Help me decide: G19 or G26?

This is a discussion on Help me decide: G19 or G26? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; May I just ask as to your method of narrowing it down to these two guns? Just curious....

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Thread: Help me decide: G19 or G26?

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    May I just ask as to your method of narrowing it down to these two guns? Just curious.
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    Seems like there are a lot of recommendations for the G19, and I have to agree. Here are the main differences:

    The width is the same and I think the width is most important for conceal carry.
    The length difference is about half an inch. The length is not so much of an issue with Conceal Carry, especially when it's only half an inch.
    The height difference is 0.83". This actually makes a little bit of difference for me since the handle might stick out a little and show if you conceal it, but that depends on how you carry it to. IWB either at 2 or 4-5 o'clock might show the handle a little bit. The G26 wil have a slight edge here. BUT, most people tend to use grip extensions on the G26/27 anyway, making them about the same as a G19.
    As the first gun, the G19 will be easier to shoot, and it's important that you shoot it a lot and become familiar with it. Shoot some IDPA/IPSC with it as well, you will do better with that then a G26.

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    Go with the G19, the increased barrel length and stock magazine are great. You will be suprised at how easily it conceals with a quality holster and gun belt. When you buy the G26 and constantly carry it with the extended grip(which is what alot of people do), then what will you have accomplished? You will be in the group of people who are doing things they don't realize are dumb.

    You will have bought a sub compact gun, and attempted to carry it in compact format by constantly carrying an extended mag/grip on it.

    You have lost barrel length, but extended the capacity. Why not just get the G19?

    Barrel length is not hard to conceal, having a 3, 4 or 5 inch barrel should nto be hard to conceal for ANYONE. The grip is where people have issues, because the grip is what sticks out, not the barrel length. Like i said though

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    I have owned the 23 and 27. The 23 first....and that was the smartest thing I could have done. Go with the 19 and a good holster will conceal it just as well as the 26.
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    What size are you and what do you normally wear?

    The reason I ask is that you would be surprised what you can keep concealed if you have some leeway in how you dress. I'm 5'11" and 160lbs and I have no problem carrying a M&P9 pro (fullsize frame 5" barrel), sometimes with an attached tlr1 weaponlight. If you do end up deciding to get a gun smaller than the g19, I would suggest looking at the M&P9c as in addition to the g26. It is just slightly larger (read: more comfortable to shoot) while still being concealable under a tshirt. Throw in an action enhancement kit from Apex tactical and the trigger will be much much better than the g26 as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texag View Post
    What size are you and what do you normally wear?

    The reason I ask is that you would be surprised what you can keep concealed if you have some leeway in how you dress.
    I think most people have a misconception about what they can and can't conceal carry, because they've never tried it.

    I can conceal a springfield armory XDm, a full size gun with a 4.5" barrel, in a IWB holster, with a t-shirt on. That is what I'm doing right now, and people don't even know I'm carrying.

    At 5'11" 225lbs I had no problem concealing a full size gun, with a quality IWB holster and belt. When my daughter was born, I spent 3 days in the hospital without leaving. I eat, slept, and didn't leave for 3 days straight. With a t shirt and cargo shorts on, and my full size gun tucked away, nobody ever noticed. I walked all around the hospital, and nobody noticed a thing.

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    Why is a G23 not in the discussion.

    Small enough to conceal well but large capacity!

    I have a G23 but I also want the G26 or G27!

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    Have 19 since December. Just got a 36. Now I so want a 26. Where does this madness end?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DIABLO9489 View Post
    What's the point of getting a Glock 26 and adding grip extensions that make the grip the same size as the 19...To me that would seem counter productive.
    When I bought my GLOCK 26, I only had enough $ for one pistol for CC and home defense. I went with the G26 for the maximum concealibility while I am on campus, and would face academic punishment, even expulsion if I was made. I also ankle carry, soon to be smart carrying to work , where I would loose my job if I were made.

    When I am out and about I don't care if I print a little; which I do when I have the 19 mag with the spacer. I also like the 15 round capability at night for home defense.

    As a 21 year old; putting my self through college by waiting tables, I believe I get more "productivity" out of my G26, by using it for both home defense and a CCW due to my current financial position.

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    Glock 19.

    If you're going to go with a small 9mm, you might as well go really small, such as a Kel-Tec PF-9, Taurus 709 Slim, or Kahr PM9.

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    I've owned both. In my experience, they both carried the same for me, wearing jeans\shorts and tshirt or short sleeved button down. The main difference being their overall slide length and grip length. Thickness is the same, which is more of a factor to me for IWB carry, so that's a wash.

    Both fun to shoot. Boringly reliable. Low maintenance. Accurate enough for SD purposes.

    Ended up selling the G26 to a friend as his first 9mm. Decided my G19 does everything the G26 does, in a size\package that I'm proficient with, without any modifications.

    Just pick the one the feels better to you in your hand and on your hip. Then save up for the other one later and a 12ga for HD!
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    First off, thank you all for your replies and words of advice! Now, to answer some of the questions that have been posed:

    (sigmanluke) How did I narrow it down to these two? Let me tell you, it was tough! There are about 20 different guns that I really want to have but only one is in my budget right now. I love the look/feel of a glock in my hand and since I can't afford to buy several right now, the legendary glock reliability is really necessary.

    (Textag) I usually buy a 32 waist size that I have to hold up with a belt and t-shirt/polo/button down. I am not against buying a larger size by any means to dress around the gun but as I'm so thin in the waist, I am really concerned about printing when carrying IWB. that would not be good by any means at my place of employment. There is no policy regarding carry but I don't want to make it obvious or have some sheep co-worker or customer freak out and cause a problem that might get it banned. Thanks for the M&Pc tip, that is another that I really do like the looks of. I am also considering the Smartcarry/thunderwear option and I don't want a long grip printing issue in that area either!

    I think that crf3973 Said it best as to why he purchased the 26. I am in the same boat (21, starting college, only enough $$ for one gun right now, etc.) I was thinking along those same lines but the 19 is so freaking appealing too! Once again, thanks to all for your help!
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    I vote for the G19; it's not that much larger than the 26 and easier to grip.
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    I have had both at one time. I carry the 26 because I like the option of getting rid of that dang grip. I am not a guy who has one dead set method of carry. Sometimes I pocket carry with a desantis nemisis holster, it works slicker than snot with big deep pockets on cargo pants shorts. Somtimes I carry in the front pocket of my coat in cold weather. If I am going to a gathering of MN tree huggers and weenies, I will ankle carry. Each of these methods can be pulled off easily with the standard 10rd flat floor mag. If I carry IWB or OWB, I pop in a +2 mag and have a home for my pinky and two more rounds for Mr. Bad Guy's center of mass.

    You cant go wrong with either gun honestly. I just like the ability to get rid of some grip when I want to on the 26. If you are going to strictly IWB or OWB carry, go with the 19 for sure. If you think you will move the gun around and use a bunch of options, go with the 26.

    Both guns are champs, yo have happy problems!
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    The Glock 19 is the quintessential all-purpose 9mm pistol. It will serve you well as a ccw pistol and a home protection gun. Don't get me wrong, I love the G26 but for a 1st gun, the G19 is the only way to go.

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