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XDM for EDC???

This is a discussion on XDM for EDC??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo It should clear faster when drawing, no? Yeah, I'll buy that. It would help with presentation, although just a little, for ...

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Thread: XDM for EDC???

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNinjaGo View Post
    It should clear faster when drawing, no?
    Yeah, I'll buy that. It would help with presentation, although just a little, for someone with short arms

    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    ...And would make for a more comfortable appendix or cross draw piece, as well be good for horizontal shoulder holster carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dairycreek View Post
    I carry an XD9 SC and my son in law carries an XDM .40 so we have compared them side by side. The conclusion? Not much difference from a carry point of view between the two.
    I agree. I have both the XD Sub Compact and XDm 4.5, it really isn't much more difficult at all to carry the XDm over the SC...
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    Quote Originally Posted by C hawk Glock View Post
    I think a trip to lens crafters is in order! I love Glock's, but they are ugly.
    Not saying that Glocks look good..... its just the better of the two evils
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    I flip between my XDm 40 and XD9sc. Both conceal very well with Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. I have heard some say they tuck in their shirt with the ST (carry gun unimportant) but with the 40 or sc, untucked is all I can get. Very comfortable, even with the large-hand friendly grip.
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    I own a 4" XD .40 and looking at the difference between a 4" barrel and a 3.8" I doubt anyone would notice a difference when drawing. We are talking about .2 inches. Not even a quarter inch.

    I do see what you all mean about the longer grip being a pain to conceal. I have been carrying my XD around in a OWB Blackhawk and I notice the grip printing. Gonna have to buy a IWB. I can only imagine the XDm grip would be even worse.

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    I am a Glock guy to be sure. I carry either a 19 or a 26. I guess I am lucky as they fit me well and I can run them equally as well. I was at my local range a few days back and a new guy walked in and it was clear he didn't have a clue how things worked. I walked down and showed him how to work the range controls and we started talking about his guns. He had a ruger lcr which I have and agreed how amazing it was. He then went on to pull a full sized xdm in 9mm out and tell me how its better because it has all these extra "features" on it making it a superior pistol.

    I asked if I could put a few mags of my ammo thru it and he said sure.

    Let's just say I am VERY glad that the Glock platform fits my hand as the xd felt like a 6x4 with a 2x2 for a handle. Bore is way to high, and all thah extra "stuff" on it only complicates the design. I, like most serious shooters/users will pass on the xd. Its just a rebadged overpriced marginal pistol at best. Just my opinion of course...

    Best to all-


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    i dont understand why SA shortened the barrel and thought that massive grip would be more manageable for carry.

    imho the XDm 3.8 is pointless unless you just like the way it looks. i carry iwb and a 3.8" barrel is no easier to conceal than a 4.5" barrel.

    drawing the 4.5" weapon is not a problem.

    i DO carry my 4.5" XDm sometimes. its sure as hell not an EDC but i do on occasion carry it. its a great gun i really like shooting it.

    grip length is much more important to me than barrel length when considering concealability.

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    Miller, it really comes down to how well YOU..#1 carry #2 hit COM at the range. Evertything else is null and void.

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    Xdm for me

    Hello - new to this forum but not new to EDC, the pistols you are evaluating or weapons in general.

    I opted for the 3.8 inch XDM .40 over similar Glock models. I agree with others who stated that the shorter barrel does nothing to improve concealment.

    It is impossible for me to tell someone else what the best choice is for them when it comes to a firearm for concealed EDC. My best advice is that you go to a range and try both. Pick the one that works best for you. I did the same and test fired both the XDM, Glock and a few others that I was interested in. Here is my basic review of the things that I considered which led me to opt for the XDM over the Glock. Ill list them here and maybe it will help you make your decision.

    1. Concealability - all these double stacked compact polymer frame pistols are similar in size and thus similar in their concealability. If you want to carry OWB like me you should expect to print/show a bit with any of them. If you plan to carry IWB (which I also do sometimes with my XDM) then make sure you have pants that are a few inches big so the slightly thicker pistol will fit. As for EDC my XDM 40 prints a bit under a loose tshirt and it totally disappears under any sweatshirt, second layer, suit jacket, wind breaker or outer layer. This printing is no more or less than any of the other similar framed compact double stack polymer pistols in this class. Lets call it a draw on that one. The printing I get is acceptable to me given that I opt for weapon capacity and OWB carry while knowing I trade off a bit of concealment vs. single stack CC pistols. Also, my state's laws allow for a bit of show from time to time if the holster peaks out or prints.

