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Do I stand alone?

This is a discussion on Do I stand alone? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ceapea I wouldn't take one if you gave it to me. Ceapea Really? It's soooo bad you wouldn't take it to use ...

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Thread: Do I stand alone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceapea View Post
    I wouldn't take one if you gave it to me.

    Really? It's soooo bad you wouldn't take it to use towards something else as a trade-in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    Leave my Glock alone. Or give me the option to buy it "original recipe".

    Quit mesing with things just because other companies are doing it, don't "keep up with the Jones" when you are already the lead dog in the pack.
    I wholeheartedly agree. The original G19 was so fine. G1/G2. IMO, it has not gotten markedly better with each major change. It's harder to hold, IMO. It's larger. The grip angle seems to have subtly changed based on the changes in size, the new "bumps" and curves.

    "Keeping up" can be done two ways: by erasing the old as the new is brought in; or by keeping those elements of the old as the yardstick by which to measure the new. Particularly in the case of the G19, I'd say, erasing old designs doesn't make much sense when it's on top of the world.

    * Of course, this is all said by someone with a bit smaller hand. Likely, I'd think about the newer Glocks somewhat differently if I had mitts instead of hands.
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    If I had my druthers, the Gen 2 frame would still be available... Me no likey the finger grooves...

    I'm neutral on the RTF so far - Haven't had a chance to actually shoot one - Only fondle in the shop...

    IMO, a Gen 2 G19 is almost as good as it gets for an all-around, working, no-frills SD handgun...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ROFL SQUAD View Post

    That's bold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsunsr View Post

    My next Glock they haven't produced yet. A single stack 9mm thinner than 1 inch. Several manufacturers are producing them, Glock only does the 45 in single stack. I predict with the demand and the number of CCW licenses being issued that we'll see one shortly. I hope!
    Amen brother!!!!!

    Slim and small enough to carry in a pocket!!!!!!!
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