P3AT-LCP Limp Wristing

P3AT-LCP Limp Wristing

This is a discussion on P3AT-LCP Limp Wristing within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a P3AT and love it. I carry it 24/7 in front pocet in a Nemisis holster. 1200 rounds through it with a few ...

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Thread: P3AT-LCP Limp Wristing

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    P3AT-LCP Limp Wristing

    I have a P3AT and love it. I carry it 24/7 in front pocet in a Nemisis holster. 1200 rounds through it with a few problems in the first box of ammo. Sent back to factory and has been flawless for the next 1150 rounds. I read about the limp wrist problem, do the LCP's and Kahr P380's have the same problem ? I love the forumn , have learned alot !


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    Absolutely. My wife shot my LCP for the first time last Saturday and had two FTE in one magazine. When I explained the limp wrist deal, she put two more mags through with no issues.
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    The only time my LCP had a FTE/FTF was when I intentionally limp-wristed it; I used the lightest possible grip pressure and hit the bulls eye with both shots (after clearing the first jam).

    I have a tendency to use a "death grip" on it most times in anticipation of the recoil and, in those instances, have never had an issue.

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    Limp-wristing can be (is) a problem with almost any semiauto, and is only magnified in the shorter barreled models. It's a matter of training to adjust to that firearm's peculiararities.
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    Most definately.
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    any gun can have a fte / stovepipe due to limp wristing. short barrels especially. i had a problem with that with my kimber for a long time. now i dont limp wrist near as much and i load my ammo a little hotter.
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    Neither I, nor my (petite) wife has ever had such an issue with either of our LCPs. I suppose it is possible, but its never happened.

    The pinky extension helps keep these small guns from jumping around in your hand, and should be considered a mandatory accessory, IMHO.
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    Yep. I have the Kel-Tec P3AT, and had that issue when I first got it with 1 or 2 rounds. Pinky extension and better grip takes care of it.

    With such a nice "snap" to this thing (and other short barreled weapons like the LCP), you get used to "deathgripping" them pretty quickly, and the problem goes away.
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