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Ruger LCR vs. S&W 642

This is a discussion on Ruger LCR vs. S&W 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had a S&W 638 and Ruger LCR. Key word is "Had". I sold the LCR and bougt another S&W (M&P340). Go with the 642 ...

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Thread: Ruger LCR vs. S&W 642

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    I had a S&W 638 and Ruger LCR. Key word is "Had". I sold the LCR and bougt another S&W (M&P340). Go with the 642 especially considering she has already shot it and shot it well according to you.
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    I've fired the Smith, but I own the LCR...I will admit as a Glock owner I wanted to try out the "plastic revolver" long term. So far I've shot nothing but +P ammo through the LCR, roughly 200-250 rounds and I see no problems at all with it.
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    642 with ct305 laser grips.The 305 is the longer grip you can get your pinky finger on. It's cheaper to buy them on the new gun than it is to buy them seperate. Got my wifes at a local shop for 620. Gander Mtn wanted 750. Buy some snap caps to practice loading/reloading with. The trigger will get a whole lot better with lots of dryfire. The laser grips really help with learning good trigger control. You can shoot tighter groups with the laser grips because the laser is easier to see than the sights. Just remember to also shoot with the laser grips turned off to get used to using the sights. Shooting gloves help when shooting a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveLeather View Post
    No one has said it but everyone is thinking it..the Smith looks way cooler than the Ruger...there, I said it.
    Yeah, that too!

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    I've shot them both but own a 638. Love the way it shoots and feels. I say go with the S&W.
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    I carry a LCR all day. It not a gun I would put 200 rounds through in a setting ( I normally only do 50), but is nice to shoot. I have not found any flame cutting or any other problems so far. The trigger pull is smooth and even. I got this gun for carry not to spend the day shooting, I've got the 9mm auto for that. I chose the LCR over the s&w because of the grip. The s&w for me was too small, it got lost in my hands.

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    The 642...
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    My wife has the 642 and loves it (and shoots well with it to boot.) But I've got to admit, when we bought the 642, I actually took her to the gun store to look at the LCR. They had had one the last time I was in, but unfortunately it was stolen in a break in just after that, and all they had was the 642. Trigger is definitely stiffer on the 642 (I'm toying with the idea of changing to lighter springs, but the wife says she's fine with it as is, and since it's HER gun, she wins!) I don't think you can really make a bad decision here, but to me it boils down to this - your GF has shot the 642 and likes it. I would take that over an "unknown" with the LCR, unless you can find one for her to actually shoot.

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    I own both but prefer the LCR . I love the way it shoots and have had no "pitting" . I have almost 500 rounds through it. There are plenty of holster choices out there. I personally use my SP101 holster and it fits fine. i think it shoots better with the +p ammo . I've had a few of my students shoot and they've seemed to sway towards the LCR for all around carry & use. Most of them are women, hope that helps .

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    both are good guns,,,,but it is the s&w for me. i got several different j-frames and they are the best. i have shot the ruger and it is also a good gun. both guns got their good and bad points. when it comes down to it you can not go wrong with either. but, i am a s&w man when it comes to small wheel guns.
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    The Smith is just the more time proven choice...and I would get her the 442 in black, same gun as 642 just different color. Reports I get is that the finish holds up better on these.
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    lighter springs

    Quote Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
    ...Trigger is definitely stiffer on the 642 (I'm toying with the idea of changing to lighter springs, but the wife says she's fine with it as is, and since it's HER gun, she wins!) ...
    I highly recommend that you hold off on installing ‘lighter’ springs. Ensure the gun is unloaded, then dry fire the unloaded gun while watching TV for several evenings. This will soften the spring tension and smooth the action. Likewise, you can practice your trigger control (each hand) and aiming while exercising your hand/forearm muscles. After around 2500~3000 trigger actuations, you will notice a marked difference.

    If you should feel any significant binding or resistance after 2-3 weeks, then consider an action/trigger job that does not include lighter springs. There are some good gunsmiths that can do this type of work.
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    Well, I'm not afraid to say I think the LCR looks better than the S&W.

    I plan on getting an LCR myself.

    And I wouldn't worry about any "pitting" issues with the LCR. Ruger is known for their great CS and willingness to spend the money to fix any problem to preserve their reputation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanis View Post
    I don't trust the LCR yet. I would give any product 1 or 2 years before I would purchase. Just me.
    Agreed...although Ihave fondled and like the LCR, my 642 with about 50 years of history behind it is my choice for now. Both are good guns though and I guess if I shot the LCR and really liked it, I would give it a try.
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    I think everyone should own at least one S&W. It's an American thing. Go with what feels best to her. I'd say the heavier S&W isn't too heavy, but would likely make it more shootable for her.
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