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XDM for EDC???

This is a discussion on XDM for EDC??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo It should clear faster when drawing, no? Yeah, I'll buy that. It would help with presentation, although just a little, for ...

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Thread: XDM for EDC???

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    It should clear faster when drawing, no?
    Yeah, I'll buy that. It would help with presentation, although just a little, for someone with short arms

    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    ...And would make for a more comfortable appendix or cross draw piece, as well be good for horizontal shoulder holster carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dairycreek View Post
    I carry an XD9 SC and my son in law carries an XDM .40 so we have compared them side by side. The conclusion? Not much difference from a carry point of view between the two.
    I agree. I have both the XD Sub Compact and XDm 4.5, it really isn't much more difficult at all to carry the XDm over the SC...
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    Quote Originally Posted by C hawk Glock View Post
    I think a trip to lens crafters is in order! I love Glock's, but they are ugly.
    Not saying that Glocks look good..... its just the better of the two evils
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    I flip between my XDm 40 and XD9sc. Both conceal very well with Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. I have heard some say they tuck in their shirt with the ST (carry gun unimportant) but with the 40 or sc, untucked is all I can get. Very comfortable, even with the large-hand friendly grip.
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    I own a 4" XD .40 and looking at the difference between a 4" barrel and a 3.8" I doubt anyone would notice a difference when drawing. We are talking about .2 inches. Not even a quarter inch.

    I do see what you all mean about the longer grip being a pain to conceal. I have been carrying my XD around in a OWB Blackhawk and I notice the grip printing. Gonna have to buy a IWB. I can only imagine the XDm grip would be even worse.

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    I am a Glock guy to be sure. I carry either a 19 or a 26. I guess I am lucky as they fit me well and I can run them equally as well. I was at my local range a few days back and a new guy walked in and it was clear he didn't have a clue how things worked. I walked down and showed him how to work the range controls and we started talking about his guns. He had a ruger lcr which I have and agreed how amazing it was. He then went on to pull a full sized xdm in 9mm out and tell me how its better because it has all these extra "features" on it making it a superior pistol.

    I asked if I could put a few mags of my ammo thru it and he said sure.

    Let's just say I am VERY glad that the Glock platform fits my hand as the xd felt like a 6x4 with a 2x2 for a handle. Bore is way to high, and all thah extra "stuff" on it only complicates the design. I, like most serious shooters/users will pass on the xd. Its just a rebadged overpriced marginal pistol at best. Just my opinion of course...

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    i dont understand why SA shortened the barrel and thought that massive grip would be more manageable for carry.

    imho the XDm 3.8 is pointless unless you just like the way it looks. i carry iwb and a 3.8" barrel is no easier to conceal than a 4.5" barrel.

    drawing the 4.5" weapon is not a problem.

    i DO carry my 4.5" XDm sometimes. its sure as hell not an EDC but i do on occasion carry it. its a great gun i really like shooting it.

    grip length is much more important to me than barrel length when considering concealability.

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    Miller, it really comes down to how well YOU..#1 carry #2 hit COM at the range. Evertything else is null and void.

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