ccw a Glock 22

ccw a Glock 22

This is a discussion on ccw a Glock 22 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone carry a Glock 22. Where I live you can not buy new Glocks. But their has been some (pre ban) factory refurbished Glock ...

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Thread: ccw a Glock 22

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    ccw a Glock 22

    Does anyone carry a Glock 22. Where I live you can not buy new Glocks. But their has been some (pre ban) factory refurbished Glock 22's coming into the state. This is as close to a new Glock I'm going to get. They are former police Glocks, which is why only the 22's. These will eventually all be sold and dry up. The price is also good as most used glocks around here go for much more.

    My worry is they are to big for ccw. So I hope someone can tell me they are fine to carry so I can Justify it. I like to owb and I have a maxpedition fatboy that it would have to fit in.

    I guess not being able to buy them makes you want one more.

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    The Glock 22 is a full size firearm. It's the same frame as the Glock 17. There's not doubt you can carry it in a good holster, but IMO, it's not a comfortable CCW gun. The Glock 19/23 is much easier to conceal and the Glock 26/27 is the easiest of the Glocks to conceal.

    I don't like to carry my firearms in a fanny pack or bag, so someone else may be able to chime in.

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    I carry one every so often both IWB and OWB (both holsters by Bullard). No problems either way. Nice pistol.
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    Not too big for CC by any means. But a bit too big for my comfort doing everyday routine activities that I do. It's where the muzzle jabs me mainly while carrying IWB. There just doesn't seem to be a right stable place for me and I'll want to shift it around. Maybe I've just never found the right holster for carrying the large frame Glocks IWB. We're all different though. I'd never rule it out for anyone.

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    You could practice carryin' one by strapin' on a 7" 2x4.
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    no problem in a good shoulder holster. all other ways it will get hard before the day is out.
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    Yes, i carry one regularly. IWB, about 4 o'clock, no issues. While the G23 see's more carry lately, I still alternate between that and the G22.

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    I carry one a lot. DeSantis Cozy Partner. Very comfortable for me. Sixteen hour days. I carry it in the heat of the summer, in south Mississippi with no problem. I am 6'2" and 230lbs.
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    I carry one as well. I have a galco OWB at 430 and it is very comfortable. I am 6'2 and 230lbs. I have no issues at all with this weapon and its size. I am switching to a crossbreed supertuck as soon as it arrives.
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    I love my G22 and carry it in a IWB Bianchi 120 Covert Option at the 4 O'Clock position. Very comfortable and easy to conceal, with the proper clothing I might add.
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    I prefer the full size Glocks during the winter. Not much need to worry about concealing them most of the time.

    When spring arrives, then it's down to the compact sizes.

    When summer arrives it's sub-compact time.

    And they're all Glocks so it's the same draw and fire movement with the same trigger dynamics.

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    When I carry the glock22 I use a crossbreed supertuck for IWB and have no problems at all............ at 4-oclock by the way!
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    While the 23 and 27 would be a little more comfortable, the 22 can be carried comfortable. I used to conceal a 17 no problem, OWB at 3:30.
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