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This is a discussion on Seller's Regret... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Only two. Both Smith & Wesson's, 629 8" , 4506. The 4506 went on a cross country trip I took in 93. That pistol was ...

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Thread: Seller's Regret...

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    Only two.
    Both Smith & Wesson's, 629 8" , 4506.
    The 4506 went on a cross country trip I took
    in 93. That pistol was a bugger to conceal,
    and I ended up selling it to buy a Glock 27.
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    Only sold a Remington 870 Super Magnum, GLOCK 26, and a Ruger 10/22. Only miss the 10/22. I have a older Remington .22 rifle I inherited from my grandfather so I still have a .22. But the 10/22 was ultra reliable and there is so much aftermarket stuff for it. I only got $60 for it and I'm sure I'll buy one again eventually.

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    Wow. Why only one? There are so many. That's why the wife (God Bless Her Immortal Soul) made me reverse my self-imposed policy of "Buy a New Gun, Get Rid of an Old One". She keeps her shoes as long as she likes them, so I can do the same with guns.... I can have have as many as I want.

    But, to answer the question, a Ruger .357 Vaquero.

    Followed closely by a pair of CZ-52's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssssthesnake
    sold an old colt 1911 my grandad gave me when i was 19 asked him first and he said yea i wanted to buy a 9mm what a dumb young man he died two years later got to thinking about it and it was proubably his side arm in ww2 id sell every gun i own now to have it back
    I know what you mean. I have a Remington .22 semi auto rifle and a Browning (I belive) .410 pump-action that were my grandfathers. I rarely shoot the .22 and have only shot the .410 once. But, I know if I ever sold them I'd regret it.

    They were my grandfathers and other than these guns the only thing I have of his is a ring he made out of a quarter on the boat over to Okonawa. Every time I showed that ring to someone and told them the story they were amazed. I thought I lost it for a while and was pretty depressed (it was after he had passed).

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    Don't mean to get 'off-topic', but one handgun I will definitely NOT sell is my late-grandfather's .22 Colt Challenger handgun. Sentimental reasons.
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    The only guns I have ever sold were ones that did not work. I sole them to the local gun store. I informed that they did not work, as I did not want them sold to someone that would hurt themselves or someone else. They have a gunsmith on site that can fix them and sell them.

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    I hate to think about all the guns that I've sold over the years and now wished that I could get them back. They start with a couple of consecative numbers BHPs Mk II, Colt Combat Command stain nickel 70 series, S&W Mod. 5967 (I was told by Horton only 500 made, of course I asked after I sold it), Springfield Armory SAR 48 Bush, Polytech Legend, LC Smith field grade 20gauge, etc....

    Out of all of them I would say that I miss the LC Smith the most.

    That is why I don't sell anything now!
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