Night Sights

Night Sights

This is a discussion on Night Sights within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, here's the deal. I'm sitting down to order my new EDC, a Walther PPS in .40S&W. The question - to get night sights or ...

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Thread: Night Sights

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    Night Sights

    OK, here's the deal. I'm sitting down to order my new EDC, a Walther PPS in .40S&W. The question - to get night sights or not?

    I'm looking for educated opinions here, pros and cons (if any) of having night sights. The cost difference would be ~$100 from the factory, and I still have to buy a couple of extra mags, and probably a couple of holsters. Is the extra cost really worth it?

    I was going to do this today, but will put it off a day or two to listen to any advice you may wish to share. Thanks in advance.
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    I will weight in my opinion.

    Night sites are nice to have if you shoot in low light conditions. They also make your gun easier to find on the night stand in the dark...
    However They also may glow through your shirt and if they burn out its actually harder to see the sight even in day light. I am speaking from experience here. If S&W puts Trijicon on the walther then you might experience the same thing I did with my M&P.

    Otherwise it is a nice feature to have. Either way you would have a nice pistol. If you do go with night sites plan on replacement lamps every 7 to 10 years.
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    Only you can decide if having night sights is worth your $100. They're nice to have, but if you want to save money you can do without them. You can always install a set down the road, and you can choose the type at that time. I like the von Stavenhagen type myself like the Sig "contrast." Maybe Heinie straight eights is your thing. I have been impressed with the brightness of Meprolights.

    Think about it. This is your carry pistol. If you have to use it, there is a good chance that the shooting distance will be short enough that you won't even need those sights. Maybe spend the money on ammo and practice point shooting. If it's too dark to make out those sights, I hope you can see that target!
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    To me they are worth having. Many shootings, both police and civilian, go down at night/low light conditions. Being potentially able to quickly pick up your sights for a more accurate general index does not seem to have a down side to me. If mine ever lose their glow, I will simply buy another set.

    Frankly, this also is another reason to have point shooting skills. Not only may it actually be the response tendency that bubbles to the top when crunch time arrives, but you may not have your sights available at all anyway.

    CAVEAT: Many shootings occur in scenarios where, although it is dark, the ambient light does not leave the shooter unable to see his sights, should he need to.

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    My 2 cents worth:
    When it's dark or dim, you're fifty+ feet away from any street light, are you really going to try to focus on the little glowing dots against that black hoodie in the shadows when you're up to your butt in alligators?
    Or are you going to point and shoot? You're not at the range anymore. You're not going to be aligning sights in the dark.

    I've looked at several makes of night lights, and under ideal conditions, they are noticeable. But in daylight, all you have is a tiny green (orange) dot surrounded by a thin white circle, both of which I find harder to see that the standard white dots.

    I find the white dots blend into the background too easily. I picked up a $2 bottle of Dayglo-Orange model paint, a tiny brush, and painted the white sights with it. I pick up the sights better than I ever did with night sights.

    If you think you're going to be able to use your night sights better, then by all means, get them. But I'd try some before I invested in them.

    There, that's my 2 cents worth. Keep the change!
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    I have had nightsights on all my guns for ten plus years...and NEVER experienced "glow through" on clothing. For the small difference in price...they are absolutely worht it. Get them.
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    I have Meprolight sights on several of my guns and I like them a lot. They don't bother me for daytime shooting.
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    The subject of nights sights actually prompts me to consider these Trijicon RMR sights for the Glock pistol from One Source Tactical:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Night Sights-rmr.jpg  

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    I use night sites on all my pistols. No reason not to in my mind, that is unless it's dedicated to the range only.
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    Now that Walther sells the PPS with night sights installed and 2 extra mags. They also have a nice promotion going on where you can get an extra free mag if you buy before May 31st 2010. here is a link to the promo

    Walther PPS Pistol Promotion - Walther America

    Makes me wish I waited 6 months before buying mine.

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    Yes of course you need them! If nothing else, you can spot your weapon on the night table or on top of the dresser in the dark. I love my Trijicons, just sent them back after 12 years and had them redone. Great service by the way.

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    I have night sights on all of my pistols for my own reasons. I don't feel the need to tell you you need them, or a set. Matter of fact, we just went with a front NS on my wife's G26. What I will say is that in my experience with the night sights is that Meprolights are generally cheaper than Trijicon and I like the Meps better. The Glock factory NS are very good as well. I can honestly say that $100 is too much even for a set of Trijicons ball park figure as the average would be $85 tops installed. Another thing.....generally any manufacturer offers their pistols from the factory with NS installed for way less than a name brand set bought aftermarket then installed by a gunsmith or someone with the tools. A lot of those combination packages from the factory through the dealer will average an additional cost of $50-$65 over the cost of the pistol with basic sights whatever they may be from the factory. There are no cons on the night sights as far as I'm concerned. Make a deal with your dealer on the pistol. Paying cash? Ask for some customer appreciation, and see what they'll offer you to install the brand of night sights they carry on the pistol in order to make the deal. NS for the Walther PPS should be available. I don't know how obtainable they are on the market, but I'm still thinking $100 is still too much, especially installed from the factory. Maybe the factory doesn't have a good line on a contract with a NS manufacturer.

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    I am putting night sights on every gun I own that is capable. I have night sights on my S&W 1006 by my bed, they have not stopped glowing in the 4 years they have been there.

    I find with the night sight all I need is a slightly dim light and I can pick up the front sight much quicker. It has increased my speed significantly.

    If they don't glow, as in bright light, their as good as any other sight.

    So, as others have said, why wouldn't you. If you can increase your speed and accuracy by a fraction of a second, in a gun fight, for $100 it's a no-brainer.

    Their cheaper when you buy the gun than afterwards!

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    For me, if it were $50-60 more iwold do it...otherwise I would wait and maybe do it later, if you decide for sure this is your primary carry, then you can always add it.
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    Any gun that's going to be my EDC has night sights...I prefer Trijicons, but Meps are great, too!
    Night sights make point shooting in low light much easier.
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