S&W MP40 fullsize. Am i crazy for wanting to CC it?

S&W MP40 fullsize. Am i crazy for wanting to CC it?

This is a discussion on S&W MP40 fullsize. Am i crazy for wanting to CC it? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Im getting a mp40 fairly soon and i was curious as to peoples experience trying to conceal it. (most likely getting a CBST)...

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Thread: S&W MP40 fullsize. Am i crazy for wanting to CC it?

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    S&W MP40 fullsize. Am i crazy for wanting to CC it?

    Im getting a mp40 fairly soon and i was curious as to peoples experience trying to conceal it. (most likely getting a CBST)

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    I do not have the MP40, but I do have a G22 that I carry in my CBST. I can make it disappear very easily, even with a shirt tucked in. I would say you will be just fine with this. Some may say you are crazy, but only you will know in the end. Give it a try and you will be fine. Good luck!
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    I think there are tons of people who CC a full size 1911 all the time. I think with an appropriate holster and the proper attire, you shouldnt have any problems. Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rolltide13 View Post
    (most likely getting a CBST)
    If you can pull it off, that's the holster to try and do it with. Good luck. You'd be surprised what you can conceal with the right rig and possibly a slight adjustment to your wardrobe.

    Don't forget a good belt as well.

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    You will love the M&P, but get the 40c if you plan on carrying it.
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    Get a good belt, holster, and concealment garments and you can probably conceal it. I've concealed a G17 in an OWB holster with no real problems, but if you're concerned about printing may want to to with the Compact as previously suggested.
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    I carried my issued MP9 concealed IWB off duty on many occasions, not hard to conceal at all with a decent holster and belt. I would normally carry the pistol in a Comp-Tac Pro Undercover IWB, with two spare mags in a Comp-Tac double carrier under an untucked shirt.

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    CC S&WM&P 357Sig/40S&W with Crimson Trace Laser Grip everyday and not a problem. I normally carry with the 357Sig barrel but occasionally change out to my 40S&W barrel and load Federal 165 grain HST jhp.

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    I EDC an M&P 45fs with an attached XTI Procyon weapon light in a SmartCarry holster. Concealing a fill size semi-auto is clearly possible.

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    It's definitely not too large for CC. I easily conceal my Sig P220R in a CBST. You should not have any problems concealing that gun.
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    The right belt, holster and shirt and you can conceal anything....the M&P 40 should be no exception.
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    I'm a believer in the CBST; I think it will conceal just fine.
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    No you are not crazy.

    The MP40 is actually a mid sized gun same in size to a 1911 Commander/Lightweight Compact.
    Carry of a Commander/LC is easy to live with.

    - Janq regularly carrys full size 5" 1911s four seasons
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    Quote Originally Posted by C hawk Glock View Post
    You will love the M&P, but get the 40c if you plan on carrying it.
    I agree^ I have a Full size M&P40 and it is most certainly concealable, but the compact is just easier. If you are wanting more round capacity just get the two free mags Smith is offering and order the full size ones. they will work in the compact.
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    I prefer full size handguns so that is what I carry. I carry and conceal a full size sigma .40 or a full size springfield XD with no problems at all. With the right holster I can conceal with no printing. I use a blackhawk IWB for total concealment in warm weather. However I will say that a compact 0r sub compact IS easier to conceal, just not my preferance.
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