Sig P220 questions

Sig P220 questions

This is a discussion on Sig P220 questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am considering a Sig P220 and wanted some feed back from those of you that have experience with this weapon. Also while you are ...

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Thread: Sig P220 questions

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    Sig P220 questions

    I am considering a Sig P220 and wanted some feed back from those of you that have experience with this weapon. Also while you are at it, could you recommend a good holster to go with it? I currently carry a XD 45 in an ITW crossbreed holster. I really like the feel of the Sig.

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    I carried one as a Deputy for 8 years and I loved it.It was very accurate and very dependable.

    Can't give you much on the holster though. I either carried it in a Nylon Safariland or a Level 3 Safariland rentention holster. I wore it in a Desantis the rest of the time.
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    Go Here:
    SIG Sauer P220 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It's one of the finest, most accurate & reliable semi-automatic pistols ever produced.

    Here is my early Euro Version SIG 220 (formerly known as the "Sig Sauer System" SIG/Browning BDA .45)
    in my totally amazing DelFatti OWB.

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    I have a P220 Elite with the SRT (short reset trigger) and absolutely love it. Like the others have said, it is very well made, accurate and the "feel" is indescribable. It just fits the hand (my hand anyway) like nothing else. My brother-in-law had been a strict Kimber fan for the last 10-12 years and once he shot my P220, he bought one and hasn't touched the Kimber since. The guy at the gun store said that the recoil is unique in that it seems to be much less than other 45's. My P220 recoil is indistinguishable to my Glock 19 or 34 9mm's.
    There is only one well known, well documented problem with Sigs...once you buy one, you WILL end up with more. They are just too nice and have so much of a quality build, you can't imagine it until you shoot it.
    They are pricey, but you forget about that real quickly and will do almost anything to save up for your next one. I have the P232 that I would put up against any other 380 out there. It too is very smooth, comfortable and most of all, accurate. I'm now saving for a P229 40 cal. Unless you want the fever, stay far away from any Sig gun!
    I carry mine in a custom leather holster form Black Hills Leather. It takes some time, but Rudy does really nice work. Took about 3 months to get 4 holsters made for me. All custom fitted to each gun, made to order. Find them here, this is the one for my P220. There is a 15% Spring discount sale going on now.

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    My 220 is about 16 years old now and although no longer carried daily it's still a favorite piece. Easily the most accurate out-of-the-box .45 I own, of 4. Never, ever bobbled a round, and these days there are 8-round mags available. It went back for a factory overhaul 2 years ago and came back with night sights, fresh springs and an action job... it only got better.

    The one decent holster I use for this gun is a DeSantis Viper, a paddle rig with a thumb break. It's not the ultimate in concealment, but it hugs the gun close to the body and an untucked shirt is ample cover.
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    I've carried mine as a duty gun for several years. I had a unlimited budget to work with and very few restrictions when choosing pistols for my department; I chose the 220. That should tell you something.

    I still believe that the 220 is one of the best fighting pistol made. As far as holsters, there are a ton of them out there. Maybe if you provided some info about how you plan on carrying, your style of dress etc. we can narrow it down a little for you.
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    P220 in a Crossbreed is going to be a lot like the XD in a Crossbreed, only better. It is thinner and thus will be more comfortable than the XD or other similar double stack.

    I can't rave about mine the way some of the othesr have. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I don't think it is any better or worse than a lot of other guns on the market. Possibly at one time in the past they were "head & shoulders above the rest". Now.....? My Glocks (19, 21, 36) are all just as reliable and just as combat accurate. My Colt is more accurate and faster on follow ups.

    I have only had mine a few months and have only put 680 rounds through it. Some of these guys probably have thousands (if not tens of thousands) of rounds through theirs. I can only tell you what I have experienced. I must be immune to the "SIGness" because I can't see me buying another one anytime soon.

    Good luck!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Sigs are addictive

    I would agree with those above who say that the quality of Sigs is addictive and that you will wind up buying more than one. I have a Sig P220 and also three others, the P239, P226 and P229. This brand of gun is excellent in every way.

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    I have a 220 SAO and think it's the best trigger "feel" of all my SIGs!

    Also, go to the search function and search on 220, we have had a couple of good threads on the 220 series before, and you should be able to find a bunch of existing information.

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    CDNN has the P220 Elite and Elite Compact for $649 right now. I have been looking at them.

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    I've got one and love it. I haven't fired anything other than 230 FMJ through it and have only experienced one issue with it failing to return to battery and that was caused by an out of spec round... (it won't chamber properly in my 1911 either)...

    I haven't CCW'ed it yet because I picked up its little brother (SIG P-6) and carry that... but I AM going to carry it. I'll be looking at a Crossbreed Supertuck for it...

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    I knew a Deputy US Marshal who was a former Army Ranger, and a memebr of the Marshals Special Operations Group. He swore by the 220 when that agency was still allowing Deputies to carry persoanlly owned weapons. He "wore one out" and made an excuse to go buy another. Every Sig i have handled has been quality, and very accurate. I would not mind owning one myself.
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    I had one for a while and it was very reliable, accurate, and fed anything I put in it. It will share holsters with a P226, mine did and I used a Milt Sparks VMII IWB most of the time.

    For car travel or the few cold days here in SC I used a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster.
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    My Sig P220R is the FINEST handgun I have ever fired, bar none. I have around 9000 rounds through mine, and not 1 problem. It's what I carry on duty and off duty.

    I trust my life to this gun everyday.
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    Ditto on every good thing said above. I have three of 'em.

    I conceal mine nicely in an MTAC, use a Blackhawk CQC (non-SERPA) for IDPA, and have a Regulator from UBG for any other carry needs...
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