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Glock 26 vs PPS

This is a discussion on Glock 26 vs PPS within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have both, my PPS in 40 gets carrieds more than my 26 due to slim profile and I love the mag release now that ...

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Thread: Glock 26 vs PPS

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    I have both, my PPS in 40 gets carrieds more than my 26 due to slim profile and I love the mag release now that I am used to it.....try both like you are going to and decide.
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    The 26 all the way. Don't forget you can use your 19 mags in a 26. It just makes sense to me, for you to go with the G26. It's your choice in the end.
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    I like the PPS and the G26 is good too. Ideally, I would go with a PPS for thickness. It makes a difference.

    But I've looked around for holsters and such for the PPS and you will be hard-pressed to find some. For that reason alone, I would choose G26.
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    I love my G33 but it's a thick gun. I should probably carry it more than I do but I usually pick it up, handle is for a second then put it down and grab my P64.

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    I don't think you could to wrong with either one.

    If thickness is not a big issue then I'd say get the 26. Can use your 19 mags when needed and you'll have something smaller to conceal as long as you can conceal the thickness.

    If thickness is a larger issue then get the PPS. It's my EDC and I have never had any problems and just disappears IWB.

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    curses the shop I'm going to in the morning is backordered on the PPS. It caters to LE and I qualify due to agency I work for. That's why I got the G 19 for $400. They are having a one day in store sale on some LE trade-ins and they will have some G26s. If the price is super cheap I may not be able to resist. I think long term I would get more CC use out of the PPS. Have to try to use reasonable restraint in the morning. Got to go by anyway to exchange a belt.

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    For that price I would get the 26. Its the perfect companion to your 19. Then later you could add the PPS if you think it would conceal better. Then you have both.
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    I love my pps, but that is a heck of a deal. I would have a hard time passing that up. both good guns. you cant go wrong with that deal.

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    I, too, had to decide between the G19, G26 and the PPS. I chose the PPS for its ideal grip and dimensions. It's so much easier to conceal with my office dress and weekend Tees. I think the choice of 6,7 and 8-round mags is brilliant as you can customize the gun for the occasion: 6-round for very deep concealment and maybe pocket, the 7-round for regular EDC IWB duty and the 8-round for max grip comfort and capacity. The Glocks just feel too chunky and print much more... though their functionality is legendary. The G26 grip feels like it needs another 1/2 inch in length. I was a bit concerned at first about PPS reliability problems reported on other forums but in the end it appears that these were confined to early production units and the no. of incidents was relatively small compared to the numerous flawless reports from other owners. So, for me, the PPS wins by some margin for CC.

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