How reliable is your LCP?

How reliable is your LCP?

This is a discussion on How reliable is your LCP? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The title says it all guys for those here who have them how reliable has your LCP been? Do these guns need a break in ...

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Thread: How reliable is your LCP?

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    How reliable is your LCP?

    The title says it all guys for those here who have them how reliable has your LCP been? Do these guns need a break in period or are they good to go out of the box?

    I'm thinking of one for a deep concealment gun when even my J-frame is to large. Although those times are rare I still would like the option.
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    No one really knows how reliable they are because they can't find .380 ammo for it.

    Not really.

    They are actually fairly accurate and reliable from the standpoint that they don't have a history of feed problems or jambing. You will need to clean the LCP before shooting. It comes from the factory with a good amount of oil on it. They tend to smooth out after a couple hundred rounds.
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    Mine has yet to have any failures. It has been a good purchase. I bought up a bunch of 380 plinking ammo in early 2009 so I can practice frequently.

    Break-in period about 200 rounds.
    Frame Pins tend to walk but easily cured. Push them back in..
    Two types of magazine retainers; One plastic and later models, metal.
    Some will require the fluff and buff proceedure to get them running at first.

    That's all the issues, if you want ot call it that, that I can think of at the moment.

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    Mine had one failure to go into battery in the first 20 rounds and run fine after that.
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    I was having problems with remington UMC ammo. First strike wouldnt send it flying, but the second would. I have no clue why but im guessing the primer was a little tougher.
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    Mine jams a bit but only because I have not broken it in. I have only put it through 100 rounds cuz crap ammo is expensive and the trigger is a mofo to get used to. Im sure the jamming will eventually stop when I get someone else to break it in for me. :)
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    I personaly never trust any semi out of the box with my life! And my LCP is a good reason for that. I have since polished the feed ramp and changed the springs. I have about 500 rounds in since the changes with 3 hiccups. The last range trip went very well as I fired 120 rounds thru it, and a fte happpened at round107. I will chalk that up to the gun being in need of a bath at that point. I still dont trust it with my life, although never a primary, I have had it in my pocket as a 2nd bug, colt det spec. on ankle is first bug. IMO you must have complete confidence it will go bang every time you need it.
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    Not a single malfunction from round 1 to 1,000 and I used all sorts of range/SD ammo: WWB, Magtech, Blazer, Speer, Hornady, Corbon, PMC, Fiocchi, Winchester, Remington, Federal....
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    Not a single malfunction. I've done nothing but clean it. I don't count rounds, but it probably has about 800 through it at this point consisting of Magtech, Fiocchi, PMC & Pow'RBall.

    If I ever happen upon another LCP at a steal, I wont hesitate to pick it up.
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    Like WHEC724, no special treatment, varied rounds and no hiccups at all. REALLY like this gun!
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    I have tried 3-4 different kinds o ammo and haven't had any problems at all. I pocket carry all the time..

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    My wife and I each have one now. Both have been 100% right out of the box.

    Mine has around 700 - 750 rounds using about 4 or 5 different brands of HP & FMJ.

    The wife's only had hers since Valentine's day and has around 200 rounds of 2 different brands of HP.

    The wife's trigger was smoother than mine right out of the box, however mine did smoothed out a lot more after a few hundred rounds.
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    My wife and I each have one. Hers had an issue with PowRBall ammo - there is a sharp corner under the feed ramp that cuts a "smiley face" in the polymer tip of this bullet under recoil, and jams the gun.

    I called Ruger, and they are aware of the issue. You can either put 200 rounds of FMJ through it to wear that sharp corner down, or use a polishing wheel with a Dremel.

    I just decided not to use PowRBall, since it is only 70 gr anyway. No issues with any other ammo I tried. I carry either all FMJ-FP in the winter for more penetration, or alternate FMJ-FP with Hornady Critical Defense in the warmer months.

    The LCP has become my favorite carry pistol. It's on me from clothes-on in the morning to pajamas-on at night. Can't say that as easily about other, larger, guns.
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    I've only put 200 rounds through mine, but thats 200 with no problems. It's definately going to carve a special niche because of it's size. You can hide that thing just about anywhere. My only worry is forgetting I have it and take it somewhere I should'nt.
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    Mine is 100%. I did smooth things up a bit and put a 12 lb recoil spring in it. The stock spring is 9 lbs. A little too light for me.
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