Help me decide....

Help me decide....

This is a discussion on Help me decide.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry this And love the little bugger, cept it is brutal to fire...after 7 rds...your done. I understand its not a range gun, yet ...

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Thread: Help me decide....

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    Help me decide....

    I carry this
    And love the little bugger, cept it is brutal to fire...after 7 rds...your done. I understand its not a range gun, yet just to get a few pratice rds in every now and then is not something I look forward to. Now, in a real live fire situation, I understand that hand hurt is a non factor. However, I am considering selling the Seecamp and getting maybe a SW 340 PD to carry in its place loaded with 38 +P. I go down to 5 rds and up in power. Those who have 340 PDs, how is that little thing firing 38 +P? I may be exchanging a wheel gun for an auto, while getting the same hurt hand with either. What you thing? Hold em or fold em.
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    'Just an opinion here, but the increased kick from blowing +P out of my 637 negates any level of comfort that the larger grip might offer. Although shooting low-pressure 'cowboy loads' are quite comfy. I shoot just enough +P at the range to ensure that I can get back on target, and then it's back to the cowboy loads.

    I'd hate to see you sell that Seecamp, though. For my LCP, again, I shoot just enough to remind myself that I can hit what I want to, and then I go to my primaries, which also double as wonderful range guns.
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    Here's my take:

    A little .380 pocket pistol is going to be an effective SD weapon only at very close range due to its limited power, poor sights, and a host of other factors. But it is what it is: a firearm that conceals well and will serve its purpose in close-up encounters. It is not and was never intended as a range gun.

    Now if that's what you have it in mind for, then in all reality, you'll be so close that extensive range time is un-necessary. How much more accurate would hundreds of rounds thru a tiny, poor-sighted pistol make you? If you can pull it out on occasion and hit a paper plate at 5-7 yards with decent consistancy, that's about all you can expect from a firearm of that type. In a SD situation, you'll never feel the recoil like you will standing on a range staring down the miniscule sights. It will never be capable of producing 25 yd 2-inch groups, nor would you in using it.

    But if you have doubts about its stopping power, accuracy, and want something with longer range, then maybe something else is in order.

    So, is 7 rounds enough to satisfy you that the pistol is reliable and that you can hit the target at a reasonable range?
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    I personally own the 340 M&P. It has the steel cylinder instead of a Titanium one. I prefer that because the tianium ones have had some issues with cylinder erosion. I have fired 38 and 357 out of them both. My friend has the PD. They are a handful no matte rwhat. The steel version is two ounces heavier and you can use all the weight you cna get. Plus it has the Big Dot Tritium front sight versus just a ramp on the PD. You are recommended to shoot nothing lighter than 125 grain in bullet weight, on the magnum loadings. Make no mistake, it is a handful, but youwill like it. No doubt in my mind.
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    I f you sell the little Seecamp, which you obviously are attached to, you will regret it, and miss it dearly. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those who say never sell a good gun. I have sold many and traded to something I prefer more.

    The reason I make exception with the Seecamp is that every body needs a pocket gun, and the Seecamp is a good one.
    Secondly, airweights are pretty brutal to shoot with +P ammo. Keep the 380 and find yourself a compact sized gun that you would enjoy at the range:
    Suggestions: Glock 26, 19; M&Pc; Ruger SR9 compact; Sig P250 subcompact just to name a few.

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    You could try a different .380 like a Kahr, it is not a straight blowback type action and is more comfortable to shoot. It also has functional sights and button magazine release.

    As for revolvers to replace your Seacamp, you cannot circumvent physics, any light j-frame size revolver is going to have a certain amount of recoil. You might consider a revolver in .32H&R Mag, you get 6 rounds instead of 5 and the recoil is much less.

    Good luck.

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