A Terrible Feeling....

A Terrible Feeling....

This is a discussion on A Terrible Feeling.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I decided to visit my local gun dealer today. Afterall, it IS a long weekend, so had to kill some time. As I walked by ...

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Thread: A Terrible Feeling....

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    A Terrible Feeling....

    I decided to visit my local gun dealer today. Afterall, it IS a long weekend, so had to kill some time. As I walked by one of the gun cases, I decided to look at a S&W 22 Mag revolver....It certainly was a sweet lil gun with the exception of HEAVY trigger pull. Then looked at a Taurus 9 shot airweight 22 revolver. Again, a HEAVY HEAVY trigger pull. Don't think my daughter would like at all.

    Then I decided to look at a Glock 19. I began to feel a quiver on my strong side. As I held the G19, racked the slide, and sighted it against the wall, my side began to not just quiver, but tremble. I couldn't understand what was happening. I started to hand the weapon back to the counter man and darn if I didn't pull my debit card out and my CWP and told him to write it up. It was then I thought I heard it! A small moan. The fella behind the counter looked at me as if he knew. He asked me "Owned a Glock before?". I said "Yup, Have a G26 as my EDC". He smiled, and it was then that I knew...My G26 had moaned. He said it was normal, that he had heard the sound before as a G19 was being purchased. But I had this Terrible Feeling that my best friend had been hurt beyond repair. As I got in my truck, I reached down and reassured her that she would always be my first love. I thought I heard a sigh, and then I cranked my HEMI and headed to the house WITH MY NIB GLOCK 19.

    Now, have to order my XS Big Dots and get with Dave at Lil Bear for a holster...What a great weekend this is!!
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    You gotta cut back on the coffee
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    Enjoy the new Glock.
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    Love hurts!

    Nice addition to the collection. Might I suggest that you share the 19 with the 26 by letting her use the 19s magazines. maybe she won't resent the new kid so much.
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    The good thing is that you can put the G-19 barrel in the G-26; the added length will give the old girl the ballistics of a G-27 (.40)
    You can also use the G-19 mags in the G-26; I do it all the time; with a +2, the G-26 becomes an 18 rounder !!!
    Check this:

    Should make the '26 happier
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    Glocks are very territorial....

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    My Wife gets exactly the same feeling every single time she attends a Tupperware party and handles a brand new set of plastic storage bowls.

    On a serious note...Congrats on the new firearm acquisition.

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    [QUOTE=los;1638038]Glocks are very territorial.... [QUOTE]

    Territorial? Sounds to me that they multiply like friendly rabbits.

    Congrats on the new Glock.

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    Excellent choice. I think everyone should own a Glock 19.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D Strokes View Post
    Excellent choice. I think everyone should own a Glock 19.
    I would have to agree! Enjoy the new purchase!

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    Great story, and congrats on the new Glock!!


    Glock27/ KaBar TDI/ MTAC Holster. I have more also, but this combination works well..

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    Good on ya 1st Sgt. The G19 was my first Glock love though it took some time to get use to her " functional beauty". She just did not have the natural beauty of my S&W 6906. But then we went to the range more and more and soon, well you know the feeling by now. Then a few years back I met her sister Ms. G23. I must admit that more and more these days I am taking out her sister and recently I have even considered doing a threesome. Is that wrong ?
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    Gotta' love a Glock, any Glock will do...congrats on the new '19'.
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    LOL. My G19 freaked out a little when I got the G26. Although that was nothing compared to the mayhem from the Glock family when I recently put a SA 1911 in the safe with them.

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    That's why, when I visit the gun store, I stay away from the case that has the Glocks in them. If I ask to see a G26, G27 or G33, I might not let them put it back in the case. I have the G19 already and he has several friends (Beretta, Taurus, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Remington, Mossberg) but no other close relatives (members of the Glock family) right now.

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