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This is a discussion on Kahr CW45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi again All, I'm shopping around to pick up a couple of extra mags for my CW45, and I'm considering the extended 7-round mags. I ...

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Thread: Kahr CW45

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    Magazines for the CW45

    Hi again All,

    I'm shopping around to pick up a couple of extra mags for my CW45, and I'm considering the extended 7-round mags. I absolutely love the gun, and I'll use the original 6-round mag for CC, but figured that for range use, or a backup mag, I might as well go with the 7-round.

    I saw a couple of pictures, and a forum post complaining that the 7-round for the CW45 leaves a gap between the end plate and the grip that affects your grip on the gun. I guess it creates sort of a "pinch point" between the grip and the baseplate.

    Anyone have any experience (good or bad) with 7-round mags for the CW45? Were they factory Kahr mags, or aftermarket?

    Any feedback is appreciated!


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    Revived! I have EDC'd my Kahr CW45 for about 2 years. I experienced the mag drop issue (on the last round) and Kahr sent me a replacement mag release that fixed it. It's been very reliable since and comfortable to carry in my Looper 2-slot holster. I decided to sell it recently to fund my Ruger SR1911.

    I ran mine with 230 gr. Remington Golden Sabres in the supplied 6-round mag, with two 7-round extended mags on the opposite hip. The extended mags do not fit very flush on the bottom of the mag well. Pretty crappy, IMHO.

    I did run into a bizzare malfunction recently. I was out shooting with my dad, brother, and our boys. I pulled my Kahr out to plaster some soda bottles and squeezed the trigger. It had very light resistance, then went "bang!" at the normal trigger pull point. I fired the rest of the mag with the same weird trigger feel.

    After the final round was fired from that mag, I looked at the gun from the side, and the damn guide rod was poking out the end of the slide about 1-inch. SOB! I broke it down and reassembled. No problems after that, but that was just freaky.
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    New Kahr CW 45

    I bought a new Kahr CW 45 this week. I took it out shooting for the first time a few days ago and I had some trouble with it. I had 3 FTL's and 2 FTE. I was thinking I had issues with one of my magazines. So I took it home, cleaned the gun again, and looked at the mags and found out that one of them was leaving burrs on the brass. Seems that the mag was cut roughly and was causing burrs on the ammo. I took a dremel tool and smoothed and polished the end of the clip and took it back to the range. After that, no more issues!

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