How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster?

How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster?

This is a discussion on How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm trying to narrow down my selection of a CCW handgun and am intending to carry it about 3:30 or 4:00 in a tuckable IWB ...

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Thread: How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster?

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    How large a handgun can you comfortably carry in a tuckable IWB holster?

    I'm trying to narrow down my selection of a CCW handgun and am intending to carry it about 3:30 or 4:00 in a tuckable IWB holster.

    At this point I'm looking at .38 and .357 revolvers (so that my non-shooting-inclined wife could use the handgun in an emergency with fewer problems than if I had a semi-auto), however if I have to go to 9 mm for comfortable carry in this position, I'm wondering what models should be on my short list (I don't want a .380, but would be open to a Makarov). I have a $250-300 budget and am primarily looking at used guns to try to maximize the best value for my available funds.

    I've heard the following recommendations, and will be going to a gun show tomorrow (D.V.).

    Almost all of the J frame grips I've tried so far are uncomfortable for me with my long fingers, however I hope to try some different grips tomorrow.

    Any other suggestions for carry in the position I want to use?

    (I can't list all the revolvers, but these are most of the semi's that have been suggested to me so far.)

    Glock 19 -- I've handled larger Glocks, but think they look klunky -- don't take it personal Glock-lovers, I understand they are great guns. Maybe the 19 would work for me, but I haven't found one in the shops where I've looked. I hope to look at one tomorrow, but I imagine a used one will be over $400.

    Kel-Tec 9 & 11 -- but I don't like the trigger

    Sig 225 [used] -- one of my favorite semi's so far, but don't know if it would be too big for tuckable carry

    Kahr 9 -- sounds like a nice gun, but the shops I've been to haven' had one, and I don't think I could afford one

    LCR -- haven't liked the trigger of the ones I've tried, or the 2-finger grip

    Makarov Russian or Bulgarian -- They look like they would work for my carry position, and would be in my price range.

    Please also indicate something about your build! I understand that one's build can make a difference in what he can carry comfortably. I'm in the "lanky" category and have to shop for long and extra long clothes.

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    Your going to be limited with that budget. I would certainly lean toward a Glock. They are usually 100% dependable. Im 5 ft 6 and carry a Glock 23 and 27. I also carry a Ruger Sp101 in .357. I would suggest saving an extra $100 until you can get something reliable like the Glock. It will always work and last a lifetime.
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    Might want to look into a Sig P239 in 40 S&W. It's about the same dims as the P225, but streamlined. A bit heavy, as it has a stainless slide. If you liked the P226 gun, then you just might like the P239. Take the stock grips off and put a set of finger groove Hoages on it, and you're good to go.
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    I tuck a XD 45 Tactical in a Don Hume, hides really well and is pretty comfy

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    i carry a pa63 in a crossbreed iwb or a done hume owb. it conceals easily either way.

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    IWB? I couldn't even imagine doing this with a revolver. Maybe that's just me. Semi-autos and IWB carry just go together because of the form and fit. You need to get your "non-shooting-inclined wife" into the whole mix if that's what's most important for you. You must realize that I do have the best of everything in having a wife that's a shooter, CCer, and hunter. We either dwell on the shortcomings in life or we fix them the best way we know how. If we never attempt to make things better, then we're stuck in a position we would rather not be in. The G19 is a go if you do your part for the both of you, and if you are so inclined as to join GSSF for a mere $25 per year, you could get a brand new Glock for as little as $400 (with the voucher) depending on your local sales taxes.

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    Here's my suggestion. You can get a brand new Ruger P-95 9mm, from Gunbroker or Bud's gunshop for about $300.

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    With a proper holster, you can carry anything you want. Why limit yourself? I carry a gov't sized 1911, because I want to. My IWB, from Little Bear Holsters, allows me to do just that.
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    I use an Comp Tac MTAC with a G26 Glock. It hides soooooo easily for a thicker double stack gun. I think a revolver would be too fat for an IWB.

    When I decided to carry, I was also thinking of a revolver in .357. A friend of mine that is also an LEO talked me out of it. He twisted my arm until I tried the G19, G26, and G27. I went with the 26 and I am so glad I did. If your wife can use the TV remote, she can figure out a Glock.
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    My first carry gun is a walther PPS .40 caliber in a crossbread IWB holster with the crossbread belts using the velcro clips.
    I have been wearing this combo for a few montsh now and I find that gun very comfortable and other then shirt tucking being a pain its been no problem at all.
    My Walther was over $400 used but had 3 magazines with it. Maybe you can do better.
    The Kahrs and keltecs should be good.
    I had a Keltec PF9 but never carried it as I sold it after two weeks as I could not stop hitting the magazine release while shooting it.

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    Comfortably? Well, that’s quite subjective to me as it actually can vary from day to day, or the clothes and weather. In general I can IWB carry my 640 (23oz) plus ammo most of the time. When it’s 110+ degrees, I’d really prefer something much lighter. When I’m done with upgrading my current two steel keepers’ I may look at an alloy frame.
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    One thing for me personally, is that I experimented with a few IWB carry's and noticed that guns that are small and light didnt seem to stay put as well when bending over or squatting etc...and I was much more comfortable with a larger weapon. I carried a P95 quite a bit with no problems @ 6'2"/235 lbs.

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    I had no trouble fitting a Glock G21 (.45) into my Crossbreed Supertuck.

    As for enabling the "non-shooting wife," Glock is one of those pistols that requires no special handling. Point and click.
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    I carry a Sig 220 in a Kholster tuckable inside the pant holster, and live in Florida. You just need to make sure your shirts are night tailored, I am a big guy too ( 5'10" 250lbs) so a lot depends on your wardrobe.

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    I'm 6'5" and 200lbs. I usually carry owb when wardrobe will allow it, but when I have to I iwb tucked carry a Glock 19 in a cheapo ace case holster. It was only $10 but is comfortable (for me) and the gun rides pretty low so that may play a role in the concealment factor (for me anyway).

    I had a sig 239 which is an excellent weapon and scary accurate, but its dimensionally almost the exact same size as Glock 19 which is why I made the switch, that and the frame rails were gouging and my first 239 had to be replaced by sig.

    In your budget range I'd take a look at something by Bersa maybe, or the taurus 709. The triggers on the kel-tecs are pretty hard, but when the adrenaline's pumping I doubt if you'd even notice them and they're very economically priced and concealable. Not knowing your circumstances financially though all I'll say is if you find something you like that costs a bit more, don't settle for something you like a bit less because it's cheaper. Just save up a few more weeks.

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