Range Report: M&P 9mm compact

Range Report: M&P 9mm compact

This is a discussion on Range Report: M&P 9mm compact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, last week I sold off two of my guns to fund this purchase and some accessories and ammo for it. I ordered it from ...

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Thread: Range Report: M&P 9mm compact

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    Range Report: M&P 9mm compact

    Well, last week I sold off two of my guns to fund this purchase and some accessories and ammo for it.

    I ordered it from expresspolicesupply.com, which gave me law enforcement pricing. Props here for outstanding service and communication- one of their people noticed that the takedown lever doesn't stay in the down position, and he called S&W about it and then e-mailed me asking if I wanted it sent to the factory to be fixed first.

    He didn't know that this is a pretty common and minor issue that works itself out pretty quickly, but I was really glad that they noticed and contacted me.

    Anyway, it came with a free Serpa holster for it, which I find to be a very well-designed paddle holster. Not too concealable, but I like the solid locking positions for the adjustable cant.

    So I also ordered XS Big Dot night sights, 500 rounds of Sellier and Bellot 9mm ball, 60 rounds of 124 gr. +P SB Gold Dots, and a Supertuck (Still waiting on that).

    I picked it up at my LGS on Monday, had them install the sights (They didn't Loctite them, and the gun groups consistently to the left, so it wasn't a great job, but the rest of their service is pretty good).

    And yesterday afternoon I took it out to the range. Ran about 200 rounds through it, a full magazine of Gold Dots through each of the three magazines (LEO guns come with three instead of two, and S&W was kind enough to include two with the finger grip extension and only one with the flat base plate) as a function check, then straight ball. Would have shot more, but I had to pick my wife up from work.

    I'm not a fantastic shot by any means, and I want to emphasize here that Big Dots are NOT by any means bullseye sights. My fair-to-middling skill, the size of the gun, and the huge front sight made staying on a sheet of paper at 75 feet a little more work than usual (I had about 75% of my shots on that sheet after the first few magazines- it takes a little bit to get used to aiming with the Big Dot).

    However, at 10 yards, 7 yards, and 3 yards, I found the Big Dots to be extremely fast on target. I shot much faster with the same level of accuracy that I was shooting three-dot sights with previously. All my shots went into a paper plate or sheet of paper at those ranges, and I was shooting as fast as possible.

    No malfunctions of any kind occurred during this range session.

    Brief comment on the ammo- my practice ammo was S&B 115-gr. FMJ. This was without a doubt the dirtiest ammo I have ever shot. Shot reliably and accurately, and I hear it's loaded a little hot, but my gun was filthy, and so were my hands. A couple times I felt particles hitting me in the face.


    1. It has remarkably little recoil. With the finger extension magazines, it's virtually nonexistent- not quite as little as a .22, unlike any other 9mm I've ever shot (XD subcompact was close, but subjectively, I thought the Glock 19, H&K P7 were harder to handle). I could have shot thousands of rounds through that little gun without a problem. With the flat base plate magazine, the recoil is still nonexistent, but the gun jumps around a little more and you need a firmer grip.

    No noticeable difference in recoil between the 124-gr. +P GDHPs and the S&B 115-gr. ball, but this may be because S&B loads hot.

    2. Maybe I'm drinking S&W Kool-Aid, but I've never had a malfunction with either of the M&Ps I've owned. (Full-size .40 and this one).

    3. The modified slide release that's slightly wider on the new guns works like a charm. The old ones were really hard to operate until the gun broke in, and you would have to slingshot it for a while. The new ones- no problem.

    4. Subjectively, compared to other compact guns in this category, I felt that the M&P was shorter from magazine well to slide than the Glock 26 or the XD subcompact, but the barrel is a tad longer than the latter. I like the balance there- I prefer a slightly longer slide and barrel with a shorter grip for concealability.

    5. The finger grip extensions on the two mags that have them work like a charm. Slightly bobtailed, and the finger extension is hollow, so they're only a fraction heavier and still incredibly easy to conceal- but you get a lot more control out of them. I would recommend using these all the time.

    6. I love this little gun very much and it now goes with me everywhere.

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    Nice. I love my little 9C. My LEO pistol only came with two mags though. Not that im complaining. The shop swapped out the flat bottem with another for a grip extended mag.

    That ammo shoots fine, but I also found that it suffers from excessive fouling.

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    Thanks for the report. Good that you like your new pistol. Congrats!
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    thanks for the awesome range report.... I like those little compacts
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    All my LE models have come with 3 mags. I have 17K rounds through my 9C and havent had a single issue.

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    Thanks for the report,
    I have a 9c and love it!!

    Okay, I pulled the pin. Now what? Hey! Where are ya going?
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    Hi im new here and have a question. Ive noticed from some pictures that some of the M&Ps have a ledge or step cut in the rear sight. Please advise if they are newer sights or the Tritium sights... My local shop only had the ramped ones.


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    My 40c and 40 Full Size have the least amount of recoil of any 40 S&W cal gun.

    My M&P are primary carry guns for me.

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    I also purchased a M&P 9c from Express Police Supply last week but with the factory night sights. I took it to the range and shot around 125 rounds through it with no problems. I was really impressed. Recoil was very minor and it felt great in my hand. My groups were very nice and tight compared to my HK P2000sk. The trigger is a little gritty but I ordered the Apex sear to install and that should help a lot. I plan on using it to replace my HK P2000sk as I can already tell I will shoot it better. I also got 3 mags, 2 with extended plates and 1 flat. The factory Trijicon Night sights are pretty good, very accurate.

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    I love my 9c (tomorrow, I'm sure that I'll like my full sized too)

    Mines came with 3 mags but I traded my extension base plate with all flat ones.
    Sig Sauer: P938 9mm Smith and Wesson: Sigma SW9VE 9mm

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    Great report, thanks and enjoy the new pistol!
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    Good report.

    My brother and I took the M&P9c to the range last weekend for it's first time out and put 100 rounds through. No issues of course and I was surprised by how little recoil it had; very easy to control and bring back into alignment for a follow up shot. Neither of us liked the mag without the pinky rest, but the 12 rounder with the pinky and the 17 rounder were great.

    I still prefer my CZ P-01 and/or PCR, but the 9c has it's place in the lineup.

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    Great range report, my wife has one and man we love it. Shoots great. Congrats.

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    M&P9c - A Great shooter

    I've put about 1000 rounds through mine and I've had zero problems to report. Having shot a number of semi-auto handguns or the last few years (Glock, H&K, XD, CZ, Ruger, etc), I've found my M&P9c to be the best performing.

    Now if I could only decide what to carry; my M&P9c or one of my J frames.

    To settle this dilemma, perhaps I will carry both. Why not?

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