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How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster?

This is a discussion on How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I should not try to CC a revolver IWB; I do not think it is the rights carry method for them. Of the listed pistols ...

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Thread: How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster?

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    I should not try to CC a revolver IWB; I do not think it is the rights carry method for them. Of the listed pistols I should choose the Glock 19.
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    Ruger P345 and/or Ruger SR9 in a CrossBreed Supertuck IWB and also in a SmartCarry when i want superconcealed...
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    A snub nosed revolver carries well IWB. Like I said I carry my Taurus 85 UL that way in a Simply Rugged Holster. Actually can't carry it on the belt as it prints to much. Worn IWB it practically disappears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyDog View Post
    Sig 225 [used] -- one of my favorite semi's so far, but don't know if it would be too big for tuckable carry
    During cooler months, I often carry my P226 in a Crossbreed ST. It works fine for many clothing options in summer as well. You dress around your sidearm.

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    I'd take a look at a springfield xd9. My fiancée and I each have one for carry. It disappears with a good holster and gun belt. I've probably got a similar build to you.

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    5'11", 175#, 32" waist.
    I started with a Walther PPS in a Comp-TAC Spartan. Conceals great and is very comfortable.

    I didn't think I could carry/conceal a full size pistol, but eventually bought a supertuck for a full size M&P .40, and was amazed that it worked/concealed fine.

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    I carry both a full sized 1911 (5") and a compact (3.5") with no problems. Both are comfortable to carry and conceal well depending on the cover garment. In cool weather with a flannel shirt I can get away with the bigger grip of the full sized and the compact is easily tuckable without a cover over a dress shirt.
    All depends on body size and holster type and you'll probably change your mind several times (and end up with a drawer full of holsters like the rest of us )
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    I carry an XDm 9mm TUCKED very well all day long

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    I comfortably carry a 1911 5" or a Sigma 40 IWB. I'm 6'4" and 260 lbs. Both of these guns completely disapear under a loose fitting t-shirt.

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    nothing wrong with a bulgarian makarov,simpler than a glock,accurate and very reliable.

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    XD-9 4" and XD-45 4" are both super easy.

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    i sometimes tote a sig p226 without any discomfort with the right shirt
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyDog View Post

    The conclusion I am now contemplating is to get a .38 special, possibly an older Charter Arms Undercover and add T-grips. This would give me a revolver to fit my longer fingers which could still be concealed in different ways, including in a tuckable holster. I know it wouldn't be as powerful as a 9, .40 or .45, and I don't expect it would be the most fun range gun to shoot, but it would provide a defensive handgun that either I or any other family member could use in a pinch.
    I have an older S&W M36 .38 that I use with a Side Guard Holsters IWB "tuck clip" holster that has worked out very well for me. I rarely tuck it in, but it tucks pretty easy and, depending on the tucked shirt, conceals very well. It's also extremely easy to slide the holster on and off.

    So far I've never had a problem concealing a revolver, but I'm just over 6'1 and about 215.

    My wife is not a fan of firearms in general (a work in progress) but like you I have confidence that she could pick it up and shoot it without having to mess with racking the slide, etc.

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    just my opinion on your situation....

    the j-frame is small, lightweight, easy to conceal, the wife can shoot it...however she might not want to shoot it enough to train with it due to the recoil....just something to consider

    used G19/26 might be good with your may have to save up more and get a new one though

    now to answer your title question:
    I first carried my HK USP full size 45 IWB with a tuckable holster
    6'4" 210
    Certified Glock Armorer
    NRA RSO, Instructor

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    usually carry xd sc .40 IWB in homemade Kydex
    but I have bobed the hammer on my 3" sp-101 and now it carries well IWB in a Murphs leather made for a J frame

    6' 2" 275#
    Ruger 3" SP-101 .357 mag
    Springfield XD subcompact .40 cal
    S&W 642 .38 spl
    S&W sigma .40 compact
    colt .38 spl detective special

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