Tactical Light on 6" GP100?

Tactical Light on 6" GP100?

This is a discussion on Tactical Light on 6" GP100? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does any one know of a 3 sided scope rail or has a picture of GP100 that someone Milled a Light rail into it? Any ...

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Thread: Tactical Light on 6" GP100?

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    Tactical Light on 6" GP100?

    Does any one know of a 3 sided scope rail or has a picture of GP100 that someone Milled a Light rail into it? Any guesses or estimates on how much that might cost? The gun seems like loosing a bit of steel off it wouldn't hurt it much. I wouldn't mind mounting a scope or reflex sight to it if the rail covers the sights. I'm not too concerned about resale value but if its crazy expensive I might just buy a 45 or with a rail.
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    About the only revolver out there with a light rail would be the S&W TRR/TRR8.

    These are in my "Someday" list....
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    Jack Weigand makes mounts for the GP100, that cover the rear sight or both sights, depending upon which version. These are Weaver type, not Picatinny, but some side mounts might work, which hold an accessory at a 0100/1100, 0130/1030, or 0300/0900 angle. This might result in an awfully "busy" or cluttered final product, but it is what comes to mind at the moment, short of custom work. I would think any good revolversmith could find a way to adapt a Picatinny-spec rail to the top rig or lower lug of a GP100, if he could be persuaded to accept the work.

    I have never cared for mounting a light on a sixgun, but have looked into mounting a red dot sight, specifically an Aimpoint Micro T-1 onto a GP100 or S&W L-frame.

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