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Took my H&K P2000SK to range today

This is a discussion on Took my H&K P2000SK to range today within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm I don't feel it at all, in my gun. (9mm)... Recoil is very subjective. These are my impressions. ...Every polymer gun ...

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Thread: Took my H&K P2000SK to range today

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post

    I don't feel it at all, in my gun. (9mm)...
    Recoil is very subjective. These are my impressions.

    ...Every polymer gun I have tried other than the Glock 19 has snappier and worse recoil management than the P2000SK. The G19 is pretty darned good, and probably the standard bearer in this regard.
    I'd bet that this is probably related to the more angled grip on the Glocks. I felt like since my wrist/hand was angled more forward when firing, less recoil seemed to be passed in a verticle direction (muzzle flip) than would likely happen when the shooter's wrist/hand is more vertically oriented. It's almost like the Glock causes you to "pre-load" your wrist & hand for you, which controls the recoil's effects well. The low bore axis certainly helps too, I'd imagine.

    Still, even though recoil is felt in the P2000SK, it's darned accurate for all of that. What's the goal, really? If one is afraid of higher recoil, or has bad flinching because of it, or some other ugly side effect, then I'd say polymer guns aren't the ticket. but if you're simply concerned that the added recoil might impact accuracy, I'd say that you'll have less worry in the P2000SK than most every other poly pistol out there. At least, the eight or nine of them that I've tried.
    I have no fllinching issues so far, but then again I've been shooting larger caliber long guns for a while, as well as short shotguns. Trigger control on my long range guns is ingrained in me now, and I'm hoping that I can use that as I transition to handguns.

    Mine is fairly difficult. Having a weak hand, it's hard to manipulate. Far more difficult to use than the 1911 button style, for me. Wouldn't surprise me if there's a lighter spring out there, but I haven't found one yet.

    ...In the end, someone showed me what he saw as "the trick" to how to manipulate the mag release catch.

    The object isn't to press down. The object is to press IN, while pressing down. That helps quite a bit. Imagine pressing in/down, like around a watch, on the curve that the path that the "second" hand takes. Press firmly, and voila.

    But I can do a 1911's mag release all day long, for hundreds of presses. I don't think I could do 15 in a row, on the P2000SK. It's that tough, yes. But that's just me, apparently. Nobody else I've found has seemed to notice.
    I'll have to go back to the shop and try that method out now that you've told me about it. (This smells like trouble for me )

    I agree about the 1911 release. I can do that all day with my index finger (southpaw here) and the similar release on the XD/XDm is even easier for me to use without thinking about it, and I've only spent 20-30 minutes playing with them in a store.

    Since my goal is more SD/tactical in nature, I feel that ease of use for the mag release is something that I can't compromise... it's just got to happen "automatically" for me. I'll see if I can get there with the P2000/SK. If not, then I'll likely rule it out as a first gun for now. I can always get one later, but right now I'm feeling a bit "naked" if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for the input ccw9mm!
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    Grats jsunsr!

    I didn't think I could love this gun more than I already do, but, I just had Trijicon night sights installed a couple days ago. Now I am grinning stupidly from ear to ear all day.

    In regards to the hijacking:

    1) p2000sk .40 v2(LEM)

    2) I recently tried several makers and models of .40 in subcompact and compact versions (Glock, SA XDsc, and a couple others)with a group of guys from church. The general consensus with everyone was my p2000sk felt the softest and easiest to accurately make follow-ups. This was non-scientific but I enjoyed the comments going in my favor regardless.

    3) I thought the mag release was weird a couple years ago when I bought my USP, but after several years it has become second nature on both the USP and p2000sk. Buttons now feel weird on other guns. It comes with practice and repetition I think.
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    HK USP .45
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    Thanks for all the feed back.

    Does anyone know if the 9mm mag from the P2000 fit in the SK?

    Mag release. I don't know how everyone else uses it, but, I found by using my trigger finger AND thumb makes it a lot easier. Since it is ambi. no big deal getting both thumb and trigger finger on it. It also may be easier because like someone else here said by pulling back and down it's easier. By using both finger and thumb it's natural to pull back and down.

    Recoil. Obviously mine being 9mm I can't speak to 40 cal. However, judging by the recoil on the 9mm and being familiar with recoil on my 40 cal. guns, I think the recoil on the SK is very manageable. Keep in mind like others said, heavier guns absorb the recoil better. On my 40 ounce Springfield Armory EMP 40 recoil is very manageable. So if that's your goal take a look at the EMP 40, especially if you have small to average size hands. The grip is perfect for me. All these 'carry guns' have some compromise. If you can handle more weight on your waist, the EMP 40 is great. The EMP 40 is a 1911 style gun and costs a few hundred more than the SK. They are totally different guns. Practically everything about there function is different except they go bang and their both immensely fun to shoot. Fortunately for me, I have both.

    To chose between the two really comes down to your requirements and where your willing to compromise.

    Great gun, and great to share our enjoyment of well made guns.

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    Does anyone know if the 9mm mag from the P2000 fit in the SK?
    American P2000 and USPc mags will operate in the P2000SK but they are longer and will stick out of the base.

    HK sells an adaptor piece to fill the gap call X-GRIP.

    Normally the P2000 and USPc mags hold 13 rounds. Sometimes you can find the less desirable 10 round mags for very good prices.

    Enjoy your new P2000sk...great handgun.

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