External safety: What is your preference?

External safety: What is your preference?

This is a discussion on External safety: What is your preference? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For my CCW, I don't want a safety to have to contend with. I have revolvers and the Glocks. As long as it's in a ...

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Thread: External safety: What is your preference?

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    External safety: What is your preference?

    For my CCW, I don't want a safety to have to contend with. I have revolvers and the Glocks. As long as it's in a holster, I am happy with that. What is your opinion on safeties (ie External Safety, Grip Safety, etc)?
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    The only external safety I want is my trigger finger. I know how to keep it off the "go bang switch" until I want it to go bang.
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    In a DAO no manual safety at all.
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    I recently discovered the Sporting Clays range near me and I've been going every couple of weeks to shoot a few dozen clay birds. Every once in a while, I'll miss a shot because I forget to hit the safety on my Remington 870 or whichever shotgun I happen to have that day. I sure as heck don't want that to happen in an emergency life or death situation with my carry gun. I carry a Glock 26.

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    I want an external safety that operatesthe same way on each gun I own.

    Its muscle memory to flick down and fire.

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    I too am a revolver guy and have several Glocks and Sigs also. I have no use for external safeties. Part of the reason may be that I am a lefty. I know that there are more guns available now, than ever that offer ambi safeties, but as I came up without using them, I just have no use for them. My brother-in-law thinks that I'm strange (even been called un-American) 'cause I don't like or care for 1911's, even though I do have two of them. The bro-in-law has always had 1911's for something like 30+ years and just recently picked up a Sig P220. The funny thing was, at first, it was hard for him to accept that with one in the pipe and de-cocked, you don't need to put the "safety" on. He really felt uncomfortable for awhile. I think that he has gotten used to it now and I don't remember when the last time was that he picked up one of those "Forty-fives". After only 3 trips to the range, he shoots the P220 better than either of his Kimbers that he has had for many years...way before the II designation on the new guns. He has a few Colt's too.
    So, no safety for me, thank you!

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    No externals needed for me right now.
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    No external safeties for me either since I carry all DAO guns.

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    Prefer DA/SA with decocker, no manual safety.
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    No safety. That has no place on a combat pistol.

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    No external safety.....SIG....Simple Is Good...
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    Quote Originally Posted by peckman28 View Post
    No safety. That has no place on a combat pistol.
    I agree for the most part, but combat pistols were built to facilitate a wide sampling of the humans who will utilize them. No learning curve sometimes. For those more adept...devoid of external safety is adequate. Always got to toss in the human interface.

    I'm adaptable to a certain extent, but I have a rather short list. I prefer Glocks of course. Me and the 1911 go quite a ways back, but I've migrated to better IMO. Love my P220 SAO for what it is and only a thumb safety. I'm pushing the limits at this point. Keep things simple, and you can think simple. You'll need less on your mind when the time comes. Fumble with it, and it could cost you tremendously. Be ready.

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    Doesn't make much difference... the trigger is a far bigger difference from gun to gun. Among the guns I carry frequently are a revolver, a 1911, a Sig 220 and a Glock. Shoot them enough, working the safety happens almost automatically.
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    I admit i'm a glock fan...so i love the glock trigger/safety system.
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    No safety needed. G 26, S&W 637.
    Finger off GO-BANG-SWITCH till BG is in sights.
    Finger on GO-BANG-SWITCH till BG fall down go boom. :-)
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