Comments on newer model Kimbers

Comments on newer model Kimbers

This is a discussion on Comments on newer model Kimbers within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi everyone, I have an older Kimber - a Tactical Ultra II. 3" barrel and light weight, it is a great carry piece. When I ...

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Thread: Comments on newer model Kimbers

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    Comments on newer model Kimbers

    Hi everyone,

    I have an older Kimber - a Tactical Ultra II. 3" barrel and light weight, it is a great carry piece. When I bought it six years ago, it would not chamber the last round in the magazine. I had some work done on it and since then it has chambered everything and anything. It is ultra reliable and extremely accurate. That being said, I have heard a truck full of complaints about newer model Kimbers. My local gun shop has a Tactical Pro II (I think I wrote that correctly). It has a four inch barrel and it feels so good in my hand. I would like to add it to my collection, but first, I would like to hear from you who may have purchased Kimbers in the last two years. What do you think? Are Kimbers worth it or are the complaints being heard just from those who are dissatified with the rare problem "child."

    My older Kimber needed it's throat polished. If that is all that is needed, well, I am going to buy this one. Any comments one way or the other.

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    never had a problem with mine
    Kimber ultra aegis II (3" 9mm)
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    Here's a guy who's having a real issue with Kimber:

    Kimber ruined my Raptor Pro

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    I purchased a Pro Carry II approximately 2 years ago. I did have issues with the pistol during the 500 round break-in period including premature slide lock, a few FTFs, inability to pull trigger after firing a round (sounds weird I know; happened 3-4 times & felt like the grip safety was not fully depressed but in fact was) and I was consistently getting hit right between the eyes with ejected brass.

    Ultimately, and shortly after the break-in period was over, the plunger tube became loose. The pistol was sent back to Kimber. They repaired the pistol, addressing every issue and had it back to me exactly when promised (2 weeks). IMO, their customer service was great.

    The pistol has been nothing but 100% perfect since.

    FWIW, I recently purchased a Springer LW Champion Bi-Tone that has had it's share of feed issues ESPECIALLY with JHPs...not many it will eat. The "fit & finish" on this gun is way less than stellar IMO (milling marks, burrs on the side of the feed ramp, etc.) Horrible night sights too, although I acknowledge that my eyesight is a factor.

    So, my experience has been that it is a crap shoot with any of the like-priced 1911s. Would I buy another Kimber and/or Springer? Probably.

    I do believe that internet stories of problems with anything spread like wildfire, are often exaggerated and never, ever die.

    Gotta come the Kimber haters...

    Good luck with your decision!
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    To me, if you can swing some more money and buy a higher end 1911. Dan Wesson, Springfield TRP and above will be super shooters with great reliability. You can even go above that if you want to. I know the lower end production guns can be great but I'm a bit spoiled.
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    I have a Pro CDP 2 that I really like. It's not flawless but it's really good.
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    The only issue I have had with my Ultra is with the Kimber mag. I have since replaced with Wilson Combat mags and have not had any more problems.

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    IMHO Kimber blows big time.....overpriced and overhyped. You'd be much better off getting a Colt,Dan Wesson,STI...even a Springfield or something like that. If you want to spend a little more go with a Nighthawk or Wilson Combat,I've seen some nice Volkmann 1911s as well.

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    As a matter of fact my last Kimber was a TP2, and I'm sopleased with it it became part of my EDC rotation.

    The TP2 has the same controls as my TRP, and the full size light weight frame, and front checkering made it a natural for a compact carry next to the TRP (which is in my primary carry rotation).

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    I have a Ultra CDP II that has had a single failure to fire in around 1500 rounds. That failure to fire was a defective round, no fault of the Kimber. I have several KimPro mags that I use with it. --- Fighting for American's Gun Rights --- Fighting for Georgian's Gun Rights. --- Discussion of Georgia Gun Laws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPO 15 View Post
    Here's a guy who's having a real issue with Kimber:

    Kimber ruined my Raptor Pro
    Wow that thread convinces me a Kimber doesn't ever need a place in my gun safe...

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