Three excellent handguns, each for $399...

Three excellent handguns, each for $399...

This is a discussion on Three excellent handguns, each for $399... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let's say you walked into a gun shop and you saw the Ruger SR9c, Kahr CW9 and a used CZ75 P01 all marked at $399. ...

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Thread: Three excellent handguns, each for $399...

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    Talking Three excellent handguns, each for $399...

    Let's say you walked into a gun shop and you saw the Ruger SR9c, Kahr CW9 and a used CZ75 P01 all marked at $399. How would you go about deciding which one to get? Which of the three would come out on top?

    You can ONLY choose one.
    All three fit your hand well though in different ways.
    You shoot each one well.
    You are of average build and plan to carry it strong side at 3:30-4 o'clock.

    Personally, I like all three but for different reasons. They are all comfortable, accurate, etc.

    The looks of the Ruger just seem to appeal to me the most out of the three. I also quite like the 3 dot sights and I like that it's relatively thin. It's 10+1 capacity is certainly sufficient, and the 17round extended mag would make target shooting kinda fun. Having said that I hate the chamber indicator, I'm not the biggest fan of DAO/striker fired guns, and that Ruger is pretty heavy at 23.4 oz.

    The Kahr is definitely the simplest of them all, and there is something about that I find appealing. It's also the smallest and the lightest which would make it the easiest to conceal. However, I wish it could hold more than 7+1 and I wish it came with more than 1 mag. I'm not so hot on the bar dot sights either, and there's that pesky DAO/Striker action.

    The CZs main appeal is that it is DA/SA. I much prefer a single action gun. They are just more pleasurable to shoot for me. It's also got the three dot sights. This gun is also super comfortable in hand. The beaver tail makes it ever more comfortable. It also holds the most rounds at 14+1, but as a consequence it is the heaviest, the largest, and the widest (compact not sub-compact). This means it will take a bit more maneuvering to get it concealed well, but it's certainly possible. It is used, but it's in excellent condition and it comes with 3 extra mags!

    It is weren't for the size of it I'd have no problem choosing the CZ. As it stands, I think the Ruger still comes out on top for me.

    Your turn...

    NB: The "get whatever fits you best blah blah blah" chorus can feel free to sit this one out. If you haven't noticed, I'm perfectly capable of making my own decisions. I'm just curious how others might reach a conclusion on the matter, so that's why I'm asking.
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    I would say the SR9c too.

    the Kahr is just too small, i'm sure it has its following and is a good weapon, just doesnt appeal to me.

    I would take the CZ, i only chose the SR9c b/c it was new compaired to the CZ being used. again, this is 100% personal preference, but I like buying new guns.
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    The Ruger still has to be proven, it's so new. I like the looks of it though, and the ability to carry a 17-round backup magazine is nice.

    The CZ has quite a following, too, and I assume is all-steel construction? Something to be said for that.

    No to the Kahr, simply because the PM9 - while more expensive - is the better gun over the CW.
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    Kahr CW9 hands down. I'm not a big fan of Ruger semi's......but with that said I have 3 Kahr's so I may be a bit biased

    But make that Ruger SR9 a Ruger SP101....and it would be a different story. Currently I'm jones'n for a SP101
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    I'd probably buy the CZ.
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    I think I'd go with the SR9. Only because, out of the three, it's the only one I've actually touched.
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    If it were me, here is my choice and my "why's":

    Ruger - It apparently (havent held one but will in the next day or so) is one of the thinnest without being a single column, meaning as much capacity as thicker guns, and assuming it is quality and there are no bugs inthe design, the one I would choose.

    Kahr - I have a PM9 and love it, but the small single stack guns for me fit a pocket niche or deep concelament and so I would go for the capacity of the Ruger or CZ

    CZ- Big gun, maybe too big for me to conceal, surely good quality.....but I like simple manual of arms, and the other too have this beat, slam dunk, so I really see no need for the CZ for a CCW....but for open carry or just for fun, then my picks change.

    So bottom line, of those 3, the Ruger.
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    The CZ would suit me best. The size and weight of the gun appeals to me. The SA design feature is so important to me that I would not consider either of the other two guns.

    I've not handled the Ruger SR9.

    I've handled the CZ75 P01 at a gun show or two. I think it had an alloy frame.

    The Kahr CW9 is the only one of the three that I've actually fired. I loathe DAO triggers.

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    I would buy a revolver.

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    I would prefer the CZ. Its a bit heavy due to its steel construction, but that also makes it easy to shoot and reliable.
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    sr9c... but I'm biased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by claybreaker0 View Post
    Kahr CW9 hands down.

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    I already have a CW9 so I'd say the CZ...
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    The CZ is just more gun, and more proven overall, and would be the better buy in my opinion.
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    I bought a full-size handgun for open carry, and a Kahr CW9 for concealed carry -- because I wanted the smallest 9mm that I found controllable and comfortable to shoot and of all the ones I tried that was it.

    If I had to give up one, I'd probably keep the Kahr because carrying concealed is more important to me than carrying openly.
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