Review and Range report Charter Arms On Duty.

Review and Range report Charter Arms On Duty.

This is a discussion on Review and Range report Charter Arms On Duty. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I usually carry a Glock 19 in an IWB holster as my everyday carry. Concealed carry is not specifically prohibited where I work, and there ...

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Thread: Review and Range report Charter Arms On Duty.

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    Review and Range report Charter Arms On Duty.

    I usually carry a Glock 19 in an IWB holster as my everyday carry. Concealed carry is not specifically prohibited where I work, and there is no written a weapons policy, but not wanting to take a chance of getting fired for it; I locked my gun in my car while at work in the office and put it back on whenever I left.
    I had wanted to try out pocket carry with a snub nose revolver so that I would feel that the gun was hidden enough to wear at work. I was looking for an aluminum frame shrouded hammer gun so the only two options were the S&W bodyguard series or the Charter Arms On Duty.
    The Charter was well over $100 less than the S&W’s and not wanting to pay too much for a gun I was not sure I would carry that much I bought the Charter Arms.

    The revolver weighs a little over 12oz unloaded and 15.5 loaded. It has a 2in Stainless Steel barrel and 5 shot cylinder. It had full size finger groove rubber grips. They do reduce the concealment a little, but fit my hand perfectly and do help reduce recoil with the +P loads.
    The fit and finish are not at the S&W level but are just fine for a pocket carry gun. Other than the front sight (and it’s not bad), there are no sharp edges and the only tool marks visible are a few inside the cylinder flutes and inside the crane.
    The sight are minimal snub nose style but the front blade is wide and it shoots to point of aim with 158 loads and a little low with 125 loads.
    I dry fired the gun quite a lot before shooting and the trigger pull is very smooth and not too heavy the cylinder hand locks the cylinder just before firing and so there is a slight stacking at that point, but it is unnoticeable in rapid double action fire. I do not have a trigger pull gauge but estimate the double action about 10 pounds and the single about 4.
    Charter advertises a very short lock time and compared to the Rossie, Taurus and Smith & Wesson I have had it is true.
    I took it out and tried it with a variety of loads and here are the results.
    I started at 15 yards and wanted to test the mechanical accuracy first so shot from a rest single action.

    First group 125gr jsp Winclean Winchester

    Second group 158gr LSWC

    Third group 125gr JHP +P

    I then moved up to 10 yards and fired two handed double action rapid fire.
    First group 125gr jsp Winclean Winchester

    Second group 158gr LSWC

    Third group 125gr JHP +P the recoil from these opened the group up a little

    Head shot group 158gr LSWC

    I wanted to try out the gun as it was most likely to be used so the next groups were double taps drawing from the pocket holster and point shooting from the hip as fast as I could draw and fire.
    First 125gr JHP +P

    Second 125gr JHP +P

    Third 5 rounds 125gr JHP +P.

    As is to be expected from a revolver function was 100%
    I had heard some bad reviews about the Charter Arms guns, but my sample worked great, all pins and screws stayed tight, lockup was perfect, no spitting or shaving from the cylinder gap, clean ejection of empty cases.
    For a revolver this light, recoil was not bad at all. The +p loads definitely had a sharper kick, but the grips soaked it up nicely and after 75 rounds it was never uncomfortable or painful.

    I have been carrying it in my front pocket at work for a week now and it disappears in a cheap Uncle Mikes #3 holster. The shrouded hammer provides a really smooth draw and I have not had it hang up once in practice draws.
    I am very pleased with this gun. I don’t know how durable it will be long term, but I expect I will carry it a lot and shoot it very little.

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    Wow, thanks for the report. Looks like it will serve you well. Congratulations
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    Congrats, looks like you found a winner.

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    I’ve never been a Charter Arms fan but admittedly, Smith j-frames aren’t really all that better at throwing bullets. Had you opted for a Smith’ snub, I would have a sweet pocket holster deal for you.

    Anyway, it’s all about practice and what you like, so good luck, stay safe and remember 'its all good'.
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
    ~ Stephen King

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    Very good report on the Charter Arms On Duty.

    Hope it serves you well!!!!!!!
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    Nice report, thanks. The old Charter Arms and the new Charter Arms are pretty good. The ones from about 1999 and 2000 were the ones that really gave Charter Arms a bad name. I think they were called CHARCO at this time. They never were as pretty as some of the higher priced guns but they always worked. Pretty doesn't matter when a weapon is needed.

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    Great range report! Sounds like it will serve you well and it is a very functional little gun!

    I really appreciate the report as my wife would really like one of these guns. Once I show this to her, I am sure she will want one even more.

    Thanks again!
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    Excellent report........

    Be Alert and Stay Safe


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    Ditto on the very nice forum report.
    I've shot the Charter wheelies before and the few that I've shot in the past were never problematic. Function was just fine and the accuracy was good.

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    Glad you like it. Very nice report, complete with pics!

    Nothing wrong with any gun that goes bang every time, hits where you aim it and doesn't fall apart or blow up in your hand.

    I'd say, nice choice!
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Great job! Thanks for the time you took to share with us. I am in the same boat as far as work policys and such regarding CC. I also opt on the safe side so as not to get canned. My shooter, shooters are locked up tight in my truck very close to my shop. Only my wife knows, we work for the same employer. I can keep a very close eye on my stuff while at work. I really don't have another option at this point, and this is the best I can do. Thanks again..
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    I CLING to my guns and my Bible.

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    Great report, seems to shoot as well for you as my 642 does.
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    Nice report, thanks for sharing.
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    I'm impressed and I sometimes carry a 642. Good report.

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    I had a recent production Charter Arms Bulldog Pug DAO for a short period of time before a friend talked me out of it. It was a great little revolver that never gave me any problems and hasn't given him any. I liked it enough that I will probably eventually get another, unless Ruger or S&W manage to make a .44 Special 5-shot the same size as the Bulldog Pug.

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