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External safety: What is your preference?

This is a discussion on External safety: What is your preference? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 2 of my HK "combat pistols" have safeties on them. But I see that as merely a safe way to carry in SA, vs leaving ...

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Thread: External safety: What is your preference?

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    2 of my HK "combat pistols" have safeties on them. But I see that as merely a safe way to carry in SA, vs leaving it down in DA.

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    I prefer no external safety for carry guns. My favorites are Glocks.
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    Preference is for DAO or SA/DA without a manual safety.

    My first pistol had a manual safety. If figured it was the safest way to learn basic handling. Every other gun since then has been without a manual safety.

    Am exploring my first 1911, which of course is SAO with a manual thumb safety. It takes some doing to retrain the mind to activate the safety each and every time the gun is drawn.
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    the best safety is the grey matter between your ears.

    As for sidearms, I prefer a safety that'll 'flick down' to disengage.

    My EDC is a Glock. Bogger hook stays off the bang switch until I'm ready to fire.

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    I'll join the chorus, I prefer no safety. However, I don't have a problem with a well placed/designed thumb safety. The 1911s safety can become automatic for most, with repititous training.
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    External safeties

    Quote Originally Posted by CDRGlock View Post
    For my CCW, I don't want a safety to have to contend with. I have revolvers and the Glocks. As long as it's in a holster, I am happy with that. What is your opinion on safeties (ie External Safety, Grip Safety, etc)?
    I'm like you,a Glock and a couple of revolvers,but is I had to have a safety it would be the 1911 style,up for safe and down for fire.

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    I have grown to prefer Glocks, but I also have two Kimbers. Either platform is fine with me.
    My finger is the only safety that demands muscle memory, and I'm comfortable with that.
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    I prefer external safety in my 1911s.

    The other firearms ... nope - but I don't mind the Beretta 92 decocker.
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    I'm new to guns and I noticed that some posters prefer no external safety on a DAO. Why?

    How does this apply to Glocks?

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    I'm new to guns and I noticed that some posters prefer no external safety on a DAO. Why?
    How does this apply to Glocks?
    Glock is a DAO technically/legally- just that the trigger weight is lighter than many DAOs and certainly than revolvers. Mechanically, Glocks are really an action and a half, for they are partially cocked to begin with. When the trigger is pulled they then are fully cocked - this the 1/2 action; the second action is the release of the fully cocked firing-pin.

    Glocks are combat guns and were built to mimic revolvers: point and shoot, so a manual safety sort of defeats that purpose. And the standard lighter trigger pull has a very good safety record as far as problems with the gun itself. Just keep your finger out of the trigger guard like any gun.

    Some do want a third-party manual safety installed because of the lighter trigger pull, but the better option is to get a stronger trigger-spring unit. There are two made by Glock: NY1 and NY2, so called because a lot of cops in NY State use the stronger NY1 spring. That way, the gun operates as intended, like a revolver, point-and-shoot, but gives a little extra trigger weight. NY2 gives the trigger weight of a revolver. Most don't use it.

    As far as why the same applies to any DAO, people often not wanting a safety, is that they are double action and the trigger pull and trigger-travel distance ARE the safety (plus they have drop-safties, to keep the gun from firing unless you actually pull the trigger). It takes intention to pull back a heavy trigger weight a long distance. It's extremely difficult to unintentionally pull a revolver trigger for example. Too much trigger resistance - and distance to the trigger point - when the gun shoots.
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    I know I'll be in the minority here but I prefer a manual thumb safety. It's what I'm used to and comfortable with. Maybe once I become more comfortable with carrying (permit will be here in a month or two) I will be more comfortable with the lack of the manual safety but for now all my handguns have the same safety and operate the same way.

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    If the gun has one, I use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    If the gun has one, I use it.
    That is a very good answer! I do have a few guns w/safeties, but they are safe queens. Any gun that I might carry on any given day doesn't have or need a safety.

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    Thugs that comply, don't die!

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    I don't mind either way. The 1911 style safety is as easy to disengage as it gets, and can be trained into muscle memory to be part of the drawing sequence so that it is second nature.

    I love my XDs, though, and they have no manual safety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsetrader View Post
    The only external safety I want is my trigger finger. I know how to keep it off the "go bang switch" until I want it to go bang.
    This is the only true safety. All my carry guns have NO mechanical safeties.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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