    2. I am left handed and the XDM has an ambidextrous mag release. As in, there is a button on both sides of the grip. Most pistols are not left hand friendly so I have become accustomed to using a left side finger to eject the mag on guns that are not ambi, but it forces me to alter my grip a lot when I do. I like that I can use my thumb to release the mags on the XDM. You can flip the release on the Glock but they are not truly ambi as in having both options all the time. In EDC you never know what situation you will be in so I like the option of releasing mags from either side.

    3. Ergonomics - I have medium sized hands and the XDM just fits me better. I went with the thinnest backstrap. The newer gen Glocks have adjustable grips as well but the XDM just points more naturally for me.

    4. Extra capacity over similar Glocks. You get an extra round in mag capacity compared to a similar Glock carrying similar mags. The Glock I fired had 10 and 15 round mags with the XDM sporting 11 and 16 round mags. IMHO more rounds even if its one = better.

    5. Sights - the XDM is not great with the factory sights but Glock factory sights are just plain awful. I have since upgraded my XDM to Speed Sights. High Viz green with green Tritium insert on the front and bright white rear sights. It cost me about $150 for the sights and the install but its worth every penny. If you do no other upgrade on your XDM this is the upgrade I would recommend. The factory XDM sights are more usable than the Glock but they are still an off-white color and they sometimes get lost against neutral walls, low light grays or off white paper targets at the range.

    6. Barrel - the XDM match grade barrel is better than the Glock barrel (and the standard XD). For me, it performs better bc it is a bit heavier so the XDM seems more balanced and has less recoil. It also comes from factory with a polished feed ramp which is an upgrade for the others.

    7. Grip - the XDM just has a more sure feeling for me compared to the way the Glock grips feel to my hand. It just feel like I can hang onto it better. I knew going in that I was NOT going to do any stippling on my EDC. I like stippling but for EDC it can snag on lighter garments and can even hang up and snag against certain moisture wicking or dress fabrics. Rubber sleeves also can grab and print more so I went with the option that had the surest factory grip. I agree it makes it look a little uglier but the XDM's deeper recesses make a difference for me. Also in regard to the grip, the XDM & Glock are both molded with a "high grip" from factory. There is a slight round up behind the trigger guard on both. The XDM allows me to consistently seat my hand just a bit better than the Glock. As for concealment, any double stack pistol will be thicker so I am not terribly worried that the gun doesnt totally disappear under a t-shirt.

    8. Grip safety - It is very easy to operate and I have never had an issue with the factory grip safety. If you are really worried about this you can upgrade it. Springer Precision makes one that sticks out a tiny bit farther than the factory safety so it can be operated more positively with a less than perfect grip. However, I have not done this to my XDM bc I have never had an issue operating the factory grip safety. I like the grip safety in general as a secondary safety feature which the Glock does not have. Granted we are meant to be the safety, but for a pistol that I holster I like the peace of mind that comes with a grip safety. I have trained myself to reholster while NOT pushing in the grip safety and by doing this I know the weapon will not fire even if I am under stress and/or accidentally snag the trigger.

    9. Trigger - the XDM trigger is not great and its not horrible. I did feel the Glock had a better factory trigger. But, no matter what you buy, you should fire thousands of rounds through it while you train with it. This is the only way to be comfortable with your weapon and to be a safe and competent EDC. Ample range time will ensure you will be proficient with your weapon if you should ever need to use it. With some practice you get used to the trigger in no time. The XDM trigger does have a bit more travel to it. Some call it mushy. IMO its still decently crisp when it breaks but it does have more travel both to fire and reset.

