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Three excellent handguns, each for $399...

This is a discussion on Three excellent handguns, each for $399... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know all of the different variants of the CZ's but if it was a Compact with alloy frame I would choose it first. ...

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Thread: Three excellent handguns, each for $399...

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    I don't know all of the different variants of the CZ's but if it was a Compact with alloy frame I would choose it first. If its the all steel variant, I'd likely pass for daily carry due to weight and grip width. I like the SR9c but want to wait a few years to see how it fares. I'll never own another Kahr product. I've tried them twice, sold them twice due to horrible reliability issues.

    [Topic shift]That being said, I stopped by Ed's on my way home from work yesterday and he had a dozen or so used G27's for $395, A 3rd gen G19 for $395 and a used Tanfoglio CZ-75 clone for $300. I tried them all and am happy to say that I love my new G19. [/topic shift]

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    I have a Kahr PM9 which is great but you did not ask so . . . Recently played with the Ruger SR9c and think it had one of the better triggers in an out of the box gun that was not an 1911.
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    CZ hands down
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    CZ, nothing compares to CZ's greatness.


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    CZ for me

    My first carry weapon was a P01. When paired with an MTAC holster and a Beltman gun belt it concealed quite well!

    I had a bad experience with the Kahr I purchased, however that may have just been me.

    I can't honestly comment on the SR9c.

    Good luck and rember that the holster and belt are as important to concealment as the size and weight of the weapon being carried.


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    All I know about Kahr and the SR9 family is what I read in mags and on the forums, ranging from either good or bad per poster. They really seem to be picking on Kahr lately.

    As for the CZ, I've recently picked up 2 CZ-82s and am refinishing them. I'm very impressed with the quality and performance, even if they are Soviet-era weapons ('86 & '88 vintage). Great SA/DA trigger, ambi- everything except the slide release. It actually shoots better than my G30, but that may be more me than the guns.

    I've heard nothing but good about the CZ line; for me, that would be my consideration. But it sounds like you have your heart set on the Ruger, so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    But it sounds like you have your heart set on the Ruger, so...
    You know, I've pretty much been set on getting a SR9c for near a month now. I just happened to be in the store today, so after I purchased my ammo I went over the the used gun case. I'd heard so many folks going on and on about CZ that I figured it wouldn't hurt to fondle it some. Well, now I can't stop thinking about the darn thing. It was just soooooo comfortable. *sigh*
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    The PO1, although I'd rather have a different variant with a frame mounted safety so I could carry it C&L. If the CW9 was a K9 instead, I might consider that one. Don't have any experience with the chopped SR-9.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    I would buy a revolver.

    Me too, for the choices given
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    I had a VERY similar decision the Kahr and Ruger were 2 of my potions the other was a Taurus though..I chose the Ruger SR9c. I LOVE it!

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    The CZ p01 is on my list of guns I'd like to own. Ergonomically, it is one of the best guns I have ever held. I also like the fact that it is double/single action and hammer fire, which is an attribute I strongly favor. The down side is that it is rather bulky and somewhat heavy @ 28 oz.

    I own the Ruger SR9C and the Kahr CW9:
    The Kahr CW9 is accurate and reliable, very easy to carry because of its thinness and light weight. The negative for me is the geometry of the trigger. For what ever reason, my trigger finger gets pinched between the trigger and the frame upon recoil, and I invariably end up with a blister on my trigger finger after only one or two mags worth.

    Ruger SR9c for the win!!! I love this gun! The fact that you said you wanted to carry it makes this the perfect gun. Not only is it ergonomically a joy, the light weight and thinness of this gun makes it simple to carry and easy to conceal. With 10+1 rounds or even 17+1 the gun has plenty of power. The trigger is very crisp and light.
    This gun for me has no negatives, and it is my carry.

    For the Win!


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    Ruger.......not even close.
    You may not like guns. You may choose not to own one. That is your right.
    You might not believe in God. That is your choice.
    However, if someone breaks into your home at 3AM the first two things you are going to do are:
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    2)Pray they get there in time." - A wise man

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    CZ all the way!

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    I wouldn't choose the Ruger, because that's just an average price. Rugers are not expensive.

    I would seriously consider the others, because I'm looking at it from a financial investment POV. I think that it would be easier to sell the others, if I was so inclined.
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    1. CZ 75 01
    2. Kahr CW9
    3. Ruger SR9c

    I own several handguns form each maker listed and have shot all three of the handguns listed so I am speaking from experience here. Get the CZ.
    When I leave the home port:
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