Pocket Carry Factors

Pocket Carry Factors

This is a discussion on Pocket Carry Factors within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Regarding Pocket Carry, what is most important factors when trying to conceal a small semi-auto comfortably and discreetly via a front pocket pocket holster?? Is ...

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  • Overal Length of Gun (end to end)

    27 43.55%
  • Grip Height (aka Height of the gun from top to bottom)

    18 29.03%
  • Width (aka thickness)

    17 27.42%
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Thread: Pocket Carry Factors

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    Pocket Carry Factors

    Regarding Pocket Carry, what is most important factors when trying to conceal a small semi-auto comfortably and discreetly via a front pocket pocket holster?? Is it Length, Width, Height? I am thinking that Height or Grip Height is the most important, followed by Width and Length tied for second. I think a taller gun would be difficult to conceal in the pocket.

    This cam about as I was comparing the specs of the Kahr P380 which seems pretty tall (3.9in) for a tiny gun as compared to the Ruger LCP (3.6) The kahr is shorter @ 4.9 in length whereas the LCP is 5.16in. And the Kahr is thinner @ .75in vs the LCP @ .820in. Although the Kahr wins 2 of 3, the most important for pocket carry to me seems the grip height, isnt that where most printing would occur?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Gun size is important, you can only go so big.

    But I think the type of holster can make or brake pocket carry.

    I pocket carry a G27 mostly in cargos and khakis.
    You can obviously tell there's something in my pocket, but you would never know it was a gun.

    So, a sub compact should fit nicely.
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    I pocket carry quite a lot. The most important factor to me is weight. I can't stand having a heavier pocket gun bounce around while you're walking. I had a NAA Guardian .380 that is 18.72 oz. loaded and I could feel it with every step I took. The next important one to me is grip height. Shorter guns are much easier to draw. Thickness is important, but anything thinner than 1" feels about the same.

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    Have no problem pocket carrying either of these in a pocket holster....

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    Its not exactly overall length, but the diag length between the tip of the barrel and the bottom of the mag well. Overall volume really, is what I think matters the most.

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    Um... how 'bout answer 'c'? all of the above
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    For me weight really would come into play as well.
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    I went from a Kel Tec PF9 which was too large and too heavy for effect pocket carry for me to a Kel Tec P3AT.

    The down shift in caliber from 9MM to 380acp is not a great problem for me as long as we live under ROL and 911 works.

    My P3AT gun is a defense gun, not a duty gun.

    I am not a LEO just a private citizen with a CHL that exercises his 2A rights.
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    my answer isn't one of the choices: POCKETS!

    Even in my mid (o.k......late) 50's, I still wear "tight fitting jeans" I would have trouble drawing a NAA Mini from a pocket.

    Other than my personally imposed restriction, I think the idea of the diagonal distance from the heel of the grip to the top end of the muzzle probably is the most restrictive element.


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    The size and weight of the gun is relative to the size of the pocket and style of pants. Jeans are made of heavy denim whereas expensive wool slacks can be very thin.

    If I were to pocket carry, I would prefer a gun weight not exceeding 20-ounces loaded. Also, I would prefer a hard material grip, void of a finger extension.
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    End to end so it fits in my pocket
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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