***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911

***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911

This is a discussion on ***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thanks for all the relpies and suggestions, but as I sometimes do I took off in a totally different direction. I thought about my decision ...

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Thread: ***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911

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    ***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911

    Thanks for all the relpies and suggestions, but as I sometimes do I took off in a totally different direction. I thought about my decision for a week and decided I did not need another "carry" gun, but just wanted an accurate and fun gun for the range. Here's what I ended up buying, Kimber Custom TLE II

    ***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911-sl271841.jpg ***UPDATE*** Help me decide which 1911-sl271842.jpg

    My local gun shop had most all the Kimbers marked down and I picked this one up for a few hundred dollars less than my original target of $1200. I opted for an all steel gun since I was not planning on carrying it and the extra weight made it very pleasant shooting.

    I put appx 60-70 rounds through it at the range this afternoon. I also took along my Glock 19, 22, and 27. I was amazed at how much more accurate it is. I realize the Glocks are "combat accurate", but this thing is a tack driver! I had one failure to eject...I'm not used to this as I have not had one issue from any of my Glocks or my XD .45. I only have the Kimber 7 rd mag that came with the gun and plan on picking up a couple of Wilson Combat mags in the near future. It is a shame to pay this much for a 1911 and have the guy who sold it to me suggest I throw the mag in a drawer and replace it with aftermarket mags @ $32.00 a piece.

    Thanks again for all your suggestions!
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    Look at these mags too...Tripp Research Inc. 1911 Magazines

    IMO better than Wilson mags.

    As for accuracy, yeah that's a 1911. It will almost always be more accurate than other pistols. The only things close in my experience is the Sig P210 9mm and a hi-power also 9mm. A lot has to do with the trigger you're given on a good 1911. It's much better than Glock triggers, but the straight back motion rather than the arc motion of most combat pistols make some shooters have to adjust. I did anyway.
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    I think the TLE's are great guns -- I'm writing this carrying a Kimber SIS Pro which has been a solid tack driver from the day I fired off the first round at the range.

    I do like the Wilson Mags and don't use anything else - though I've heard a lot of great comments about the Tripp Research ones...
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    congrats on your new pistol. I've had good success at a good price with Chip McCormick mags.
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    Congrats on the new Kimber...I've never had difficulties with Kimber mags...I'm just sayin'...
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    Congrats on your new Kimber! For all the features, the TLE II really gives you the best bang for the buck. Regarding mags, I use the KimPro Tac-Mags and never have had any issues. FWIW, I've never had any issues with the original Kimber mag either. I've heard great things about Tripp mags as well but haven't gotten around to picking any up yet. Make sure to run it wet and you shouldn't have any problems. I recommend FP-10 for a lubricant as I've always had great results with it. Enjoy your new toy!
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