The EDC part of the Family

The EDC part of the Family

This is a discussion on The EDC part of the Family within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The PM9 is my main summer carry and the Glock 27 is my main winter carry. I just got the LCP-CH and haven’t got to ...

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Thread: The EDC part of the Family

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    The EDC part of the Family

    The PM9 is my main summer carry and the Glock 27 is my main winter carry. I just got the LCP-CH and haven’t got to shoot it yet. I also just placed an order for a mini tuck for the PM9 and a Supertuck for the 27. I bought the LCP for BUG or extreme weather or deep concealment gun. It turns out there is LE distributors with military pricing for S&W, Walther, Sig, Glock, and SA in Kansas. I already bought the Glock through one here. Does anyone know if there is Kahr LE distributor in Kansas I didn't see one listed? I saw one for back home in WA. Because my PM9 was $735 and the LE price in Washington State is like $550. Out of the choices I can get the discount on here and interested in, I may get one in the coming months S&W M&P 340 357 mag, Walther PPS probably in 40, Sig P239 probably in 357 Sig. I'm also interested in the Kahr CW/P/PM 45. I'm getting an S&W 19-3 2.5" handed down to me when I go back home so it may be added to my carry selection. I've only carried the GP100 so far in the country or forest in a backpack. I want to get a gun with night sights a preferably a rail since I don't have one with either, but I may put night sights on some of the guns I already have.

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    LOL. I literally have the same exact guns. Glock 27 (just sold to a friend waiting for CCW), Kahr PM9 with DLC and Ruger LCP (Chrome).

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    I knew there was a Glock in there somewhere. Otherwise I would have never looked at this thread nor replied. Nice family you've got there.

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    To me Night sights are required equipment...especially in Glocks with their plastic OEM sights.
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    Nice family.
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    Nice collection!
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