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This is a discussion on A question for lefties within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't understand why someone wouldn't carry a SA/DA pistol with the safety off. How about a revolver? What? No safety! What makes the SA/DA ...

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Thread: A question for lefties

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    I don't understand why someone wouldn't carry a SA/DA pistol with the safety off.
    How about a revolver? What? No safety! What makes the SA/DA pistol any different? My CZ-82's DA is firm enough that it's highly unlikely to have a ND. But the inexpensive little thing does come with Ambi controls.
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    If my carry gun has a safety it has to be an ambidextrious one, otherwise I carry a different gun.


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    I never carry DA/SA with the safety on. In fact, when possible I prefer "Decocker Only" DA/SA pistols.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    If my carry gun has a safety it has to be an ambidextrious one, otherwise I carry a different gun.


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    I have both types, ambi safeties and righty only. I am somewhat ambidextrius, more so with practice. It's not the safety that gives me problems as much as the mag release. I have practiced drawing my Kel-Tec P3AT and my Glock 26 only to find the mag sticking out of the butt. If I hadn't already spent so much time and money waiting for left-handed holsters, I'd carry righty!

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    As a lefty I will not buy a pistol that is not ambidextrous. I do not mean for that to sound harsh, it is just that there are so many makes and models to choose from that are. If I were to buy a 1911? blessed be the company that's safety is ambidextrous. If there is not one then no safety at all, and first shot DA. I can shoot either hand but draw needs work and at my age can be used but will never be as good.

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    Does the PT145 have a decock?

    It is ok to carry a DA/SA pistol with the safety off only when it is in DA mode.

    If I remember correctly the PT145 does not decock. Therefore when you chamber a round it is in SA. The DA is a backup in the event of a light strike.

    I have a Smith and Wesson 5943. It is the DAO version of the Smith and Wesson 5903. Because it is DAO my gun does not have a safety like the 5903 has. The long and heavy DA trigger pull negates the need.

    You only need manual safeties on Single Action capable guns.

    As long as you have a proper holster that covers the trigger guard you are good to go.

    Glocks don't have safeties and My Walther PPS doesn't have a safety. These two guns have pretty light and short trigger pulls too.
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    Yep...I will only carry guns that work with my left-handednes...otherwise it's just one extra step that I don't want to have to think about if the crap hits the fan.
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    I don't like the Tauruses (Tauri ?) with right hand only safeties, just another way The Man keeps me down. I would feel safe carrying any modern DA safety off if I had to carry one. Everything I have for SD or serious use is lefty-friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    A few weeks ago I made a post asking if people thought it was OK to carry a SA/DA pistol (PT145) with a long take up with the safety off. Much to my surprise the majority said no. Now I am faced with the same question now that I have started carrying my PT709 again which has the added benefit of having a trigger safety unlike mt PT145. I'm 99 percent sure I will carry the 709 with the safety on but it kind of got me to thinking. What about you lefties? If you carry a gun that doesn't have a ambidextrous safety do you carry the gun safety off or do you learn to manipulate it some other way?
    My Ruger SR9c had ambi safeties and mag releases stock so I dont know :)...I got it because my kid is a Lefty so when he learns to shoot something bigger than a .22 all the controls will be where they should be for him. But IMO if your gun has a "Glock like" trigger(safety trigger) your fine with the safety off because something has to physicaly pull the trigger for it to go off and im assuming your carrying in a holster that covers the trigger??? so only way it goes off is if you pull the trigger....Honestly I dont think if I were a Lefty and bought a gun id get one if it had a safety thats not changeable or ambi to begin with. Good question though Rollo.

    Honest answer is id stick with guns with Glock like safeties or XD like safeties or no click on click off safeties that cant be switched to left hand...there are plenty out there that fit that criteria...Glock,XD,M&P,Sig,HK, pretty much and DA/SA(as the "safety" part is the heavier DA first pull...) or grab one of those cool Lefty Revolvers! lots of options out there. Or like I said grab a Ruger SR9c...compact...ambi everything stock...mine was $403 out the door.

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    Ambidextrous Safety

    I am a lefty, I subscribe to what BikerRN said. It either has no external safety or is Ambidextrous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kahr View Post
    Yep...I will only carry guns that work with my left-handednes...otherwise it's just one extra step that I don't want to have to think about if the crap hits the fan.

    For me, M&P 9c (45c soon):

    ambi safety
    ambi slide release
    moved mag release to right side

    everything is where it should be, no thinking involved!

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    If it has a manual safety that I can't manipulate with my left thumb,or add an Ambi safety it doesn't get bought .most firearm companies realise there are lots of lefty LEO's and shooters so they try to make pistols ambidextrous
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    Another lefty here. I would not buy a gun with a safety, not even for a range gun. There are too many choices of good reliable ones with out them, so why complicate anything more than you have to? FWIW, I train exclusively with the DA/SA with decocker platform. Matter of fact, I am currently culling the herd to only DA/SA with decocker.

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    A leftie here also....I just ordered an H&K P30S in .40....ambi safety, slide release & mag release with ambi decocker.

    Same basic size as the G23 I currently "normally" carry.

    I was just turned on to the world of H&K last Friday....bought a full size .45 tactical (to mount a can). Gun is amazing!!
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