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This is a discussion on J-Frame sights within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sorry - not J frame but this is my R9 with Brightsights paint used - it seems to have help up pretty well. The pic ...

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Thread: J-Frame sights

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    Sorry - not J frame but this is my R9 with Brightsights paint used - it seems to have help up pretty well. The pic is very slightly enhanced - as the dots and front sight do not have quite such clean edges - but you get the idea.

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    i point and shoot my 642. I have Crimson Trace grips and they take care of most sighting situations, But I tend to agree with Frank Mako. 642 or similar is a close range point and shoot gun. With practice it becomes pretty easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankmako View Post
    you don't need to see the sights on a j-frame. it is not a target gun. it is made for close up defence, not long range. 5 yards and in, all you need to do is point and shoot. i carry a s&w model 60 as my "bug" on duty and i don't use the sights. on "q" days i point and shoot the gun untill we get to the 25 yard line phase. then i use what sights the j-frame has.
    Quote Originally Posted by snowdoctor View Post
    ...I tend to agree with Frank Mako. 642 or similar is a close range point and shoot gun. With practice it becomes pretty easy.
    Point and shoot is all well and good unless, of course, in the process of defending yourself or your loved ones you need to deliver a precise shot. Then the sights would be invalueable and anything that improved my ability to see them would be greatly appreciated.

    I rarely carry a J-frame, so I will defer to those who carry them on a more regular basis with regard to the manner in which they are best employed. I will say that given handgun calibers are relatively poor at incapacitating people and that there is virtually universal agreement that shot placement is paramount, were I using a firearm with a fairly limited capacity (5 rounds), firing the weakest of the service calibers (.38 special) out of an extremely short barrel (1 7/8"), I would want to be as accurate as possible with every shot. That would seem to indicate using the sights whenever the circumstances allowed.

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    I just know that if I have time and can pick USE the sights or DON'T use the sights, I want to USE them. Point shooting is fine if you are close enough and can, but I figure they put sights on for more than just resale value. There was a LENGTHY thread over on the S&W forum about how to make J-stainless sights show up. I wish I had bookmarked it. There were lots of great ideas of various price ranges, but right now my black Marks-A-Lot on the serrated front sight works okay. Guess I need to try out some of the paints though, so the back sight could benefit too.
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    As a young LE Officer in the first 15 years of my career, I used Appliance White Paint, its an extra hard enamel, and paint the back of the front sight, serated side. I tapped the sides so it would look nice and not slopy.
    The white paint will pick up and reflect light and give you a better sight picture especially at night. And the Appliance Paint will last months and months, not just one day.
    It worked for me.

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    Ditto The Above Suggestion

    If you have decided that the S&W J Frame is going to be your daily carry then I sure would spring for the Crimson Trace Laser Grips.

    You'll say OUCH! when you see the price of them but, for older eyes they just cannot be beat for saving your hind end & putting a projectile EXACTLY where you want it to hit.

    Heck...you don't even have to look at the gun & you can concentrate on keeping your eyes on the intended target.

    They are a Super Hot Advantage for aging vision and absolutely worth the money spent on them. They also hold their resale value decently well should you ever decide (at some future point in time) to switch carry guns.
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