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Poll; Wait for SA GI Champion or Get a Rock Island Now?

This is a discussion on Poll; Wait for SA GI Champion or Get a Rock Island Now? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Gideon Do you like the balance better with alloy or all steel? Can you checker an alloy frame like you can a ...

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  • Wait for the Springield GI Champion no matter how long it takes!

    32 48.48%
  • Get the Rock Island MS now because it's so similar to the GI and would be suitble for your purpose.

    34 51.52%
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Thread: Poll; Wait for SA GI Champion or Get a Rock Island Now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon View Post
    Do you like the balance better with alloy or all steel?

    Can you checker an alloy frame like you can a steel one? Just curious in case I ever wanted to get the front strap checkered!

    Shooting, steel... carrying alloy even though I carry a cco variant all steel.

    Yes you can checker an alloy frame.

    Good luck.
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    I am a Springfield guy so I say wait till you can get the Springer.
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    I've had a LW Combat Commander for 25 years, close to 10k rounds, without a problem. It's my favorite 1911, best balance IMO. I'd say get the Springer that DarthPete found and don't look back...
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    Well the Springer DarthPeter found is SOLD! Their website hadn't been updated. They responded to my email quickly.

    It's the same story. I scour the net daily and have quite a few dealers looking but when I do find one, it's been sold.

    I guess I'd be willing to take a light weight version since it's only 7 ounces lighter, you can still checker the front strap and there should still be enough weight there to help with the recoil but they're just as rare as hen's teeth!!

    I did fine one on Guns America a while back but they wanted almost $700. Supply and demand I want it bad but won't pay gouging prices.

    So I'm still on the hunt and thinking hard about getting the Rock Island. Shooting it and enjoying it and then trading/selling it later for he SA. Problem there is the day after I buy the Rock an SA will come available!!!

    Sounds like if I go with the Rock, I need to go with the Rock. If that won't cut it long term (i.e., forever) then I just wait.

    Thanks for the inputs. It's funny how a poll like this can actually help line up your thinking


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    Try calling these and see if they have one in stock. They list them but give no indication if they are in stock or not. Great people to deal with though.


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    Ah, sorry Gideon. Usually the site is pretty up to date.

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    I've owned both an SA and RIA.

    RIA owners are a passionate lot, but in my experience, the SA's quality was a step above that of the RIA, and it was more reliable on range days.

    I like SA better.

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    I once called about 3/4 of the gun dealers in Pennsylvania in search of emp 9. Finally bought a slightly-used one. So I know what you're going through.
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    Thanks Brass63, I think you're probably right. Today at lunch I looked at some Rock Islands and compared them to some SA GI's (although not the size GI I want ). I must say the Rocks seem pretty decent; tight with a decent fit and finish. I will also say the if Springfield Armory would just make their "Mil-Spec" model in a 4" version I would be thrilled becasue that's what I really want!!

    It's interesting that the Rocks have the flared/lowered ejection port which is nice.

    So I'm still wrestling with the decision which means I'll hold off a while longer. Not good to buy when you're frustrated!

    So if anyone see's an SA GI Champion out there with someone who'll deal long distance, PLEASE email me!

    God Bless

    PS; funny how close the poll is running!!

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    better metallurgy on the springer. RIA is okay, but why buy okay when you can get a better fit and finish and finer product for only a little more? on the other hand, i tend to think that if a little is good, a lot must be better, so get both. then, go get some full size ones too. rinse lather repeat.
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