Looking for a pocket gun

Looking for a pocket gun

This is a discussion on Looking for a pocket gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While my EDC is usually a Glock 23 or a full-sized Kimber, there are times when I am unable to carry because of how I ...

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Thread: Looking for a pocket gun

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    Looking for a pocket gun

    While my EDC is usually a Glock 23 or a full-sized Kimber, there are times when I am unable to carry because of how I need to be dressed. So...I have been looking at some of the .380's. Was in my local dealer this morning and they had, all for the same price, a Beretta Tomcat .32, a Bersa .380, and a Taurus TCP.

    The Beretta is a .32, some of you have had issues with the TCP, and the Bersa doesn't appear all that much smaller than my G23.

    So, out of the those three which would you pick?

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    Out of those 3 I would take the Bersa. I aint carrying a .32 as a primary. The TCP is a shot in the dark as far as reliability. It could be great or junk. If I had the money I would have a SIG P238. LCP would be my next choice.
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    the bersa isnt a small gun by any means and if youre looking to pocket carry in dress slacks yo dont need big bulges...

    the gun you want to carry is the one you wont leave home becuase it doesnt work with your clothing...regardless of caliber the one in your pocket is better than the one in your safe....so lets put macho aside and understand that having something is better than nothing...

    i sure as hell wouldnt want several .32 caliber sized holes in my body....

    i carry a g19/g26/g30...when i cant its a keltec p32...why the .32...they dont jam and they shoot straight with decent capacity...and take up almost no space...i forget its with me...

    fmj ammo for good penetration...you dont get very good penetration with .32 hollow points and a big hole isnt any good if it isnt deep enough...small guns are close range eyes/ears/nose and throat specialists so consider their use that way and it will make perfect sense...

    its gotta go with you if its gonna work...

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    Just a plain 'ole KelTec P-3AT will do the trick nicely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Just a plain 'ole KelTec P-3AT will do the trick nicely.
    True !
    My wife gave me one for Christmas; I spent a couple of hours doing the "fluff and buff" as described in the KTOG forum, it shoots Corbon and GDs with total reliability. They can be found locally (South Florida) around $250.
    I modified a Palm Pilot case, make a perfect pocket holster.
    I was looking at LCP, too many recalls and Kahr too much $$$.
    I am happy with the little gun, the smallest .380, except for the Rohrbaught (spell ?) at $1100.
    However, some are a little rough out of the production line and finicky about ammo; that's where the polishing comes in.
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    Look at North American Arms, 32acp, 380 and the 32 naa (1200fps)
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    kel tec p3at will do the job.
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    If I were a guy with guy-sized pockets, I'd look at a lightweight S&W revolver in either a +P or a 357 magnum. The little pistols don't get much more in capacity. Highter price point than what you mentioned though. How about an LCR?

    The LCP is ultra concealable. I can't think of anything that I could wear Other than a bathing suit that I could not conceal it somehow. I am curious as to why you did not include that or the Kel Tec in your list?

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    To answer your question I'd take the Bersa, not a fan of the Taurus and .32 is below my minimum requirement for an SD situation.

    I have an LCP and when I throw something in my pocket even wearing slacks its my .38 snub nose.

    12oz vs 9oz and .38 to .380 is an easy decision. You can pick up a NIB charter off duty for $350 I've seen them used for well within your price range.

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    For the price I would say go with the LCP or P3AT. If you are comfortable with carrying a .32 take a look at the P32. It's a great little gun at a great price and I have had zero malfunctions with over 500 rounds through mine.
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    Kahr PM9 or PM40 fits into a pocket quite well. Pricey, though.
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    I often pocket carry a J frame .38 , but the only small semiauto I have is this,,,,,

    Polish P-64 in 9x18 makarov cal.

    It's about the size of a walther ppk.

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    Kel Tec PF-9 9mm is my pocket pistol. Got to love cargo pockets.
    I'll have what the gentleman on the floor is having.

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    Neither...save a few more dollars and get a LCP or even more dollars and get a Kahr PM series...sorry but I just dont like the choices you gave...Taurus is iffy on quality...Bersa too big.....the Beretta....just too anemic....
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    I just finished my 200 round break in on my Kahr PM9 not a single failure. It is in my pocket anywhere I can carry it legally.

    For an ultra light, if you can live with a 380, I'd go with Sig P238. Not a single failure with it either.

    Rather than the Beretta Tomcat, which I have, I'd go with the Kel Tec P32. It's the only Kel Tec I'd recommend.

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