Need advice in the right direction

Need advice in the right direction

This is a discussion on Need advice in the right direction within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I havent been on this forum for too long, and this might already be somewhere else but I had a quick question for all of ...

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    Need advice in the right direction

    I havent been on this forum for too long, and this might already be somewhere else but I had a quick question for all of you.

    I will be purchasing a carry gun this week. I have 2 decisions I narrowed t down too.

    Glock 27
    S&W M&P 40c

    I love the .40 cal and I also like the way both guns fit in my hand, very comfortable. I'm just wondering from all your opinions which one is just a better firearm? I know it's alot to do with opinions but just wondering if someone can give me a little insight to which directions to go. Thanks in advance guys!

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    I had a 27, it, for me handles the 40 cal poorly, my PPS handles the recoil maybe a M&P would do better in the 40 config.
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    Cant speak for the M&P, but I can for the G27. My 27 is dog gone accurate and to me the perfect CCW. Carrys well, 100% reliable, can be modified easily to shoot 9mm, all kinds of after market goodies for Glocks, and just plain gorgeous.
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    I looked at numerous 40 caliber carry guns (including the two you mention above) over the last several months when choosing my .40 cal carry gun. I finally settled on a Springfield XD40sc purely out of fit in hand, comfort, grip angle, etc. Both guns you mention above are great weapons, so it comes down to personal preference. Shoot both at a range with rentals and see which fits you best.
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    Shouldn't even be a question...Glock!
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    Let's add one in...what about these 3?

    Glock 33
    Glock 27
    Smith & Wesson M&P .40c

    I will be purchasing this weekend, please give all advice you can..please.

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    I agree with BigDude, the XD40 SC is a great weapon.

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    m&p40c, without question.

    less recoil, higher capacity, and just as reliable and accurate. plus a much better warranty.

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    Go with the 27. Awesome carry gun with a great combo of size, power, and capacity. Plus there is a ton of after market accessories for all Glocks, including a conversion barrel for .40 to .357 SIG. I have one for my 27 and all you have to do is field strip the gun, drop in the .357 SIG barrel, load your stock .40 magazines with .357 SIG ammo and you are finished.
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    Several years ago my G23 broke just before a strengent training exercise where we would possibility shooting a thousand rounds in one day.

    I had no other choice but to grab the 27. I was suprized at how well it handled that day. Darn accurate too. Received many allocades on the gun. I carry in now more than I do the 23.
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    I know you didn't list it, but is there a reason your not looking at the XD40sc? That is a wonderful little gun and I like them a trillion times better than the glock.
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    Both are good weapons...just easier to find parts and accessories for the Glock, and they have a longer standing reputaion for reliability.
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    M&P for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don Glock View Post
    m&p40c, without question.

    less recoil, higher capacity, and just as reliable and accurate. plus a much better warranty. better looking, feels better in hand, and it's a Smith.
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    It comes down to personal preference. From everything I've read and seen, Glocks, XD's, and M&P's are all ULTRA reliable. (Rare occurrences do happen, but are rare.)

    For me, it goes XD > M&P > Glock.

    But I would trust that all 3 of them do their jobs.

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    It doesn't matter what anyone tells you about a weapon. If you are not comfortable with it and cannot fire it accurately you won't carry it very long and you may regret your purchase.

    Handle as many of them as possible. Feel it in your hands. Work the controls and make sure all functions are easy for you to operate. test fire as many of them as you can if possible. See which one you are most accurate with consistently.

    Also, consider how and where you will be carrying a gun. If you are required to dress a certain way at work, if you are allowed to carry at work, you will need to be able to conceal the gun with your work attire.

    I initially went to look at a Glock. I held it and hated the way it felt in my hand. I shot one and wasn't very accurate with it. I then went to research more and found the Springfield XD series. Handled it, loved the way it felt and purchased an XD45acp Service.

    It has been very accurate with me and I have not regretted it one bit. It is a big heavy gun but my carry options allow for that.

    Don't just go buy something and not be pretty sure about it. Guns lose a good bit or value after they leave the shop and you may want to sell it for something else.
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