Glock 36 opinions

Glock 36 opinions

This is a discussion on Glock 36 opinions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Got into a discussion today with a friend about the slimness of the G36. Ive never held a G36. My friend was telling me there ...

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Thread: Glock 36 opinions

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    Glock 36 opinions

    Got into a discussion today with a friend about the slimness of the G36. Ive never held a G36. My friend was telling me there was a profound difference in the feel of the G36 and the normal double stack Glocks. He was really excited about the 36 and said it was really slim. I looked up the specs on the Glock website and the 36 is 1.13 inches wide and the other Glocks are 1.18 I think. Doesent seem like much of a difference to me. Do you 36 owners think the 36 is that much slimmer? The 36 might just be my next Glock.
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    It isn't that much slimmer in the numbers, but in the hand, it surely is. It also has a longer grip with the mag inserted. It feels a lot better in the hand the the 26 or 27. The best thing you can do is go fondle one in the store yourself!
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    Its thinner than the other Glocks its the ONLY glock that actually fits in my hand..that said on the Glock forums its also the most talked about for having problems in the Glock I think its one of those "Taurus" like guns in that it seems you either get a great one that works great and you will have no problems with OR you get one that seems to have problems...

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    not by much on paper, but in the hand if feels alots. well my g36 does to my others glocks. as for the g36, i never had any problems with it. it has had many rounds through it.
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    Don't feel the 'numbers', feel the Glock-36 grip. I did not like, nor appreciate Glocks until I picked up the ''s now my EDC.

    My nephew is a cop and carries the Glock-19. He was up for the weekend, and when I handed him my Glock-36, he said... "Wow, this is a .45?"

    I love mine!
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    Definitely feels more comfortable and slim than any other Glock I have held. I love mine. Very accurate for a small .45.
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    Both me and my sweetie have them. She qualified with hers, they have both had well over 1000 rounds each with no problems. Lot of folks bad mouth them. We will keep these 2. My other 2 glocks are a 20 and 21 so these really feel small to me.

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    Like others have said, it does not seem like much, but it feels so much different in the hand. I have smallish hands and the 36 is the only glock that I can comfortably grip. I have several thousand rounds thru mine and have never had a problem with it. It is my primary carry gun as well. It seems like some of the first models had some issues, but new versions don't seem to have issues. As long as you don't limp wrist it the gun will do it's part.

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    I was all set to buy a G32 until I picked up the G36, now I have to do some thinking. BTW will the G36 be going to the mutibackstrap Gen 4 style?
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    I've had my G36 for years and no problems at all. I carried it almost everyday and only recently replaced it with a CW9. Great gun, accurate, carries very well. What else can you say?

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    Just today I looked at the 36 and the 30. I am looking for a new carry gun so I thought I'd try these 2. The 36 was not as comfortable in my hand as the 30 but wasn't bad. It did hurt my hand a little compared to the 30 but I think that's because of the size of the grip. I'm still not sure which one I'll get.

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    At the risk of massacre, I'll be the lone dissenting opinion .

    Based only upon personal preference, I like the G36 least of the Glocks...and BTW, I've got virtually all of 'em .

    It's not that I don't like the G36, I do...and mine works just fine...but the G36 is at best, just "OK". I much prefer the Kahr P45 and PM45 for my "little" .45. The Kahr .45s are, as Goldilocks said, "just right", and they conceal better as well...for me anyway .

    I LIKE Glocks, I'm just not warm and fuzzy over the G36...

    You might be...find one locally and not only fondle it, but find a way to actually shoot one.

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    Love my G36. It is close to the same size as the Glock 19 but in the hand it feels much thinner. A very nice .45acp handgun. Mine has been 100% through many rounds. A great carry gun.

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    The difference in the grip feels to me like the difference between holding a 1x2 peice of lumber and a 2x2 - some people like the 1x2 and some like the 2x2. Don't let anyone tell you what feels right in your own hand - shoot it and decide.

    On the reliability issue, the first edition had a clip fit issue that caused feed problems, which Glock corrected immediately. It's had a bad rep ever since, even though it's now just as reliable as any Glock.

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    I have one but it never gets carried since I bought the G30sf. Just wasn't a fan of the 6+1 and the grip was too small for me.
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