S&W dilema I need help!

S&W dilema I need help!

This is a discussion on S&W dilema I need help! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need help guys I'm looking at buying either a S&W M&P 9mm compact or a 640 J-frame. I know these are apples and oranges ...

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Thread: S&W dilema I need help!

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    S&W dilema I need help!

    I need help guys I'm looking at buying either a S&W M&P 9mm compact or a 640 J-frame. I know these are apples and oranges but i'm still torn here. I don't currently own a compact 9mm but also don't own a 2" .357 either. I know the 640 probably conceals easier though but the M&P offers 12+1 9mm rounds,although I feel 5 rounds are sufficient for CCW use. Can you guys here talk me into or out of either of these guns?
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    Well, I can only tell you the M&P would be more comfortable to practice with.
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    If you dont have a compact auto I would go with the M&P. Its a much better choice IMO for a primary carry. Then add the snubby later. Either one would be a good choice.
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    Wow.....tough choice. But, I'm more of a snubbie fan than a 9mm guy so my vote is snubbie. AND IF YOU'RE GOING 357.....serious take down. Hard to go wrong there.
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    The M&P is cheaper and more comfortable to shoot
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    Thumbs up What to carry

    I carried wheel guns for about a year, the last being a Ruger LCR and that was a very nice piece. Then I ran into a S&W 3913 which is a single stack 9mm 3.5 inch barrel. Better accuracy and more capacity than the revolver. I think the M&P would be a great choice. I know the caliber is a debatable issue, but it's not always the size of the hole but what the hole is in. There are great defensive rounds for all calibers now, so consider all other issues as well. The 3913 is much nicer in the recoil category. A two inch .357 is not going to be a good gun to shoot a lot with. I can shoot the 9mm all day long and not have any wrist issues. Good luck in your search.
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    Wow....that's a tough one because they are both good choices. Just get them both:)
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    Quote Originally Posted by REVMAN View Post
    Wow....that's a tough one because they are both good choices. Just get them both:)
    ^^^^^^^I like this Idea^^^^^

    But,,I don't believe the revolver would be all that much easier to conceal, sizewise.
    Weightwise, yes, but then the issue of how many rounds you get, with the M&P9c, and you will begin to discount the revolver.
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    Don't you have a Taurus 85?

    I would go with the 9mm compact.
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    Hold them both and see what you feel more comfortable with.
    I did that ,and bought a 642 smith.
    I will say that the trigger was stout on that little snubby. I did a trigger job on it last night removing the internal lock, swapping out two springs and polishing some parts.
    Trigger pull improved but was not super dramatic.
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    I've owned both guns. From experience I can tell you the S&W M&P is too small for my hand, but shoots well. The 640 fits my hand well with non factory grips, but has significant recoil using full house .357 loads. You have to decide if you want knock down power or high capacity. I would opt for power.
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