200+ rounds with no failures in my hands; she jammed it on the third shot. To this day I've never jammed it. Don't worry, with practice she will get it going just fine.

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    Sounds like the shooter.

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    Most likely the shooter. Simply watch for any more issues. Worry about them if they occur. More instruction for the GF.

    Good luck!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I would say in this case it's the shooter
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    Get your girlfriend a revolver. I took my wife shooting a few weeks ago and she had problems racking the slide on my G19 and LCP. I noticed she was riding the slide instead of letting it slam forward. That caused a failure to fire with the LCP as the slide stopped about a quarter inch short of fully closed. I noticed she was not comfortable with the pistols so I switched her over to my Ruger SP101 and she shot like a pro. Now the sp101 is "her gun".

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    I'll answer in the spirit of RamRod...

    "You really had to ask that question?" "First time virgin shooter, rode the slide forward when racking the slide and you had a failure to eject? The problem's not the Glock!"

    In all seriousness, the problem is likely with the shooter as opposed to the Glock. Work with her more and you shouldn't have any more issues.

    If it continues to happen with you as well as your girlfriend, then check the ammo, magazines, and then the Glock. But at this point, it's likely a shooter issue.
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    I think she's playing you, so you'll take her shooting again
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    Shooter. I see it alot in training. What I do is use dummy rounds in the classroom and have them do it by the number
    1. insert mag with the slide closed
    2.Pull slide back until it stops and hold it
    3. Open your hand holding the slide on my count...1......2...3

    that USUALLY lets them see the difference. It might take a few times. It's a bit more effective on the range when they get a CLICK instead of a BANG because the pistol didn't go into battery.
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    Sounds like the GF, at least you'll get to spend more time at the range with her, and if you've got a girl that will go to the range, she's a keeper.

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    Shooter, fur sur. The slide is designed to be slammed back and to slam forward again. If you ride it either way, you stand a good chance of a misfeed of some sort.

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    And keep her hands away from the slide. The first time my brother shot my G19 he lost some skin because his hand was in the way of the slide.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    She just needs more training. The failure was probably do to her riding the slide forward. The G19 is a good first pistol for a lady or for anyone.

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    If the gun fired, it chambered well enough. The failure to eject was due to limp wristing. I watched the very same thing happen a couple of weeks ago. I took the same G19 that would not feed, held it with a firm wrist and it cycled every time. Other shooter took it back and it began to fail. Ammo was a little underpowered but couple that with a light hold and that malfed it.

    Yours was shooter induced, not how it was chambered.

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