G30SF vs XD45C for HD

G30SF vs XD45C for HD

This is a discussion on G30SF vs XD45C for HD within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Which do you think would be a better Home Defense Gun, the Glock 30SW or the XD45 compact. Both of these are 45acp. I prefer ...

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Thread: G30SF vs XD45C for HD

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    G30SF vs XD45C for HD

    Which do you think would be a better Home Defense Gun, the Glock 30SW or the XD45 compact. Both of these are 45acp. I prefer the look/feel of the Glock better, the XD45 seems to sit too high for me. However, the XD has some interesting features like the Loaded Chamber & the Striker fire indicator which seems like they might be reallt beneficial in the middle of night or the dark, etc.

    Given the Pros/Cons I just laid out, which would you pick and why? thx

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    If it's a "Home Defense" gun, why are you going with a compact?
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    The compact XD is my favorite of the XDs but I like the 30SF better. They are very soft shooting .45s. Just my preference.
    Like Thumper brought up, if it's strictly an HD gun, I'd go full size in either one.
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    Just couldn't decide between the two myself so I'm looking for the "right" 1911 to be the tie-breaker.
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    Why the XD45 compact for HD because you could carry it concealed easier than the regular XD (if you decided you wanted to); if you want the extra capacity of the regular model then keep it at home with the higher capacity magazine.
    The Glock 30 (I have the SF) is also a great HD (or carry) pistol.
    I guess for strictly HD I would give the edge to the XD45c for the ability to reliably use the higher capacity magazine.
    Either is a really good choice, IMO.

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    Glock 21 or Glock 30. Can't go wrong with either one of those
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    Between those two, I would go with the Glock. I just went with the M&P 45c and got rid of my 30. I like the thumb safety and the grip better.

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    I'd say G30 (got one). The slide on XDx looks like a double-stack British tour bus to me. Awkward, and it makes the XD look even chunkier than a Glock.

    Glocks have a "loaded chanber" indicator also. As far as the "cocked striker," if a rounds is chambered in a Glock--consider it cocked.

    If this is for HD only (no intent to conceal down the road), I'd say go for the full size .45s, G21 or XD45. but if the size is a concern, you can get G21 mags, slip on a mag sleeve and use its higher capacity in the G30. That's what I use for HD.
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    Glock for either HD or SD, IMHO...dependability matters.
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    In my opinion, the size if the G30sf and the capacity of 10+1 in 45 acp just can't be beat. I have one and just love the way it handles.
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    Another vote for the G30. XD's also sit way too tall in my hand, and feel top-heavy, a little unbalanced.

    And, as someone else pointed out--while technically the Glock doesn't need a cocking indicator (a Glock isn't fully cocked until the trigger is depressed) one can tell if the striker is partially cocked by the position of the trigger--if it is forward, it's ready to fire (assuming a round is chambered); if the trigger is to the rear, it is discharged. Also, the extractor on a Glock is it's loaded chamber indicator--if it protrudes from the slide, there is more than likely a round chambered (always prudent to do a press check to confirm).

    Although, personally--if I were looking for a HD pistol, I would't be looking at a compact--I'd look at a full-sized G21. More capacity, longer barrel, longer sight radius.
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    I think it depends on your preferred shooting position. If you shoot from a Weaver go with the XD; if you use Isosceles go with the Glock. The grip angle difference makes them different firearms with different preferences IMO.
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    Unless it's going to do double duty as home defense and concealed carry, there is no sense in choosing a compact for home defense. A Glock 21 or M&P 45 fullsize would be my choice. I have no use for XDs.
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    Unless theres some reason for a pistol, for home defense I would find a shotgun. That being said I would go for a full size Smith M&P.
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    I voted for the G30 but question why you want to go wit the compact for HD. Go with the 21 (I think thats the full sized .45ACP)
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