EAA Windicator 357 magnum?

EAA Windicator 357 magnum?

This is a discussion on EAA Windicator 357 magnum? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was in a local gunshop today (one that I do not frequent often because they don't normally have anything that I go in for...and ...

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Thread: EAA Windicator 357 magnum?

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    EAA Windicator 357 magnum?

    I was in a local gunshop today (one that I do not frequent often because they don't normally have anything that I go in for...and their gun prices are normally $50-$75 more than the shop I buy all my guns from). But, I did see an EAA Windicator 357 mag that looked pretty interesting, and had a price tag of $315.....pretty cheap. I held it, and it actually felt really good in my hand. The trigger wasn't too bad either, almost like my SP101....but not quite. I actually like it better than the S&W 442, or 642 (horrible triggers). Does anyone know anything about this EAA gun? I don't know much about EAA pistols, are they any good? I have a feeling my wife is about to steel yet another one of my pistols, first the Kahr P380......now possibly the Ruger SP101

    Here is a link to a website that has the same gun....
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    Had one for years, my first attempt at concealed carry. Not pretty, but had zero problems, It still gets carried occasionally. The previous owner managed to break the extractor, but EAA fixed it free of charge (replaced cylinder), all I was out was shipping.

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    It's the Dodge truck of pistols!

    I've had an EAA .357 for about a year and put about 200 rds through the revolver. I paid $275 NIB for the gun at a local gun show last year. It's clunky and on the heavy side, not exactly pretty or silky smooth, but it's built like a tank, will fire anything I can fit in the cylinder and goes bang everytime I pull the trigger. The Windicator is not a target or hunting pistol by any stretch but I can easily hit a paperplate size target with it's fixed sights at 25 yards... more than adequate as a self defense or home defense gun.
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    I've heard alot of bad reports about the EAA, lots of them breaking.
    If you're looking for an unexpensive .357Mag, check out Rossi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CMR View Post
    I've heard alot of bad reports about the EAA, lots of them breaking.
    If you're looking for an unexpensive .357Mag, check out Rossi.
    I've heard just the opposite. I hear they are great guns for the money. I have an EAA witness match pistol and it is very well made.
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    Just sold my Windicator today. Less because of the what I sold than what I got in trade.
    I didn't enjoy shooting it. Even with .38's it was unpleasant for me to shoot. My friend told me he'll probably have a gunsmith work on the trigger.
    Would I buy another? Probably not unless the trigger job really improves it, and certainly not without dremmeling the grooves off the front of the trigger like this guy did to his.

    The EAA Windicator (aka Pugzley)
    by Brenden Walker (aka Braindead0)

    BTW $315 is a bit high.

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    Find a good Ruger Security Six for about $300 JMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by claybreaker0 View Post
    ...I did see an EAA Windicator 357 mag that looked pretty interesting, and had a price tag of $315.....pretty cheap. I held it, and it actually felt really good in my hand...
    Does anyone know anything about this EAA gun? I don't know much about EAA pistols, are they any good?...

    I bought a 4" Windicator .357 a year or so ago, and have been very happy with it. I have several .357's including Rugers and a Colt Python, and while the EAA is not the quality of the Rugers, and certainly not the Python, it's a well-made gun - rock solid reliability, good feel, and reasonable accuracy. I don't think you can beat it for the price. Actually, $315 is pretty steep for this gun - I think I paid $260 for mine.

    I bought mine as a 'knockaround gun', and as a nightstand gun for my wife when I'm not around. She's not an avid handgunner, but does want a gun handy for SD. I'm a big believer in a .357 for a less-practiced shooter. The Windicator is loaded with .38 +P JHP's when my wife is counting on it, and it does double-duty for snakes and varmints.

    AFAIK, the Windicator is made in Germany by Aminius - a subsidiary of Weihrauch. They're the company that makes Beeman air rifles, and they have a good reputation for quality.

    I have no idea how it will hold up after a few thousand rounds, but I have total confidence in it as a SD gun for my wife. I recommend it very highly as a dependable but economical gun.


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    This is copied from my January 5th post on $300 wheel guns...

    Recently found a used 4" EAA .357 for 175.00 at a local Gander Mtn. I haven't heard of them before and when asked why it was priced so low, the guy behind the counter said that EAA made decent autos but their revolvers were terrible. I thought about it as I walked around the store and went back 3 minutes later...gone. I believe the same guy pulled it, maybe he didn't know it was there at first (it was mixed in with 20-25 other used guns) maybe for a friend. There were only 2 other people looking at guns and they were looking at new autos when I arrived and when I left and still when I returned!



    This tells me that THAT guy liked them!
    This gun looked to be in new condition, but I hesitated based on his comments and lost it. Live and learn I guess.
    Get as many opinions as possible on the EAA, from other gun stores maybe. It seems to me that the $175 price would have been worth the risk on an unknown gun. Your price of $315 is a bit high. At the same store that I mentioned above, they recently had new 2" EAA 357's for $300.00

    Right now, I'm considering a VERY nice, used 3" SS Security Six for $480. Seems a bit high, but I love SS revolvers and the 3" security Six would make an excellent addition to my wheel gun collection.
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    Great Gun

    I did purchase the EAA Windicator 4" barrel 357 Magnum
    I was ultimately looking for a 38 Special and found this. I liked the look of it, I liked that it wasn't a snub nose, and I liked that it generally looked like a tough and durable firearm. The price was right too! I purchased the gun and also walked out with .38 Special Ammo. As I was looking at the firearm and waiting for the guy to grab the box of ammo from behind the counter, I learned it was also a .357. Making the gun even more attractive. So I purchased a few boxes of .357 ammo as well. Brought it to the range and the gun was awesome. The weight of the gun helped with the recoil, and it was still manageable even with the .357 rounds coming out of it.

    The guys in the lane next to me commented and said, "What are you shooting?" after I had switched to the .357 rounds, I told them what I had and they were impressed with the powerful sound coming from the gun. They were impressed enough that they did ask if they could fire a few rounds from it. This is common sometimes at the range I frequent, so I was happy to let them fire a few rounds. They hadn't heard of EAA before and they complimented the gun.

    I did a little bit more research and learned that these guns are shipped over from Germany, and the 4" barrel is the way to go. Stay away from the snub nose versions of this gun because they are "cut" or "altered" to have a shorter bore/barrel. So if your looking for this gun, go with the 4" barrel.

    Its a gun that will stay in my collection, and definitely not go anywhere.

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