    10. Ease of use. Field strip and cleaning is easy with both - pretty much a draw here.

    11. Availability of parts, accessories, upgrades and ability to eat lots of different ammo. Both pistols are supported with a large aftermarket of upgrades and accessories. Holsters, mags, lights, sights, lasers, precision upgrades or anything else you could possibly want are readily available and usually in stock for XDM and most similar Glock models. There are shops specializing in XDMs and/or Glocks. So, if you want to upgrade, it wont be hard to find a qualified specialized gunsmith to do your work. For ammo my XDM usually shoots Freedom Munitions FMJ 165 grain flat nosed for range plinking and I carry Remington Golden Sabre 165 grain HPJ hollow points for CC. The Glocks I shot also had no issues eating any of the ammo we fed them. I have also put some other junk ammo through my XDM and while it was dirty it has never had an FTF. I have had 3 FTE with my XDM while firing Winchester FMJ 180 grain range ammo. I dont know if it was the ammo or if I was just limp wristed that day but I have not had the issue since. I also have not used Winchester ammo since.

    The bottom line - for me it is the all black XDM .40. A slightly more feature rich pistol with a bit more capacity. It performs slightly better (less recoil) and fits me more naturally.

    Last things to note...

    I highly recommend a few upgrades to any EDC if you can afford it. Shoot it for a while and think about how you can improve it and what will work best for you. You should always buy a quality holster and belt for your carry rig as well. Upgrades on your EDC pistol are ultimately an investment in yourself. An EDC is meant to be a lethal option to defend you/your family's lives. Upgrades that make your pistol perform better will also make you more accurate and more likely to practice thus making you safer under stress as well. I purchased my XDM to be my EDC for years to come. I knew that ANY pistol I bought would be upgraded so, even with a Glock, I would have done similar upgrades. All together my upgrades doubled the price I paid for the XDM. However, after the upgrades I have installed it is a dream to shoot and maintain. For a pistol I plan to carry for many years to come I felt the investment was worth it for me. I upgraded as follows:

    Sights - Speed Sights High Viz Green w/ Green Tritium insert front - bright white rear.

    Trigger & internals - Springer Precision trigger job. The trigger is now amazing and it outperforms all the similarly modified Glocks I have fired. While it was at Springer I also had them install their precision striker, upgraded ejector and aluminum (black) trigger. The Springer mods make a huge difference.

    Finsih work - Robar finishing package. It is a Roguard slide with NP3 internals. A dream to clean and needs very little lube which is also nice since its EDC and good not to stink like gun oil all the time.

    I conceal carry it every day. My rig is a Raven "Phantom" Kydex OWB holster hung on a Daltech Force SuperBio gunbelt. I run the small mag in the pistol and carry the extended mag as backup. It isnt the lightest pistol (and no double stack will be) and it does print under a tshirt. I have a CCL but, I also live in an open carry state so if I show a bit from time to time its ok. It can be carried IWB but I find the OWB is more comfortable for me although slightly less concealable.

    My last recommendation is that, if you truly need the ultimate in concealment, check out the XDS, Glock 43 or the Kimber Solo Carry (if you have the cash). One of those will also do the job for you and be even more concealable.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Man this is an old thread.
    I have shot mostly Glocks over the years, and now I have an XDM. The XDM doesn't point as well for me as the Glock does, but I have no doubt that I can iron that out with some more practice. I have the 3.8 with the full size grip.
    Personally I think the XDM's factory sights are really nice, it's been a long time since I was satisfied with sights on a pistol I bought other than my 1911 or revolver sights. I don't know if I will change these or leave them like they are, I have considered using some Glow On on them though.
    I never thought the Glock trigger was bad from the factory, I just accepted it, shot it, and got really good with it, never an issue. I think Ghost kits and other trigger jobs on Glock really make a mess of things, I cant stand a really looooong mushy trigger, some people swear by them but I never understood the fuss. As far as the trigger on the XDM, I thought it was pretty nice right off the shelf, no problem. It could probably be a little lighter but I can live with it without complaining.

    I think Springfield did a really good job designing a pistol that performs well and is right up there with other name brand competitors. Like you pointed out, there are a lot of custom parts for the XDM to make each one your own special tool.

    I will probably keep the sights it has, maybe even the trigger. But I do want to do some cosmetic things just for me. I want to get a stainless pin set, a stainless grip safety, stainless magazine release, stainless or chromed controls, polish my guide rod. I may get an aluminum mag well too but I doubt it. Mine is bitone btw.

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