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Thread: 44 mag

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    doggone program got rid of my columns (formatting)
    can anyone fix it?

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    I've had a Ruger super black hawk since the early 1970s and it's a great gun for hogs off a tree stand. This gun has had many rounds through it and is in great shape.The only thing i didn't like about it is the trigger guard is squared off on the back side and would tear up your knuckles on recoil with heavy loads. I was reloading for it and back then it was cheap to shoot. I loved that gun. You can also take 45acp cases and swag them down to 44 caliber with a rim and make what you call 44/45 ammo. I used red dot and 215 to 250 simiwad cutters that I cast. It was a fun load and easy to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
    You can also take 45acp cases and swag them down to 44 caliber with a rim and make what you call 44/45 ammo.
    Okay...... I have to ask "why?"


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    I have a stainless Ruger Super Blackhawk with a 10.5" barrel. I've had it for a long long time, but now I wish I'd gotten one with a shorter barrel. I don't have a place to reload where I'm living now, so I don't shoot it very much anymore. 9mm ammo is just so much cheaper. Sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ks kid View Post
    +1 on the tracker. Ive put close to 300 rounds thru mine and it is a hoot to shoot. We have a local ammo manufacture that sells at very fair price so i can shoot it every chance i get. I do carry it when i am backpacking and fishing in co. It kicks like a mule with a 300 gr. Hard cast bullet. All others arent too bad. I did replace the "ribber" grips with houges(sp). I had read some reports of the trigger guard cutting the finger with heavy loads.

    make that +2 for the tracker. The 240gr loads are a handfull, but 200gr loads are not that bad. For a 44mag it is fairly light, making it a nice woods carry gun. Loaded weight is 2lb 6oz.

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    prob gonna get the tracker it just gonna be a fun gun if i take it further ill invest in a redhawk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moga View Post
    What, lead casting? Where do you even get 100 pieces of 44 brass for $7?

    I'm interested in hearing the breakdown of the recipe that costs 7 USD per 100 pieces. Not challenging you or anything, just casually curious. Please share.

    ETA: Unless you reload, 44 can be an expensive habit to maintain.
    I'll bite...

    I load 240 gr SWC HC bullets. I have 4K that I bought a couple of years ago for $35/K. Today they run $50/k locally.

    That's $3.50 per hundred, at todays price it's $5 per hundred. Add 100 primers for $2 and a dollar or so worth of Unique (9.0 gr for 1070 FPS from my 7.5" Ruger's) and I have ~$7 to $8 per hundred. Brass has been collected over the years, some given to me, some traded for and some found on the range. I don't buy brass.

    Yep, 44 Mags can be fed on the cheap if you shop around.

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    For me its a S&W mod 629 and a mod 92 trapper. I love having a rifle and pistol that use the same ammo.
    I reject your reality, and insert my own.

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