Help with the G38 or G39

Help with the G38 or G39

This is a discussion on Help with the G38 or G39 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone own a G38 or G39? The Belmont Stakes treated me well this weekend and thought I might get a subcompct. I have read ...

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Thread: Help with the G38 or G39

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    Help with the G38 or G39

    Does anyone own a G38 or G39? The Belmont Stakes treated me well this weekend and thought I might get a subcompct. I have read up on these two guns but would like to hear from others who own one of them or who have shot one of them. I know that I have in the past tried to see if I could rent one but the range does not have one to rent. Is the 45GAP here to stay?

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    I say no its going to go the way of the DoDo Bird there's at least one 45 gap owner on the board here hopefully he will pop in

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    I own both the G38 and G39 (and G37 for that matter). Here's my two cents worth.
    The reason to get the 45GAP (G38) vs the 45ACP (G30) is grip size since the 45GAP ammo tends to be more expensive and you may have to look around a bit more to find it. Another consideration is that you lose a couple of rounds of ammo capacity with the G38 (eight) vs the G30 w/mag extension (ten).
    If you want 45 caliber in a tiny package the G39 would be the way to go as it is definitely a smaller package. The G39 holds the same number of rounds as the G36, but in a different mag configuration (G39 staggered, G36 single column).
    A benefit to the 45ACP guns is that the 45GAP roughly equal to the standard load 45ACP, but with the 45ACP you can purchase +P loads (the 45GAP is already loaded to +P pressures).
    I enjoy shooting my 45GAP glocks as much as my 45ACP glocks and vice versa.
    There is a place for the 45GAP in that people who want a 45 caliber bullet can get it in a 9mm sized grip.
    As far as the 45GAP staying around, sorry I can't help you on that one since my crystal is on the blink (and has been all my life or I'd still have a bunch of guns I sold years ago :-)
    Hopefully this is helpful.


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    i've got a G37 I bought about 2 months after GLOCK launched them....
    never had a failure of any kind with it.
    however it is a full sized pistol and therefore I dont carry it much in the summer time....
    (Plus I like the SIG trigger better!)
    I get my ammo from (Speer Lawman) so it's not that expensive.
    I will say that if you have average sized hands, the G30 will prob be a better choice due to .45 acp popularity (better resale value) and cheaper ammo....
    The GAP is a good round in a good platform, but the ACP is better for the reasons stated IMO...

    Good Luck
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    I have a G38 and have about 800 rounds down the pipe. I also looked at the 30, the 36 and others, but I found I did not like the short grip on the 30. When I dropped a mag and inserted a fresh one, my hand got pinched.
    So far I like my 38 (as much as one can actually like a Glock) and it has been 100% reliable and very accurate. I put a Ghost rocket trigger connector in it, changed the sights, and will be doing some work to the grip and trigger guard with my drumel tool here very shortly. I took it to a class last weekend and it put a nice blister on the knuckle of my social finger, so some re-shaping is in order. The Rocket trigger is the best I have ever felt in a Glock, I hear other after market connectors are good as well. As for the ammo, I paid a bit over $12.00 a box for Lawman on line. It is more than ACP ammo, but so are a lot of things, $4.00 per box more seems like a lot, but for someone with a $1,000 1911 to ***** to you about the cost of your ammo in your $450.00 gun seems a bit short sighted.

    The GAP is a good round, and had it come out before the .40 things would be drastically different, but it did not. Long term success of the round is in the hands of Law Enforcement, if they adopt it, the round will do well, if they don't, it may be a might have been, but since the bullets needed to hand load it are the same as ACP you should be able to shoot a GAP for a long time.

    Good luck on your hunt.

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    Love my 38. I have small hands and the large glock 45s have never worked for me, until now. My favorite glock for sure, fun to shoot and easy to handle. The gap round is smoother as well than the acp. I hope its here to stay (which it should be with other manufacturers now starting to produce) cuz I looooooooove it!
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    I don't like glocks myself,,, but my troops who carried them prefered the mid frame i.e.19 size so I would tend to lean toward those.

    With the NYSP and the GA.Troopers going to the 45GAP, I don't think you'll see it totaly disappear.. more likely hang on as the 357sig has done

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    The g39 is the same size/width as the 26/27 platform............same round cap as the 36.. the store has sold a couple of em, yet not a huge following. Ammo is quite expensive and that may factor in the real cost of the gun, plus any resale value you may/may not get in return..
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    I considered the .45 GAP Glocks before I bought my G36 in .45 ACP. I went with the G36 because it is slightly thinner, therefore it is more comfortable for IWB carry. I also like to shoot fairly frequently which made cost of ammo a concern for me.

    IMO any Glock will serve you well. I'm just not a fan of the .380 Glocks, I think that they are a waste of production time.
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