Summer carry acquisition : PPS or J frame?

Summer carry acquisition : PPS or J frame?

This is a discussion on Summer carry acquisition : PPS or J frame? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, I have my HK P2000 for winter (7-8 months here) OWB carry, HD and range use, but doesnt conceal too well for me IWB, ...

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Thread: Summer carry acquisition : PPS or J frame?

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    Summer carry acquisition : PPS or J frame?

    OK, I have my HK P2000 for winter (7-8 months here) OWB carry, HD and range use, but doesnt conceal too well for me IWB, even though Im 6'3 and 230 pounds. Its great by the way - accurate, reliable, soft recoiling and confidence inspiring.

    So Im looking for a smaller piece for the IWB this summer. Not too much to choose from in the shops here that manage to fit my largish hand. The Walther PPS (9mm) is one, the S&W Model 60 2 incher (Ladysmith, but that doesnt bother me) is the other. No chance to shoot either before buying. Cant really trial carry either.

    Very different guns, but similar price - about double that of US retail so I dont want to make a mistake. Kinda pulled towards the J frame just because it is a revolver and so different from the HK and has all the traditional values of a snubbie.

    The PPS seems slimmer and ligher though - cant directly compare decause its in a different store.

    What do you think?

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    Are you able to get Kahr there?
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    Given those two choices, I'd go with the PPS. Reason, a few more rounds. However, if you could get a S&W Airweight j frame, that's what I'd suggest because you can easily pocket carry the airweight. The PPS is too big, and the 60 is too heavy for pocket carry.

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    Get and carry both.

    The PPS IWB and the Revolver in the pocket with a Mika Pocket Holster. I'm inclined to think that if you "dressed around the gun" and used a good quality holster and belt you would have no trouble carrying your HK.

    I myself prefer to carry a "duty size" weapon off duty if given a choice. For me, right now, that means a Glock 19 and a Glock 26. I also prefer to carry two guns, but that's just me. Having had need of a BUG before, my minimum number of guns is two, unless I'm working. Then my employer tells me what and how many I can carry.

    Some of my off duty carry combo's have been:

    Hi Power/J-Frame
    Glock 19/J-Frame
    Glcok 19/Glock 26

    I'd much rather carry the gun I'm better trained and more accurate with. Thus the "duty size" handgun as a primary and the smaller one as a BUG.

    Your question presents an interesting conundrum, as I think of a J-Frame as a Pocket/Ankle Gun. The PPS isn't a Pocket Gun, IMO. Thus if you carry it on the belt, and can conceal it I would think you wouldn't have much trouble hiding something a little larger. I love carrying a gun in my pocket too, and that's where the J-Frame shines IMO. You can have you hand on the gun and nobody the wiser.

    It's summertime here, is for eight months out of twelve. I manage to carry a Glock 19/26 with little difficulty. For what it's worth I would be looking at my carry gear instead of a different gun, but that's just me.

    Take care and stay safe.

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    I have a PPS and a Taurus Model 85. I can say that the PPS is much more comfortable to carry. If I had my choice, I would choose the PPS.
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    The PPS disappears in a SmartCarry very nicely and I almost purchased one. However, a Walther can be finicky at times and some gunsmiths will tell you that, if asked. For me, I prefer a j-frame. Its simple, and I like that these days.

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    I'd go with the J.
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    i'm with sabre...i carry a 60 .357 3" with no discomfort at all

    j all the way......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedomofchoice View Post
    ..... the 60 is too heavy for pocket carry.
    i have a 2" m60 in my pocket now, and don't consider it too heavy at all, plus it doesn't have the kick of an aluminum gun.

    and you could always counterbalance the weight with two pounds of keys in the other pocket.

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    How about ammo availability there, would that push you in either direction?

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    I think either will do the job fine, but I would lean toward the PPS. I have one, and like the similar mag release of the PPS to the HK USP that I have. I also own a jframe 640.. nice little revolver, but I would still choose to carry the PPS over the J.

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    I have a PPS (in 40) and love it...have a 642...and honestly, the cylinder is the problem, as thick as any gun out pocket carry is a LCP or a Kahr PM9......but the PPS is as thin as the Kahr, just longer and taller, although I have pocket carried the PPS is the answer, if you could try both, I would think you would come to the same conclusion.
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    My vote is the J Frame.

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    I carry a M-60 after my wife took my SR9. It too is a "LadySmith" but with a Hogue grip and a couple rubber bands (old LEO) it works just fine. I DO shoot 38 Federal +P+ in problem. Throw in a speed strip or 2 and ready to go.

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    I vote J frame if you are familiar with revolvers and its DA. Add an HKS speed loader also.
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