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I think I know the answer but?

This is a discussion on I think I know the answer but? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As long as I had checked the function of the gun and know the firing pin / striker works, can get one round in the ...

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Thread: I think I know the answer but?

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    As long as I had checked the function of the gun and know the firing pin / striker works, can get one round in the chamber, then yes I would carry it. But only for a day or two then I would be at the range!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Some1Any1 View Post
    My reasoning is, if a BG has you at gunpoint, he may or may not be willing to take your life. It is assumed that he will. If you pull a gun on him and can't operate it, you are definitely getting shot. Also, the amount of time it can take you to pull the gun then hesitate to operate it can cause you to lose your life. You need to be well versed with the firearm you choose to carry. One should be able to draw, aim and fire in less than two seconds. It would be different with a revolver, but there wasn't a specific gun mentioned.
    I see what you're saying, but you raise different points. First, if a guy has me at gunpoint, I've lost control of the situation already. I assume he'll use it. Whether I draw on a drawn gun nothing to do with how well I know how to use the gun. One can be highly proficient in using a gun and not proficient in drawing. Mayoob has written that it's suicide to draw on someone holding you at gunpoint, but that might be too broad of a generalization. But he's the expert, not me.

    Second, and I fully realize we're basing this conversation on assumptions, I assume if you buy a gun you know how to operate it. "Testing" it is completely different. I can buy a 1911, or a wheel gun, or a Sig DAK, or an HK DA/SA yada yada yada....they all have different modes of operation, but you can safely assume someone knows how to operate each before you buy it. Knowing whether it's sighted correctly or a lemon is another subject. If a buy a striker fired Glock or a DA/SA Sig, I'm going to trust it's good right outta the box. Some saturday night special (does anyone still use that term?) might be different.

    Anyway, it's late and I'm not trying to be antagonistic. We're probably speaking the same language, I think. Someone said "any port in the storm," and I think it's applicable in this discussion.

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    I have carried a new GLOCK for a couple of days before putting any rounds through it.

    Do I recommend this practice? No. But I had no great qualms when I did it.

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