The Skyy is falling!

The Skyy is falling!

This is a discussion on The Skyy is falling! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I believe this is my first post here, although I have lurking for a while. I just had to take a minute to caution those ...

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Thread: The Skyy is falling!

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    The Skyy is falling!

    I believe this is my first post here, although I have lurking for a while. I just had to take a minute to caution those considering a Skyy pistol for its compact form, nice finish, and low price.

    My Skyy CPX-1 has had, I believe, all the known failures--and now one more I have not heard about before. I've had a broken firing pin, firing pin retaining screw that won't hold even with Loctite 271, and I've had a cracked frame. My latest failure seems to be related to the cracked frame "fix". That fix, incidentally, consists of cutting out that portion of the frame rail that cracked. Unfortunately, that rail is aluminum rather than steel that you normally see in two-part rails. Aluminum is just not rigid enough to hold its shape in this configuration. Result is that the rail has deformed and the front section of rail is higher than the rear, and the slide sticks as a result. Effect is failures to eject spent cartridge shells.

    This gun has been sent to Skyy twice, and Skyy has sent parts to my dealer once. Between the two of us, my dealer and I have expended somewhere around 700-800 rounds testing before and after the various repairs. My dealer is sick of Skyy guns, and so am I. I bought this as a compact, nicely shaped concealed carry pistol alternative to my XD-9 Subcompact, which is heavier, clunkier, and bulkier--but also reliable.

    I know one member here, Rock & Glock, has been reporting on his Skyy CPX-1 for some time. I would be surprised to hear him recommend this manufacturer. I think he has had most of the failures I have.

    In fairness to Skyy, they have been cooperative in taking the pistol for repair, and reimbursing my dealer for shipping. However, I need more than cooperation. I need a working gun, and the Skyy is not it. If this is the best they can do, I'll be surprised if the company is still around a year from now. If you need a very compact and affordable pistol, I think the Kel-Tec is a better bet.

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    Kel-Tec over "Skeyyee" (??) why hell yeah sir, and never look back. I feel for the most part you get what you pay for in a firearm(or the better fighting blades).You pay $275(or so) for a Kel-Tec, and you get a 275 dollar gun. You sign over your unborn son to Wilson,etc. and you get a weapon worth your unborn son.

    People looking for a cheap weapon should watch the shows for the little(small), used revo's. I've seen some great deals on them. Before you buy, there are about 10 things to look for. You can give it this eyeball test while standing at the table. Not much to go wrong with a revo either.

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    Seems like the gun is superficially a good idea and design but - structurally/metallurgically not up to the task.

    I do not need one tho had thought of getting one anyways - but - only after a year or two on the market. If they get problems sorted it may yet be viable but thus far, not an attractive proposition it seems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wburychka
    I know one member here, Rock & Glock, has been reporting on his Skyy CPX-1 for some time. I would be surprised to hear him recommend this manufacturer. I think he has had most of the failures I have.

    In fairness to Skyy, they have been cooperative in taking the pistol for repair, and reimbursing my dealer for shipping. However, I need more than cooperation. I need a working gun, and the Skyy is not it.
    Welcome, wburychka! To answer your post above, I'm about this far from screaming. That's "not much"! Both of ours are still in the box awaiting an inspection post-return from Skyy. Its a short fuse, so to speak, from
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    the kel-tec p11 are good guns. not many problems with them. my p11 has been problem free. the kel-tec p3at is a so so gun. my p3at has been a pain in the %$%. some peoples have not had any problems with the p3at. i must got a bad one. do i carry them? yes sometimes. but the s&w model 60 is the "bug" on duty. got the p11 and p3at to play around with. weekend guns, have fun at the range guns. kel-tec is coming out with a small 9mm, it will be smaller than the p11, but some what bigger than the p3at. got to get one to see what it can do.

    now with the skyy, i have not tested one. they are coming out with a small 9mm this summer. was looking at getting it and running it round the block. read on the skyy board about problems with the current guns. one reason i have not gotten one.

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    Thanks for the review of Skyy. I will not have to go through your heartaches. This time I learned from your experience.

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    I guess I'll have to be the desenting vote here. I own a SKYY and two K-T's. I've fired at least 150 rounds through the CPX since I got it earlier this year and have found it to be reliable (no failures of any kind), reasonably accurate for a small frame gun, to have better fit & finish, a smoother DAO trigger than the K-T pocket guns and at the same price. I posted a range report on it in an earlier post here. The bottom line was I prefer it to K-T's pocket guns.

    Every gun company was new at one time and they've all had some sort of problem with a new model or two. We've heard a lot of complaints about SKYY, but from a relatively small group and as we all know, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. For every one gun that's caused it's owner a problem I wonder how many guns are out there that have worked exactly they way their owners expect them to, or better. I suppose there are always growing pains with a new gun/company (SKYY has been in business less than a year) and, hopefully, any problem they may have will be resolved soon. I say give SKYY a chance before we write them off.
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    I've read a lot on the web that was quite positive about the SKYY firearms.

    Naturally, what we're all interested in are totally honest reports.

    So I value the Sour Lemon Reports just as much as the Songs Of Praise.

    Thanks for cluing us in as to your own personal experience.
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    I also have a Skyy and have fired several hundred rounds through it. I have had exactly two failures. One was a FTE and we determined that it was a burr on the shell casing that caused that one. The other was a FTF and since it has not happened again we think this was my wife limp wristing. That said I am in the process of selling the Skyy. This is a personal problem that I have with the pistol itself. It rubs the skin off of the knuckle on my thumb and I have discovered that my hand just does not allow me to fire double stack pistols with any great accuracy.

    I have replaced the Skyy with a Sig P239 and the accuracy problems are resolved. BTW my wife does not have the accuracy problems with the Skyy, but she does not like DAO pistols. She refused to carry it. She has her heart set on a CZ RAMI P. I will be searching for that as soon as the sale of the Skyy goes through.

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    I had a skyy and traded for a springfield xdsc 9mm. Mine was a good gun but with more skyy owners having problems with theres I was reluctant to carry mine. So I traded before it started to give me fits. The xd isnt much bigger than the skyy so it should be a good summer gun. The duty the skyy was first purchased for. And the xd is more accurate and reliable in my than the skyy was. In happy with the decesion I made. I hope skyy gets the bugs worked out with there new line of pistols. They seem to be a promising company. but the gun just didnt work out for me. have a good one everybody.


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    I have the Skyy CPX 9MM. It misfired from the firt round put through it. But...

    ...the problem was a bad disassembly pin retaining clip. I sent it back to Skyy and the replaced it (at their postage and expense) and sent it back in a week.

    Since then I've fired 200ish rounds with no problems and no cleaning.

    I was also using WWB ammunition, which after reading on the Skyy forum the gun doesn't like, for whatever reason.

    I'm headed to the range again this weekend for 100 or so rounds and we'll see what happens.

    I was despondent when I first used the gun and then found the forum apparently listing many owners with the same issue. But mine appears to be fixed.

    I may try some WWB ammo just to see what happens now that the clip is fixed.

    I bought the gun for:

    - price
    - size
    - weight
    - looks (I'm a poser, so what?), but it has a comfy grip
    - didn't know any better; never owned a gun, saw it at a gun show, like the look, price, and feel of it
    - double action with a safety. Since I'm new to guns, somehow I felt that a safety was critical.

    Anyway, I confirm major jamming issues, but the problem appears to have been fixed.

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