Help me decide: Micro Desert Eagle vs LCP vs TCP

Help me decide: Micro Desert Eagle vs LCP vs TCP

This is a discussion on Help me decide: Micro Desert Eagle vs LCP vs TCP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, I always swore I would never own a .380. But I'm also open-minded enough to realize the benefits of this round, namely the fact ...

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Thread: Help me decide: Micro Desert Eagle vs LCP vs TCP

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    Help me decide: Micro Desert Eagle vs LCP vs TCP

    Okay, I always swore I would never own a .380. But I'm also open-minded enough to realize the benefits of this round, namely the fact that some really small pistols are chambered for it. I pocket carry a Taurus PT145 around my house in the evening and would like something smaller for this purpose.

    So tonight I went to Gander Mountain and compared the Micro Desert Eagle, Ruger LCP, and Taurus TCP.

    The factors as of now:

    Micro Desert Eagle:

    Pros - Great feel, super nice looking fit and finish, love the really short barrel

    Cons - Price


    Pros - Very slim, relative price, Ruger reputation, accessories availability

    Cons - Doesn't lock back when empty, only comes with one mag


    Pros - Very slim, relative price, locks back when empty, comes with two mags

    Cons - Experience with Taurus mags, poor customer service reputation

    I've heard some criticism of the MDE in the weight department. The sales guy let me slip it in my pocket and the weight didn't bother me one bit (remember, I pocket carry a PT145! ) That nickel finish looks VERY high quality, as well. I've also heard criticism of the "heavy" trigger pull. This also didn't bother me a bit (although I would want it to smooth out a little after break-in).

    Overall, the MDE just generally felt better in my hand than the LCP.

    I also looked at the Taurus TCP, but my experience with Taurus magazines scares me a bit.

    So what sayeth ya'll?
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    I voted LCP, but I would go with a Rohrbaugh R9s, its 9mm and the same size as the LCP. A little pricey but it is the nicest pocket pistol made in my opinion
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    I was just looking at 380's and ended up buying a Bersa but I did look at the Ruger and MDE.

    Only food for thought I can pass along is that the MDE bites bigger hands and just holding it in the store and sliding the rail caused it to rub back against my hand.

    LCP is a great gun.

    I have a Taurus and while mine is ok, I wouldn't buy another.

    Good luck in your hunt!

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    For .380, the LCP. Small and lightweight. Almost grabbed on myself if it wasnt for the .380 round non-availability.
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    The Desert Eagle is too expensive

    The Taurus may be a decent pistol, but there's the chance you may have to deal with their customer service.

    LCP; good price, reputable manufacturer
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post

    The Desert Eagle is too expensive

    The Taurus may be a decent pistol, but there's the chance you may have to deal with their customer service.

    LCP; good price, reputable manufacturer
    Go for the LCP for the price of the Micro DE you could get the LCP and a CT laser grip
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    Micro Eagle!!! Do you want steel or plastic?

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    MDE is too heavy in my opinion... LCP's are awesome..they all seem to work...the TCP a Taurus...heard too many horror stories about them...I would look for a Sig P238 if you want a accurate 380...I mean one that is easy to hit coke cans offhand with. But they are single action and it freaks some people out to carry one cocked and locked in their pocket...Robbie

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    Ruger SR9C is better then most of them, i rather have the SR9c then the LCP.
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    None of these are real fun to shoot. .380 is just what it is. The LCP is a reliable pistol at a competitive price. What you save on the LCP you can apply to another pistol. Buy the Taurus and I am afraid sooner or later you will be writing about it not feeding or that it had to be returned. Someone will say "told you so." P.S. don't pay over $250 for the LCP.
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    When I consider a .380 ACP, I'm leaning 1)LCP, 2)TCP, 3)P3AT. I've put these thoughts on hold, as I trust (just a confidence thing) my revolver (in function and caliber) than the various .380 ACP.

    I know before I would make any decisions, I have an important rule, rent / borrow one to shoot before purchase.

    My wife is leaning toward a LCP, my brother has a TCP on order, so sooner or later their choices, and my experience with their firearm, will help. The TCP would be very tempting (esp the titanium slide option). There are many little features that on paper give the TCP the edge, however as sometimes happens more with Taurus, I'm just worried there have been a few problems. I look forward to shooting my brother's when he gets it in. Micro Desert Eagle, interesting, but for the $, would not be my first choice. However, it is always foolish to assume something about a firearm until you shoot it.

    Here is a good review on the TCP (and it provides some interesting comparisons to the Kel-Tec and the Ruger).

    Taurus PT 738 TCP .380 ACP Stainless/Polymer Pocket Pistol


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    Wait another month for the S&W Bodyguard. Street price should be between the LCP & the DE and it has all the features of bigger guns. I have not put hands on one, but if I was in the .380 market and was already armed, I would wait til it comes out before buying.
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    I have a MDE and have just about given up on it reliability wise. With almost 400 rounds through it, using myriad brands of FMJ and self-defense rounds I will get FTE and FTRTB about every other magazine - of which I have two, with both having issues. The first time I called them on the issue (after about 250 rounds) they weren't too interested in my problem and only wanted to tell me what they'd charge me for if they didn't find anything wrong. My impression was that they'd should a few rounds through it, clean it, charge me for the cleaning, and send it back without spending much time on the gun. I'll try again, but until then it is relegated to the safe.

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    LCP all the way. If you want to save a bit of cash I would even go with the Kel-tec p3at over the other two.

    TCP - It's a Taurus. You might get a great one that runs like a dream or you might get one that sucks that is a nightmare. Personally, I'm not a gambling man (Anymore).

    MDE - Heavy and pricey.

    I admit that the lock back on the last round with the TCP (Not sure if the MDE has that feature) is nice but it's not enough to make me over look the rest of the possible issues.
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    I normally dont like 380 for a primary. I have a p3at. Its not a range fun gun, but if you practice and throw alot of rounds downrange, coupled with todays ammo technology, its not a bad choice. The fact that the lcp just disappears in your pocket is great. I practice between 10 to 20 feet..bringing the gun out of the pocket and just laying all 7 rounds to the target as fast and accurate as possible. With alot of ammo testing on KTORG.COM, the DPX and Hornady Critical defense is what I carry in the p3at. Make sure you get a pinky extension on the LCP if it doesnt come with one. This makes a huge difference in control and makes the much need practice much more bearable.
    Look at the Kahr cost more and is slightly larger, but its a 9mm. good luck.
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