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comparing a couple revolvers

This is a discussion on comparing a couple revolvers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Derek, I am in the same boat. In fact I was just looking at these guns today. I help the CA and liked it a ...

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Thread: comparing a couple revolvers

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    I am in the same boat. In fact I was just looking at these guns today. I help the CA and liked it a lot. I liked the price a lot too. Then the salesman showed me the LCR, liked it a lot more. Then we compared the LCR to the S&W airweight 38 (not sure which model number) the ruger has more of a grip on it. The price is less than a Smith, and a bonus they are going to be on sale at the end of the month at the store I was at. If you wanna drive to PA I will give you the name of the store. lol My opinion the LCR is really a good way to go, but nothing says that you can't get one now and then get another later.

    Guns are like puppies they always do better in pairs lol

    PS- since you ditched the 26 do you not have a carry gun?
    "Put on the whole armor of God..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quicksabre View Post
    Well, I'm not a Glock fan but I think any snubbie is going to also be fairly "thick," right, due to the may conceal better than a G26, depending, but "not as thick?" I don't see it...

    Also, running a revolver is a different head, you'll need to practice reloading it a LOT...
    This is EASY to answer: A snubby is think at one place, the cylinder, and that is rounded in one dimension. Unless oversized grips are used, a snubby is otherwise quite thin. Double-stack autos are thick over a greater area. Moreover, a striker-fired autoloader, such as a Glock, has a huge bulge where a snubby does not, or has at most a hammer spur, that being the rear of the slide.

    Regarding the reloading issue, well, some small autos take a bit of extra care to reload quickly. Some have heel-clip mag releases, and it is necessary to get one's pinkie and ring fingers out of the way of some base plates.

    To be clear, I use both revolvers and autoloaders, each in the ways I feel they are strongest.

    My favorite reloading technique:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexster View Post
    My favorite reloading technique:
    Very good video!
    Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackawala View Post
    My 642 is only for formal SD use. Bad guys who don't have the common courtesy to dress up before breaking in, just don't deserve to be shot with it. I will just poke them in the eye with a sharp stick, and send them on their way.
    OK Jackawala, and boatail,
    "Casual SD" is a situation where:

    1) The shooter is not a serious gun enthusiast - doesn't care about resale value, the looks of the gun, or the "brag factor" of having a $600 gun vs. a $350 gun.

    2) She will not be "packing" on any kind of daily basis - Mom just wants to have something light & easy to carry, but effective, in case she needs to defend herself around her property. In her nightstand, she has a Colt Detective Special, which is (contrary to the claims by the S&W fanatics), the true "gold standard" for .38 snubbies.

    3) She will not be putting hundreds or thousands of rounds through the gun on the range - She has the intelligence, basic proficiency, and good judgement to know when & how it's necessary to use a gun for personal defense. She will practice enough to be comfortable with the gun, but is not going to be out at the range every week. She also has the cojones to shoot someone who seriously needs it, if the need arises.

    No one with any sense honestly believes that the CA is likely to FTF, or fail to punch the necessary hole in a BG, any moreso than a S&W or Ruger is.

    As I said previously, "For her purposes", the CA is the best choice. If she was in law enforcement, or felt the need to pack a gun on a daily basis, it might be a different story. She will never wear out the Off-Duty, and it will meet her needs.

    Besides, the .38 is a BUG in any case - her first line of defense is her Doberman


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    Jim, I will trade her a brand new CA for that old Colt DS stashed in her nightstand

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    I have a friend who is very satisfied with the LCR.

    My recommendation shows a bias toward S&W, hard to beat the 642.
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    Another interesting thread. I admittedly have not handled or checked out any newer Charter Arms revolvers, so I can't comment on them.

    I like & have tried out the SP101, but think it's too bulky. I really liked the LCR I tried out & would buy that if I was in the market for a 5-shot snubbie. However, I currently have a S&W 442 Airweight (Mine's a nickel plated '94 pre-lock model) & the differences aren't enough for me to want to get the LCR.

    I definitely like the lighter weight of the LCR & it's recoil was very good for a pistol its size & weight. The trigger's excellent. I'm not so sure it was smoother than on my 442, but it felt a little lighter & maybe slightly shorter.

    On thing about the LCR was the grips (The ones W/O the CT laser). They were very comfortable & seemed bulkier than the Michaels boot grips on my 442 & the pinky rest on it actually was a detriment for my lg. hands. I find the grip on the 442/642 allows me to rest my pinky comfortably on the bottom of the grip, allowing me better control & making it a little less bulky in the pocket.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
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    I've got two Smiths - a 340M&P and a 640. I'm happy with both guns.

    Out of the box the triggers sucked. I put in a lot of dry firing time and money into them to improve them. I had top notch trigger jobs done by Randy Lee of Apex (arguably the best Smith and Wesson revolver guy there is).

    I'm happy with the guns, like I said. I wouldn't trade them for anything. But, that being said, I'm not sure that J-frame triggers can ever be a whole lot better than a stock LCR trigger - no matter what you do to them.

    Although I'm not likely to ever own the LCR - I'm impressed by the trigger vs. J-frame's trigger. Also - a good .38 spl. +p like the Speer 135 gr. for short barreled guns is probably all that is ever needed in a little light weight snubbie IMO.

    If I were in your shoes, and I didn't want the .357 magnum capability that my guns provide, I'd probably go for a Ruger LCR and not look back.

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    S&W 642 or SP101, have both, love them both. You can't go wrong with either.... SP101 with Doubletap .357 magnum ammo is a beast...
    642 is easier to carry and lighter but does not pack the massive punch of .357 mag.

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